I've really wanted to do more personal posts so I thought this would be a good way to start off and find out what I've been doing for the past week or even month. I'm planning on doing this maybe every 2 weeks or so like a favorites posts where I lists some things I was currently loving lately.

C U R R E N T L Y . . .

R E A D I N G | Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. It is a lovely book and I really relate to the main character. It is a very interesting book and if you haven't read it I recommend you go pick it up!
W R I T I N G | thesis. Do I need to say more? I am slowly but surely working on my thesis and I have making some progress with it. I love my topic so that is making me more inspired to write and finish the remaining chapters. 
L I S T E N I N G | to Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sherran I have been obsessed and it has been playing non-stop. I loved it before but stopped listening to the album continuously but then it was on all the radio stations since it just caught on where I live. So I started listening to it again and is definitely a favorite from her album. And I’m listening to it as I write this so you can tell how much I adore it.
W A T C H I N G | Wreck it Ralph. Can I just say how much I loved this movie and how amazing it is!
I heard people raving about it but haven’t had time to watch much movies but I am so mad I didn’t watch it sooner. It has become part of my top 5 favorite movies. I just think it's so cute and is just a feel good movie and since I have been so stressed and lonely lately this has made my week and just makes me so warm and fluffy inside. If you haven’t seen it go watch it because I think it is amazing and I love it to pieces!

T H I N K I N G | a lot! I have so much on my mind but all I am thinking about is fixing up my blog and getting it all nice and running smoothly. I have been taking care of most of it and it is all coming together!
S M E L L I N G | Vanilla. Since I have been using my new body wash I have been loving the scent of vanilla and can still smell its sweet scent.
W I S H I N G | for a lovely Christmas and New Years!That is y only wish and hope it comes true!
H O P I N G | that my cousin arrives for his son's baptism! I hope we all get together for the occasion and the upcoming holidays since he hasn't spent the holidays here in 3 years. 
D R E A M I N G | of Christmas Break. That is all I want now and it is so close that I am feeling more anxious for it t come. I just want to relax and spend time with family and enjoy my time at home.
W E A R I N G | Velvet Bow on my nails, my heart cardigan from Forever 21 and my new comfy leggings also from Forever 21 I just picked up a few days ago.
L O V I N G | blogging again! It's been a while since I blogged continuously but now that I've started again I feel like I fell in love all over again. It's good to be back on schedule.
W A N T I N G | An iPad. Lately all I've been wanting badly is an iPad. I don't really want anything else and since I have  laptop and an iPhone I really want a tablet and an iPad is in between my two gadgets. I don't think I want the iPad air but the iPad 4 might be good enough for me and plus the iPad mini seems to small for me but I haven't really decided which I want more.
N E E D I N G | more clothes. I don't have much clothes so I'm in dire need of new ones. I usually have my essentials but I don't have much of anything since most of my them are so lose and don't fit me well anymore.
F E E L I N G | exhausted. I have been doing so many things lately that it has all caught up to me making me very tired. I have been focusing on a lot of school work that involves writing, family stuff and everything else so I feel very exhausted lately.
L O O K I N G | forward to my cousin's baptism and I get to be the godmother. I'm also so excited to be driving down there with the family for a lovely day!
C L I C K I N G | on http://www.thewonderforest.com/ Dana is a really sweet person and I just bought one of her pre-made blog templates in her Black Friday sale. She also develops her own apps and I have downloaded all of them and I'm really loving her latest one which is Instavation!

I hope you enjoyed my first lately posts and come back for my ext one to see what I am up to next. I'll see you again for another blogmas post tomorrow!

What have you been up to lately?
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