Merry Christmas from fashionxfairytale 2013!

Merry Christmas from fashionxfairytale!

I hope everyone had a lovely day and enjoyed themselves. I spent mine with my family and it was nice listening to Christmas songs all day. We didn't do much but I think it was fine.

On a sad note this is the last day of Blogmas and I was thinking of finishing the whole month but i don't think I will this year. My cousin and nephew are coming in to town tomorrow and I really want to spend time with them and hang out on New Years since it is a big thing in my family but I will have some posts! I might do another posts after so it isn't just a greeting post but I will after all the excitement dies down.

Thank you for sticking through me this month and I hope you enjoyed Blogmas as I've enjoyed doing it. Even though some of my posts got messed up and were having trouble publishing I hope I still got to complete Blogmas. I also hope to do this again next year and be better at it.

Again Merry Christmas and have a lovely day!

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My Christmas Wish

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Christmas Manicure 2013 + Giveaway

| OMG Nails - Citrine |
| OMG Nails - Emerald |

I painted my nails in Christmas colors! I told you how excited I was to use these colors and I finally did and they are perfect for Christmas! The colors are so sparkly and just scream holidays to me.I kind of wanted to do some nail art like I did last year but it ws getting late and I just wanted something simple this year. I might do something different next year and maybe do some fun ones.

If you want to see my nail polish haul from last week then you can see it here. I picked up these lovely bargain nail polishes that seem to be pretty good even though they were cheap. To me they were a great find and lovely color pay off. I was expecting the worse but turns out they stay pretty good.

A bonus giveaway! |CLOSED|
I picked up another 2 bottles of these colors yesterday and wanted to giveaway. If you want to win just leave a comment with your email address and what color are your nails right now? I will pick randomly and it ends this Sunday so leave your comments to win and yes it is international unless your country doesn't accept nail polish. I might add in something extra as I am in the giving mood!

What nail polish shouts Christmas for you?

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Sunday Summaries | December 22, 2013

This week I didn't do much but finish the last few days of school and go watch a ballet for my thesis. The one exciting thing this week that I was waiting for was my cousin's baby to have his baptism. That was by far the highlight of my week and it was a lovely day full of family, eating and a good time. I will maybe do next Sunday's post on this as I just got home and it is really late. I'm also quite tired but I did upload the pictures of the day on to my laptop but I didn't want to post any without their permission so I will do a little recap next week. I still wanted to add a picture and luckily I snapped this. Doesn't those cakes look yummy and we got to sprinkle the sprinkles on it! Other than that I had a lovely time and everything was perfect!

 This week was far more better than lasts and to end it was even better! And can you believe Christmas is only 3 days away! I am extremely excited for it and I know everyone else is too!

What made your week?

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Fashion Finds | Pretty Accessories

I picked up some accessories the other day to wear to the baptism I'm going to tomorrow! I really wanted to get some bracelets as I am really lacking with my arm candy. I also picked up a ring set since I have never had a proper ring before and thought these were lovelies.

I really love these wrap charm bracelets and the cute little Eiffel Tower really is pretty. I picked up too so they could be a matching set. I am debating to go back and pick up the purple ones it is light and dark violet and really want them. I got these at Kamiseta a pretty clothes store at my local mall.

And my Claire's addiction is still going strong. How many times have I told you I love Claire's!? I picked up this cute bow bracelet that is to die for. I love bows and this is just a lovely everyday bracelet. I like that it looks simple but then it can be dressed up because of the bow charm. I got these cute rings and I love the stacked look and the chain ones are so sparkly but don't have any diamonds which is weird but still so amazing.

I hope you enjoyed my fashion finds and found them to be as pretty as I have.

What arm candy do you love to wear?

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Lately | Two

C U R R E N T L Y . . .

R E A D I N G | The Distant Between Us by Kasie West. I recently finished this and I loved it. The story was light and very cute and I love those kinds of stories especially the genre. If you love fluff and romance then I recommend you read this!
W R I T I N G | news articles for Advance Journalism class. This is the last assignment of the year and I am so looking forward to finishing it. I may have some more work later on but I hope not it isn't that much.
L I S T E N I N G | to I wish by Cher Lloyd feat. T.I. I have been loving this non-stop! I searched for Cher Lloyd's recent song if she had anything since I love her music and apparently it was this one and I fell in love with it as soon as I heard it. Now I've been dancing to it in my room when I'm not playing Christmas music that is. Its just so dancey and fun.
W A T C H I N G | Winter Finales. I am so sad that all my favorite TV Shows are ending for the year. The ones I can't wait for are Revenge, Once Upon a Time, Vampire Diaries and Reign. I am most excited for Revenge because it is just so good and the best at cliff hangers! OUAT is my addiction and can't wait 'till March for it to continue. As for Vampire Diaries I just love this show and have to watch it every week. And lastly Reign. I love fairytales and this show is so amazing and historical fairytales is one of my favorite things to learn about. I hate when they have to end for the Winter this is the only time I have time to watch fully!

T H I N K I N G |about what I am going to wear for makeup for Sunday. I don't know if I want simple or festive. I might even combine both and have it mixed a little. Light eyes and some red lips is what I might try.
S M E L L I N G | Christmas cookies. I Love the scent and couldn't wait to make some cookies. It feels more like Christmas with the smell in the air.
W I S H I N G | for my whole family to go to the occasion with me. This is all I'm wishing for right now!
H O P I N G | to have a nice Sunday with my family and to enjoy the day.
D R E A M I N G | of Christmas and what I a going to do this year with the family.
W E A R I N G | OMG Citrine on my nails, my fuzzy socks, leggings and a warm sweater.
L O V I N G | my new dress and can't wait to wear it!
W A N T I N G | a bow ring. I saw one when I got some accessories from the store and really wanted it but it would fit. I am going to try and find me one to get me for Christmas.
N E E D I N G | more vacation time. I wish we had more time off and for me to relax for a change without doing much worrying.
F E E L I N G | content. Right now I am not feeling any real emotion and just being fair but I can't say I don't feel anything because that would be weird. I just feel okay.
L O O K I N G | at old pictures with my dad! It is just nice to reminisce and enjoy the old times!
C L I C K I N G | on www.forever21.com Even though I just bought some stuff their I am still wanting to get more stuff! Since it is new to me I have been loving the clothes and I finally found some that fit me well.

What Winter Finale did you love?

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What I Bought Recently

I did some shopping but I didn't want to do a haul as I've put up two this month. I ended up going shopping for myself for once and I thought I would show you the things I bought. I am still going to take pictures of the stuff like an outfit post with the dress and shoes. A fashion finds on the jewelery I bought and a favorites post on the other products so you will still see them but not in a haul post.So this is what I picked up:

Dress | Forever 21 Garden Party Fit & Flare Dress
I was asked to be a godmother to my cousins baby and I wanted to get a new dress to wear for the occasion. I searched high and low until I found this dress. It is a perfect fit and is suitable for the church. All the other dresses I was finding were not. This is such a lovely dress and I love the pattern.

Shoes | Montego Bay Club Wedge Sling
I saw these shoes at Payless before and tried them on a while back but I didn't get them because I didn't need them. However I needed new shoes for the dress so I went back and they were still there and I still loved them so I got them and plus they look lovely with the dress!

Bow | Elegant Velveteen Bow Barrette
Whenever I see a bow in the store I buy it. This is my weakness and since my bow collection is growing I am collecting any kind I see. I never had a velvet one and the color was quite pretty so I had to get it. A lot of my bows are from Forever 21 and I think they make lovely ones.

Leggings |  Everyday Basic Leggings
I needed some new leggings and I love wearing them. I got some basics ones and I love the softness and they are so comfy. I have been obessed with leggings and since it is perfect weather for them.

iPhone Case | Pink Silicon Quilted Bling Case
I was tired of my Marc Jacobs case and I thought it was time for a new one. I love that one so much I wanted to get something similar but couldn't find one anywhere until I saw this one. I saw this for a 3gs a long time ago and wanted one for my 4s and when I saw it I snatched it up and have been loving it ever since.

Ring | Silver Scroll Ring
I don't know why I wanted this so bad but i did. I don't own many rings ad I thought this looked so unique and fit me amazingly. I loved the detail and it seems like a good ring for the price.

Bracelet | White Infinity Cord Friendship Bracelet
I couldn't find a picture of the actually bracelet I bought but it is the same thing but with a diamond bow charm so just replace the infinity sign with a bow. I love bows and this bow bracelet couldn't be passed up and it would look lovely with my dress.

Heat Protector | Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray
I bought the shampoo and conditioner set and I saw they had a heat protector in the line so I wanted to try it out. I love the original one and always bought it in the US so I thought I would love this one as well.
Facial Scrub | St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub
I finally run out and it was time for me to buy a new one since I love this so much. I use it everyday and it is just a holy grail product for me. I probably can't live with out it so it as a definite repurchase.

That is what I bought recently and I guess you have to treat yourself this time of year! I love all my purchases and can't wait to wear my dress and shoes!

What did you get yourself for the holidays?

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Wish list | New Hair Stylers

Since I did a post yesterday on hair I style my hair everyday which can be found here, I decided I needed to update my hair tools as mine are getting really old. I cannot believe I had my curling iron for 6 years or maybe older and my hair strengthener is 4 years old. I never like it and it never straightened my hair good. I feel I need to upgrade them so here is my wish list if I do go and buy me new hair tools.

GHD Pink Diamond Styler |
If this is the only thing I want to get myself for Christmas! I am in need of a good new straightening iron and I would love to try and see if the hype with this is worth it. Plus it's pink so why wouldn't I want to buy this.

Enrapture Encode Totem Hair Styler  |Again another hype product but since I have been using my curling iron like a wand lately I thought it was time to invest in a curling wand and this one looks perfect and you can change the heat to make different styles. I just really would like a curling wand like this.

Revlon Heated 24 pc. Set |
I have been very curious in trying hot rollers and I just want a basic and cheap set to try out on. And I want one with those clips so it will be easy.

That's my wish list and kind of an extension to my Christmas one from last week.

My 3rd day of Christmas giveaways is up if you wnt to check it out!

What hot tool do you love?

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How I Style My Hair Everyday

For today I wanted to tell you how I style my hair on a daily basis. I usually do the simple half up/half down look and then curl the ends of my hair. It is really easy and only takes me a few minutes before I go out because I already have very curly hair.

I style my hair like this mostly everyday unless I get lazy and put it up in a high ponytail. I love the half up/half down hairstyle and I usually put a bow in to hold it in place. If you knew me in person than you would know I wear a bow on an everyday basis. I always have since I was little and I guess now it is just out of habit. I also just use it to hold everything in place because of the thickness and length of it sometimes it doesn't like to stay down. So it isn't because of an accessory its because it actually helps my hair out.

I have naturally curly hair that actually creates springs when it is on its good day but most of the time I use a 1" curling iron I got from Conair about 6 years ago and it has lasted me well. Usually I just wrap my hair around the barrel but throughout the day my hair has a mind of its own and then spins together to create these Shirley Temple curls and even if I comb through it I can't stop it from doing that. I do like it but I think I need a new curling iron or curling wand.

The products I use to achieve this is my Suave Maximum Hold Mousse and some bobby pins. I don't really like using a lot of product on my hair because it makes it very sticky and hard. I do use a dry shampoo to help style it but I usually just use some mousse and heat protector before I curl my hair.

I do wish I could have longer hair sometimes so check out their website I quickly fell in love with their products. They have different textures, styles like human hair and they are affordable. I would love a pair of hair extensions for Christmas and it has always been on my wish list to get some good and nice quality ones.

My hairstyles are very simple and I try not to experiment but maybe with hair extensions I could try something different and be more creative but sometimes it is just so hard with my hair type. But I do love watching hair tutorials on youtube but half of them don't work when I do it so I just end up admiring it because I have no choice. If you have any tips on how I can style my hair type I would love some advice.

To find out more you can visit their website and check out more about their lovely clip in hair extensions and other products. I would love to grab me a pair and since they have so many different styles and colors it will be hard for me to choose.

As you can see it was very windy that day but I love the effect it had on my hair. If you want to know where I took these pictures I wrote about it in my Sunday Summary and yes those are pineapples in the picture.

How do you style your hair everyday?

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Bargain Nail Polish Haul

I picked up some nail polishes that were less than 99c at this cute little boutique that is close to my house. I originally just needed nail polish remover because I was trying to make that DIY Nail Polish Jar. I spotted this pretty polish that reminded me of Snow Globe from China Glaze which I lost so I thought it would be perfect dupe and lovely for nail art this time of year. After I saw that one I kept looking to find some more lovely shades from the brand OMG. I've never heard of it or seen it but they had some good colors and I was in the store with my aunt trying to choose but I ended up buying all the ones I loved.

| L-R: Disco Ball & Strobe |

I picked up Strobe first as I said and thought it was a pretty with flakes polish that had metallic sprinkles in it. Disco ball is a pretty pink and green polish with small and large glitter pieces in it. I am starting to love these glitter top coats and really want to pick up more of them. I'm too excited to discover how many ways I can try this and pair with it.

| L-R: Emerald & Citrine | 

These reminded me of Christmas and I could pass them both up because they were perfect for the season.
In a few days after a formal party I attend I am painting my nails with this. I love the fine silver glitter in it and the texture seems pretty good. I hope they are opaque and I don't have to use a base color to achieve the prettiness. I was hoping the names would be more festive than they actually are though.

| L-R: Prom Queen, Gossip & First Date |

I know these polishes are pastel and are probably for Springtime I couldn't resist plus Gossip and First Date were perfect to match Disco Light. I can't wait to pair them together and see the results. I am starting to love the lighter colors and I hope these are opaque and I don't need to pile on the layers but I shouldn't expect because they were so cheap. I do hope that they turn out great since they are so pretty.

| Nail Decals, Bobbie Kaleidoscope Nail Polish in Fuchsia & Bobbie Cocktail Hour Gradient Kit |

I got these in a different store. I It was actually a book store and the gradient kit was from a grocery store. Funny where you can find nail stuff these days. I thought these were a cute nail design and I tried another design for my photoshoot and they were lovely so I picked up another. I always wanted a color changing nail polish and I saw this in various colors and since I thought I didn't have enough pink polishes (sarcastic much!) I would get this one. I really want to try this and see if it actually changes colors. It was the most expensive out of all the polishes I bought even more expensive than the gradient kit but I'm kind of exaggerating because it was only $2.The gradient kit as something I wanted to try and I really love the ombre trend so I thought this it would be easier for me to use. I can't wait to review this.

I love that they actually had names because that is half the fun to a nail polish. Some cheap polishes I have bought don't come with names ad it is difficult to identify. I think I appreciate it more when it does have a name and that makes me want to get it even more.

Even for a bargain they were good polishes and some good color choices. When I use one I will definitely do a post about the quality. I hope you enjoyed my bargain haul and liked the colors because I sure did.

What bargain nail polish have you loved?

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Sunday Summaries | December 15, 2013

This week has been good and bad for me. It started out with having a family outing up at our vacation house to check out our pineapple plantation and to test my dad's new motorcycle and to put some miles on it. The original plan was that my dad, my cousin and I would drive our motorcycles up the mountain and to have a picnic up there but one of my uncles got an allergic reaction so we were down a few people and since I didn't need my motorcycle I would take the car with the rest and my dad and cousin still took theirs. We met up at this place half way to our property and took some pictures. It was a very fun day and we took so many pictures and I got a few done for the blog thanks to my dad but on the way home my dad crashed his motorcycle and had to be taken to the hospital. He is fine now but I had to spend 2 days at the hospital with him since my mom is deathly afraid of hospitals. He broke his collar bone and a few ribs but he is doing so much better now. This is why my blog posts have been so crazy because I thought they were publishing at the hospital but they actually weren't so I had to fix that and I think it is done now. At first I didn't want to share this but after a week and him improving greatly I decided it was fine to get it out there so I don't hold it up inside.

Other than that, my week has been uneventful. I'm still doing the endless amounts of papers for class and I've been having a relaxing Sunday doing everything blog related so I can focus on my last few days before Christmas break.

Updates with fashionxfairytale blog:
Do you check out my new giveaway series!? I started 12 Days of Christmas Gifts yesterday and I'm giving away a prize everyday until Christmas to give back to my blog readers for sticking by me even though I haven't been a good blogger this week. The prizes include China Glaze, Lush, EOS, Nyx and Benefit and many more different brands! I also have a big one coming on Christmas day so stay tuned for that!

Hope you enjoy the giveaway and have an amazing week ahead!

What did you do that was exciting this week?

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Fashion Finds | Christmas Party Dresses 2013

Since I have a few Christmas parties to attend in a few upcoming days I wanted to do a fashion finds on dresses that I thought would look nice or just a guide for others to inspire. I choose three color options because the seemed more classic for me and they could work really well. The first category are the classics reds, the little black dress and then the gold dresses. All would be lovely for a party either formal or casual dressed up. Here are my picks:

Classic Red |
It's Christmas so why wouldn't you wear red. I love that classic red dress during the holidays because it seems more festive and a nice color to stand out with. I would pair this with some black heels and some silver accessories to pull it all off. And also there are a lot of variations of red so it doesn't have to be such a bold color. I like the first and second ones the most and the second one seems so perfect for a holiday party or some classy affair.

Little Black Dress |
You can't go wrong with a little black dress and that's why I choose this option. I think it looks very classy especially if you are going to a more fancy Christmas party and can't really be too over the top. Plus you can style a black dress with any accessory and it looks great. I would pair this with red and green so it seems more for the holiday but not so much out there if you don't want it to be.

Glitz & Gold |
Again the festive color of gold. It is such a Christmas color as well and I think gold is lovely color for a dress if you find the right one. During this time of year you really get to wear sparkles and glitter more so why not. I think having a gold dress and silver jewelry would be lovely together because it is in trend to mix metals so why not do it. I would pair this with some strappy heals that are a rose gold and maybe have some other colors to even it out like a red or a maroon color.

That is my Christmas Party Dress Guide and I hope you got some inspiration on what you are going to wear. I actually just bought a lovely dress that I will feature in a outfit post soon. And later today there is something exciting to go up so stay tuned for that because it is really special!

What are you wearing to a Christmas party?

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Friday Favorites | Holiday Edition

Favorite Nail Polish Color | China Glaze - Twinkle Lights
As always I've said this before but who cannot love this color for Christmas. It hs red, green nd gold fine glitter in it and when you put it on it just screams Christmas so it will always be a favorite of mine.I also used it for a few nail tutorials which you can check out on my blog if you'd like.

Favorite Drink | Hot Chocolate
I love hot chocolate and it is my favorite winter beverage. I love the sweetness and hat you can make it with anything. I just made some with Nutella and I think I fell in love with creamy and loveliness of it.

Favorite Clothing Item | Heart Print Cardigan
Ever since I bought it, I love wearing it on cold days and it is just the right thickness to be warm but also be a light cardigan so it is very versatile and nice to have. I kind of want to get another one again!

Favorite Accessory | Red Hair Bow
I always have bows in my hair and since it is almost Chrsitmas I am wearing my red one to show off my festive spirit. I have a few red ones and i just got a pretty sequin one so that would be nice and festive to have on Christmas day.

Favorite Scent | Christmas Cookies
The smell of cookies baking on Christmas is the best smell. I just miss how we would bake Christmas cookies and the smell would last all day. I love cookies and always believed that Santa would eat them. I also found a lovely sample perfume that smells just like vanilla cookies.

Favorite Song | Leighton Meester - Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)
I love this song and will blast it in my room all day if I could. I do love Christmas music way too much and I have a few favorites but right now I love this one. Leighton's voice is so different from her talking voice to me but either way it sounds lovely.

Those were y holiday favorites and I want to know what you've been loving while its getting closer to Christmas. I hope you come back tomorrow for a special surprise!

What is your favorite holiday drink?

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