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I painted my nails in Christmas colors! I told you how excited I was to use these colors and I finally did and they are perfect for Christmas! The colors are so sparkly and just scream holidays to me.I kind of wanted to do some nail art like I did last year but it ws getting late and I just wanted something simple this year. I might do something different next year and maybe do some fun ones.

If you want to see my nail polish haul from last week then you can see it here. I picked up these lovely bargain nail polishes that seem to be pretty good even though they were cheap. To me they were a great find and lovely color pay off. I was expecting the worse but turns out they stay pretty good.

A bonus giveaway! |CLOSED|
I picked up another 2 bottles of these colors yesterday and wanted to giveaway. If you want to win just leave a comment with your email address and what color are your nails right now? I will pick randomly and it ends this Sunday so leave your comments to win and yes it is international unless your country doesn't accept nail polish. I might add in something extra as I am in the giving mood!

What nail polish shouts Christmas for you?

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