The December Monthly Roundup

The December Monthly Roundup

Welcome to the seventh roundup post where I show you my blog posts in the month of December. I do this every first of the month of the previous month to let you catch up on posts that you might have missed throughout and maybe discover a new read along the way.

This month's was special due to it being Blogmas so here is the roundup of all the Blogmas posts I did throughout December and this will be the last monthly roundup of 2014. It's sad but next year there will be more roundups and I'm hoping more blog posts coming out so let's cross our fingers to that. Happy New Year everyone and Happy 2015!

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Mysterious Holidays | What I Wore

Mysterious Holidays What I Wore

Here is my what I wore on Christmas. It is strange posting right aftr I ended Blogmas which was only yesturday but this is the last outfit of 2014 and I am not really going to do anymore. I went for an nontraditional approach and wore a little back dress which is my first to own. I packed it went I took it with me when I went away and thought I loved it so much that I had to find somewhere else and I just wore it to celebrate with. I actually wore this before in another outfit post but styled way differently nd this was used as a skirt and now it is an actually dress.

The dress is this pretty halter style and is so pretty and I love the way it fits me. I didn't want it to exposed and it was a little cold so I just threw this light white cardigan as a coverup over it and so I wasn't showing so much skin. It is definitely becoming one of my fave dress to wear since I love the fit so much. I fee like a princess while wearing it and I just love the lace detailing on the neck. To pull the look off and make it more casual I paired my black and cream sandals and didn't want to wear heels with this but if I did take it out I would love black heels with it. I didn't add much accessories but my bow studs and a pearl bracelet to complete the look.

| cardigan: Forever 21, dress: Forever 21, shoes: Montego Bay Club, bow: Claire's, earrings: Forever 21, bracelet: Forever 21 |

That is what I wore on Christmas. I know it wasn't very Chrsitmas themed but I loved this dress and had no place else to wear it to so I just wore it for once. I hope you liked this and hope you like the last outfit post I am doing this year and that was quite a year and have loved doing these and I'm bringing them back and hope to do even more in 2015. Hope you enjoyed your holidays everyone and see you next year as this will be the last time I will write in my blog for the year 2014. Merry Christmas again everyone!

What did you wear during the holiday season?
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Merry Christmas from FashionxFairytale 2014

Merry Christmas from FashionxFairytale 2014

It is officially Christmas making it day 25 of blogmas and the last day sadly. I hope everyone is doing great and had an amazing day wherever you are at. I wanted to spend this last day and tell you about my Christmas Eve and Christmas. So grab your snugly blanket, a warm beverage and sit back and read all about what I did on those days!

I actually headed up 4 hours way form where I live to Pampanga and spent my holidays with my cousin Lynn and her family. This is my first time in a New Years I was the one to leave my parents and spend Christmas away from them but I am spending New Years with them so its okay. I wanted to do something different and fun this year so I traveled for my holidays which was quite fun.
I went to Christmas mass with my cousin and her whole family and then when we got home around 12 midnight it was officially Christmas so we brought out our Christmas Eve dinner and had an array of food and I might do a separate post about that and maybe a Sunday Summary. Here is the cake me and my cousin, Lynn did an we added these fun candies that her sister in law made to made it more fun. I enjoyed it and had an awesome Chrsitmas Eve with her and the rest of her family.

On Christmas day I woke up to my god son playing with his toys he got and got to go to his relatives and got gifts and money from them and as a Filipino tradition got red envelops filled with cash which is really good for his parents as he is only 1 but when he is older he will appreciate it a lot more. He came running into me and climbed into bed and it was the cutest thing. I am also supposed to give him a gift s I am his god mother but I was doing something special for him for New Years so he had to wait but he didn't understand that so it was pay but I can't do that when he is older. I enjoyed watching him enjoy Christmas as last year he was only 3 months and now he is old enough to understand more as he is 15 months which is crazy. We spent the day having a fun day going to Lynn's sister in laws house about a 45 minute rive from where we are staying and had a lot of food as it was a fiesta and in their area they celebrate even more and have all these activities which was so fun. I did love that and we then spent the evening hanging out with Lynn's best friends from high school and had a McDonald's for dinner as a treat to us and also there was still a lot of left overs for dinner. That was my Christmas Eve and Christmas and I just wanted to write it and if you read it all and wanted to hear about it thanks for doing that. I just wanted to document it for myself for the future.

That is officially it for Blogmas and I actually finished again this year. I'm sad that this will be over and I will miss doing this as I love doing it and hope next year i will continue as it seems to become a tradition of mine. It is bittersweet though as I did love doing this but I don't think I can blog everyday but I give props to you if you do and it did inspire me to blog more often than I do so that is good. Thank you for reading all my Blogmas posts and I will be doing a roundup post of all my posts this month towards the end of the month if you miss any of them. I hope you had a great Christmas and got amazing presents and ate good food and spent your day with family and friends. See you next year but I might have a few posts left this year like a what I wore and the roundup. I am officially going off though after those to spend my holidays without the internet and focus on other things and to just have a cleanse. It was fun and thanks for sticking with fashionxfairytale.

Have a Merry Christmas from me to you!

What are you doing for Christmas this 2014?
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The Christmas Tag 2014

The Christmas Tag 2014

It is Christmas Eve which means it is the 24th day of Blogmas! Today's post includes me doing the Christmas Tag and I did something similar about two years ago but I saw there was different questions so I guess I can do something like it again.

1. What is your favorite Christmas Movie/s?
I would say my favorite movie is Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer. It is the first movie that comes to mind and I loved it growing up and had to watch it every year alone and with my parents and they knew how obsessed I was about it and the song just cracked me up and my mom would always request it on the radio for me and one time at 5 in the morning she woke me up to hear the radio DJ greet me and played the song and no mater how tired I was I danced and sang along a little too loudly. I do enjoy Christmas films and still love watching them now and it is one of my fave things to do in December.

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
It is always on Christmas morning and I wake up my parents really early but it is usually around 7-8am so when I was getting older I watched Christmas cartoons and waited until they woke up and I would make them coffee to get them out of bed faster. I would though go to the Christmas tree to see if Santa came and I wi always get so excited and couldn't wait until they woke up. But every Christmas until now my body knows it is Christmas and wakes up early no matter what time I get to bed.

3. Do you have a favorite Christmas memory?
I'm not sure I'd have to think but as I do I recall something that makes me smile as I type the story. I think I was about 5 or 6 when this happened. I woke up and in our living room by the Christmas tree there were chairs set up and sheets over it but I didn't look underneath it I just thought my mom had done laundry and left it alone. so when both my parents were up my mom was hinting and said what was that and how did this. She was actually yelling at me for creating this like I created some sort of fort. When my dad got his camera out and started recording he said to look underneath and when I pulled it off I saw one of those electronic barbie jeeps you could drive and I was so happy. If you could see that video you could see how happy ad I had some great memories from that thing. I just wish I knew where that video was because it was so cool having that moment. There are probably more but that one comes to mind.

4. Favorite festive food?
We didn't have any festive food if I remember correctly so I say cookies I guess but Christmas cookies.

5. Favorite Christmas gift?
I've gotten so many good ones but my favorite as a kid would have had to been a barbie jeep. You can hear that story in question number 3 of how I got it. When I got a little older I would say it was my Nintendo DS as I really wanted one and it was my all time favorite. I might have more but I don't quite remember them.
6. Favorite Christmas scent?
Cookies I guess. I don't really have a favorite scent but I wish I would say like pine needles but we never had a real Christmas tree so I don't know the smell.
7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
I used to go to midnight mass with my mom and I would always fall asleep halfway through it and then I'd wake up just before it is over and when we get home I was allowed to pick and open one present before I go to bed that my parents got me because of course Santa didn't come yet. I also love that and rember before we left I would watch Christmas movies with my dad.

8. What tops your tree?
It's a big gold glittery star. My mom bought it on sale after Christmas one year when I was litle and it had always been our tree topper up until we moved countries and left it behind during the move but I still remember my dad putting it up and it is kind of sad I never got to but I hope I can make a tradition of that in the future.

9. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?
I don't want to sound spoiled but I always got whatever I wanted and sometimes even more. I was an only child and it was a mircale my mom could have me so they bought me whatever I wanted during Christmas and made sure I had happy memories through my childhood.Now it is a different story but as a kid I loved Christmas and wish I never grew up hen I look back on my Christmases.

10. What's the best part about Christmas for you?
I don't have a favorite part and I will just say the whole season. I will tell you what we did on Christmas so I already told you about some of it but the rest of Christmas day so while I opened presents my dad would put a video camera on the tripod and record me opening presents. I would wear a pretty Christmas dress when I was younger and red and green when I got older but never pajamas as my mom didn't want that but I did have some Christmas pajamas growing up but far many more today. So after every gift I would show the camera and take a picture with it. Can you imagine how much footage we have? My dad could have been a youtuber with all the vlogs we did growing up. When all the gifts are done with me and both my parents I would watch the Disneyland parade and it had become a tradition every year we would watch it me and my dad while my mom either cooks breakfast and cleans up everything. Then I would just spend my day playing with my Christmas presents and that's it. Christmas usually only lasted in the morning I feel like in my family and at night we would watch whatever Christmas movie that was on and that's it. I liked it though and had amazing Christmases. Now that I am in the Philippines it is a while different culture and not the same anymore. I wish it was and would love to recreate those moments but I can't and I just hope one day with my family I can do what I experienced.

This was such a fun tag and it brought back some fun Christmas memories and I loved telling you a little about my Christmas past along the way. So that is it for blogmas day 24 and tomorrow is Christmas and the last day but it will be a special one tomorrow so hope to see you back here and Merry Christmas Eve everyone!
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Dark Florals | What I Wore

Dark Florals What I Wore

Another outfit post for day 23 of Blogmas and I styled this outfit with an Spring meets Autumn kind of look.

I went for this pretty top I recently bought at Forever 21 and it is quite a spring/summer top as the back is quite open with slits and when it becomes more warmer to wear without a coverup I will be sporting this for those months. I did see it was gray though and I thought it could still be worn for these months and make it darker florals. I put the pink blazer as it matched the pattern and the color of it and made it more feminine and warmed me up. I then paired it with some jeans and my gray loafer flats as I wanted the top and shoes to match. My bow is a floral pattern as well and is the same color as the print and blazer and you know me with everything needs to match and associate with each other. I added a lot of accessories as I had my bow chain necklace with my bow studs and then added my neon pink Eiffel bracelet with pearls to contrast each other. Overall I love this look and it feels like the first outfit post I did this year which brings back memories when I see this but in a more darker approach.

| top: Forever 21, blazer: South End, jeans: Forever 21, bracelets: Forever21, bow: Forever 21, shoes: Lower East Side |

That has been my outfit and what I wore and hope you like it as I am loving this look. I have enjoyed doing my outfit pictures at the local park so I hope you have been okay with that and I might be doing them here more often. I actually intended this outfit shoot with a style editorial I was doing and in my last what I wore you can see the similarities as they were done at the same time.

That has been it for today's Blogmas post and I'm not sure what I will be doing tomorrow as it is Christmas Eve and the second to last day of my Blogmas series of 2014. Hope I figure it out but see you here tomorrow for some new post I'll be doing. 

What do you style with florals for this time of year?
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