Nails | Tiffany Blue Tips

| BNC Best Base Coat |
| China Glaze - For Audrey |
| BNC Silver Nail Art Pen |
| China Glaze Non-Yellow Top Coat | 

I really wanted to do a french manicure this week but my white nail polish dried out so I had no choice but to do another color. I debated which one I wanted to do but since I was tired of reds and pinks I picked my favorite blue polish.

I love For Audrey because of the color and the formula. I love how opaque it is and I don't have to paint so many layers and make it look thick.

I added the silver line to cover up some mistakes but it also looks so cute together. I miss wearing tips and now that my nails are long again I think I will sport this more often.

What do you think of tip manicures?


Sunday Summaries | January 27, 2013

| a cup of tea | new iphone case | nail polish choices
| an even milestone | did my nails | a Hershey chocolate bar |
| uploading blog photos | favorite bow | swatches |
01 | I had a long weekend this week! I got to stay home from Friday to Monday and only had 3 days of classes which was so relaxing. There was a festival on the campus and I didn't go to some of the activities so I just stay home and snuggled with my bed and blankets. I have been drinking more tea and coffee lately and i like it since the weather has been very cold and it warms me up. My cousin's girlfriend got me this lovely Hello Kitty case the other day as a late Christmas present. She just got a new job at a cute boutique so she got me this cause she knew that i love Hello Kitty and now I have 2 Hello Kitty cases to put on my iphone. I really wanted to change my nail polish since i haven't done my nails since Christmas so I pulled out some of my favorite colors to chose from.

02 | I can't believe I got to see this. I have never seen the numbers of the speedometer the same so i had to document the moment. I don't know why i was so happy but the smallest things brighten my day. I finally was bored enough over my long weekend and did my nails. I went with tips because my bottom half of the nails looked so clean and shiny so I thought it was perfect to do a colored french manicure and i had to add some sparkle. I will have the blog post up on it tomorrow. When i did go back to class i had to complete a perfume survey and smell I think 10 perfumes for a marketing company. I enjoyed it and got to try out new perfumes hat will be on the market soon. Since we were students we couldn't get paid so the marketing and advertising agency gave the whole class a big Hershey chocolate bar for our time. I thought it was a good idea to market products and since our class was public relations we got a few ideas for our project.

03 | I took a few blog photos for the week so since i have free time I upload them instead of waiting and become lazy. I have been using this camera because my dslr memory is lost at the moment so I need to find it or buy a new one but i do need a lot of memory for my class and personal use. My favorite bow at the moment is this pretty mint colored one I got for Christmas at forever21. I wear it practically everyday and I love the size and everything about it. It is so pretty and I love doing my hear around it. I went to the drug store to pick up some medicine but I couldn't resist to go buy the makeup section and swatch the new lipsticks they had on sale. The shades were pretty and I might pick up the dusty rose one to treat myself for doing good in university.

Also I noticed I have gained so many new followers so I want to say welcome to my little blog. I have schedule a post everyday this week so I hope everyone enjoys it.

What was the happiest thing you did this week?


What's in my Bag?

I really wanted to do this post and I am surprised I never did one sooner. I know most bloggers have done this and have updated ones but I never seem to have gotten one up because I never liked my bag all that much. But this bag is my favorite so I had to do a post about it!

So this is what I carry around in my bag!

01 | makeup bag
I usually take my makeup bag with me to touch up and whats in it i use pretty much everyday. I have a post coming up on this so you can see what is in it then. This bag was technically a pencil case but i converted it into a perfect and compact makeup bag. 

02 | my wallet
I love small wallets because it is light and I don't have to carry around a huge wallet with me. It is big enough to hold my cards but not too big to be obnoxious. I love the print and i don't carry so much cash with me so it is perfect.

03 | 2013 diary
I got this as a birthday present last year and now that its a new year I decided to use it. This one can be used anytime but i wanted to wait and use it throughout the whole year. The pages are so cute and it is very accessible and convenient for me. I still write a few things down but i do also use my phone to help me remember things.

04 | iPhone & earphones
My phone goes with me pretty much everywhere and since I lost my ipod I have to use my phone to listen to music on the go. I have so many headphones so I keep spare ones in my bag because it is always handy and I'm always in a situation where i want to listen to music so I keep it with me.
05 | pretty pen

06 | current book
I usually take the current book I am reading with me. Right now is this fun book i picked up at a small book sale at my local mall. I haven't actually started reading it yet but I plan on doing some book reviews and hauls on my blog soon. I am still debating whether i want a kindle yet but i might just get an ipad pretty soon so I am still trying to decide.

07 | my usb
I need this for my classes and i tend to only use it for class so it is always in my bag. It is so tiny so I added a little necklace thing to prevent me from losing it and since i have more than one i am lucky that i haven't lost any of them with the necklace trick. It is really handy and i tend to find it easily with the strap on it.

I have more in this sometimes when i go to my college classes but other than that this is the basics i keep in my bag. Its not quite exciting but I hate having to lug around so much stuff. I'm also glad i don't have an oversize bag because i tend to put everything into it.

What is in your bag?


December Random Favorites 2012

| Stick-O snacks | pink cow iPhone case | bow bracelet | hair bows | sippy cup water bottle |

I decided to do a Random Favorites post for December. his is what I have been loving that isn't really related to beauty but just things that make me happy.

01 | Stick-O Snacks
I love these snacks and I have been munching on them this past holiday. No, it isn't a holiday treat but since my aunt bought them for me I have been snacking on them the past month. They are chocolate wafer sticks that have chocolate inside which makes them even more tasty.

02 | Pink Cow iPhone Case
I have had this case on my phone for the past December until I got a new one. I thought it was so cute and I named it my "Strawberry Milk Cow Case" It is so fun and it isnt really made out of cheap plastic which was good and it protected my phone.

03 | Bow Bracelet
I made this since I was feeling bored one afternoon and wanted to try a DIY so I made this out of ribbon and some wire. I have been wearing it ever since and I think it is so cute and I'm proud to wear something I made.

04 | Hair Bows
I've been alternating between these tow bows the whole month of December. They are my 2 favorite bows since they are simple and I wore the red one a lot because December reminds me of red and the color it represents. On days I didnt wear the red one I stuck with the brown polka dot one to match my hair.

05 | Sippy Cup water Bottle
I use this everyday and this has encouraged me to stay hydrated the past month so it is a good thing. I named it "Mr. Sippy Cup" and I don't know why I love naming my stuff but it is a habit of mine. I really wanted a Starbucks one but I decided this was a cute and cheap alternative and it looks alike and it is pink so its more a plus for me.

I hope you liked my random favorites post of December. I didn't have a beauty favorites and I didn't want to do my top 2012 beauty favorites so I think this would have to do for me!

What is your favorite snack to munch on?


Memories From 2012

I just wanted to do a post about the things I loved and some memories of 2012!

01 | My 19th Birthday
This was the highlight of my year I think! I really loved my 19th birthday and i got a car too! My dad taught me how to drive too! i got to go to a club with my friends and just celebrate my day. It was really fun and such a good memory to look back on.
02 | Swimming Adventure
Every summer my cousins and I go to a water park that is only 20 minutes away from my parents house and we spend all day there. We have been doing it for 3 years now and it has become a tradition for me! The water park is huge and there are so many water slides and pools to go swimming in. I enjoy sunbathing and doing all kinds of fun summer activities when I'm there. I can't wait to go again because its only 4 months away!

03 | Film Festival
I went to my first film festival last August and enjoyed it. I watched different local and foreign films that will be entered in a competition around the world. That was a new experience for me and i enjoyed every minute of it. When i went there to the place where the films were screening I took so many pictures of the sites and everything around me. It was definitely a happy day for me and I couldn't stop telling my dad about the place. That was the first time I was glad to be a media studio because i got access to such a prestigious event. This memory is definitely in my top 2 memory of 2012.

04 | Hotel Vacation
For my parent's 31st wedding anniversary we headed out of town and went on a mini vacation. I stayed in a fancy 5 star hotel and got to be pampered and everything. I enjoyed my stay there and it was so relaxing and fun. I would so love to do that again sometime in the future. This was my 3rd favorite memory of 2012!

05 | Road Trip
My whole family went on a road trip last November and it was so fun to go out together and just sight see through the different sites. We drove so far and enjoyed getting back together after being away for so long. It was a nice time and I got many pictures of the day to remember the fun family road trip.

Those are the top memories I had in 2012! I hope you enjoyed them and check out the blog post that went with them to know more details about them.

What are your favorite parts of 2012?


Sunday Summaries | January 6, 2013

| sunset before New Years | party with my family | 2 hours before midnight! |
| firework set off | sparkler! | fountain of fireworks |
| more fireworks | Happy New Year! | the feast at midnight |

Welcome to sunday summaries New Year Edition! I also can't believe this is my first sunday summaries of 2013! I hope everyone is having a lovely January so far like I am.

01 | My family celebrated New Years Eve on our balcony with pretty lights and a sound system! We always go big for New Years so I wasn't surprised my cousins set up the sound system up there. I was the deejay for a short while and I had so much fun doing it. The first picture is the view we got just before the sun set on NYE! The second is a picture of half the sound system and some Christmas lights that added to the party vibe upstairs. And I set up a countdown this year because i usually never countdown to 12 but this year I decided I would and it was so fun doing so!

02 | Every year my cousins love to set off fireworks so I decided that I would take some pictures but I didn't know one of them was going to go off and it was maybe only 2 feet where I was standing. It was a little scary but I got amazing pictures. I did stand a few feet away the next time they set them off though. I love sparklers so I went through so many of these. I didn't get a picture with one of them because it was so dark but you can see my hand. I think the fountain is one of my favorite firework because it just sparkles. It doesn't blow up or anything and if you see them in person they are the most prettiest things to watch.

03 | With only 30 minutes left till 12 they were so many fireworks going off around us and it was so fun to watch. My whole family came upstairs and we welcomed the new year and celebrated together. It was so loud outside with the fireworks and the horns and there were just so much commotion around. If you know anyone who is Filipino then you would know they love making food for occasions. My family made tons of food and we ate probably at 12:30 when the fireworks died down a little. We don't really celebrate Christmas like we do New Years. It's strange but with my Dad's side we celebrate Christmas more. I made lasagna and deviled eggs and my mom made her special lumpia which is a Filipino egg roll which a re so good. After that we just hung upstairs me and my cousins and had some champagne and danced most of the night and enjoyed the fireworks and the music.

What did you do for NYE?


What I Got For Christmas 2012!

| A satchel bag from my parents |
| Hair bows and 3 pairs of earrings from Forever 21 |
 | Wedding Sketch Portfolio from my Dad | A Case, headphones, Phone Chair from my Aunt & Cousin  | Seventeens Guide to Beauty from my Dad |
| Katy Perry Meow from my Mom | A wallet from my niece & a Purse & bracelet from my Uncle and Aunt | A makeup storage holder from my cousin |

I know this post is a little late but my family didn't really celebrate Christmas this year which was sad but it's because a lot of my family wasn't in the country or away for the holidays making it difficult to get together so we decided to just celebrate on New Years Eve which was where i got most of my presents!

I got a lot of my presents from my dad which he spoils me too much but he says i have been doing well with my major courses so he bought me these. He got me the satchel, and the books which I have wanted the Seventeen Beauty book since I have the fashion edition already. The wedding book was a choice by me and he knows that I want to design my own wedding line collection so we found this book and i really wanted it at the time but he said it was a worthless book and that i wouldn't learn anything but it turns out he got it anyways and was just trying to throw me off so I wouldn't suspect i would get it. I love it so far and i have been designing and learning new techniques. My dad also took me to Forever 21 and one of my gifts was that my dad would have to stay and go shopping with me for however long i wanted. I got the hair bows and 3 pairs of earrings. It is cool though when i was taking these pictures that the 2 bow earrings match the hair bows. I also got a cardigan but will be in another post soon and it has hearts and matches the heart earrings.

My mom got me the Katy Perry perfume. I originally wanted the Taylor Swift one but she didn't really no the difference so I don't blame her and the Meow perfume smells very pretty and the bottle is just lovely so I don't really mind. She knew I listen to these singers so she thought i would like it. I will have to do a review on it soon. She also got me the satchel which was from both of them.

Now my extended family gave me some few bits and bobs. I got a purse, a wallet, some headphones, an iphone case, a mobile chair holder, and a makeup storage. I love all the things and have been using all of them. I love the makeup storage holder because now I can organize my makeup and I have a presentable holder to display on my vanity. I'll have to do a post on it when i get it organized.

I also got mostly money too because apparently I am so difficult to shop for. It's okay though because i can get some things on my wish list that I have been wanting. Again I want to say thank you to my family for giving me these gifts!

I just wanted to put a disclaimer out that I don't want to show off I just wanted to do a post of what I got since I am so happy with the presents I received. I am so thankful for what I got and even though they aren't that big or extravagant I still appreciate each one of them. I got an iPhone 4s last August so that was considered my early Christmas present so I didn't get anything big on the actually day of Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed my "what i got for Christmas" post and I hope you don't mind that it was a little late!

What did you get for Christmas?


New Year Resolutions of 2013

So I wanted to do a new years resolution list this year!

I rarely do resolutions because I find that I don't follow through with them but I have made my resolutions a little bit simpler and easier to do and they aren't really time consuming so I am bond to follow along a while unlike my past years of doing these as a young teen.

I think I'll consider them more as goals so I won't be too pressured to stick to them as much but to get some stuff done.

I did a few personal and a few blogging goals for 2013!

maintain weight |
I know some people will say that they want to lose weight this year but I don't think I am ready yet. It would be nice to lose a few pounds but I don't want to focus on that so much. I do hope that I can stay the same weight and not add to my current weight. It would be nice to lose but I am comfortable with my weight and if I change my mind it would be my decision.

finish writing 3 novels |
I love witting and ever since I found a lot of my old novels I was writing I decided I should at least finish one. I can't believe I use to be so into writing and ever since I started my major subject classes I lost track and just stopped writing and some how forgot. I hope this year I can finish the stories I wrote before starting new ones. This is probably the one I hope to succeed in this year!

read more books |
I read a lot of books as it is but I still love to read more. I think I've been slacking since I have been using wattpad more than my ebooks but I hope this year I can get back into reading more and more books and to enjoy different genres for once.

learn to bake |
I don't know why but I want to learn how to bake. I got pretty good in cooking in 2012 so this year I want to bake some fun desserts. I always wanted to since I was little and I think now that I have some extra time I would try to bake.

spend more time in blogging |
I enjoy blogging and I should spend more time on it than I do. I sometimes get lazy to take pictures or wrote but that is the only thing stopping me. I decided since I have a new place to take pictures that I would take then in bulk and then edit them and just leave some in drafts to make it simpler for me. I don't know of I should set a limit because if I do I know I won't be able to stick to it and I will bad about. I just want to do more blogging than I did last year and the year before.

I hope all of you succeed in you new years resolutions and if you did a post like this I would love to see what you plan to do in 2013!


What is your top New Years Resoultion?


Favorite Blog Posts of 2012

Here is a roundup of the post I enjoyed in 2012!

I did a few outfit posts, reviews and some nail art posts!

The outfit of the day ones were a little difficult for me to shoot since I wear a uniform to school and when I do wear something different I don't really put too much effort. I really wish this year I can do more outfit posts because I love fashion and think it is so much fun to have fun with style and everything.

My favorite posts would have to be when I do nail art and do my nails! I love painting my nails and trying out different designs. I didn't do very many this year but I hope that changes and i could do a roundup next year of nail art posts I did.

I did a few reviews and I did a few favorites post which were all so fun to write. I love writing down what I think of products and how it can affect my readers. I always gave my honest opinion and revealed my true thoughts of the products I used this past year.

I did some other posts like my fashion finds, friday favorites, sunday summaries and wish lists. I really love making those kind of posts and I love sharing them with you. I don't have many series on my blog but those are the ones I have and enjoy writing very much!

And I just want to say thank you to those who read and comment on my blog! It means the world to me and I enjoy blogging and without you I wouldn't really be that inspired to write this blog. I hope I have another amazing year and do more blogging and keep on growing! I hope I get to do another one of these next year and I hope I have a difficult time choosing what blog post I want to include because I hope there are plenty!

What is your favorite post in 2012?

Happy New Year!

Yay, its a new year! I can't believe 2012 is over already. I also can't believe how fast everything seems to be. I just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year and I hope you enjoyed. I hope everyone has a fantastic year!

*credit (weheartit)
What did you do on New Years Eve?

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