| China Glaze - Velvet Bow |
 | China Glaze - Twinkle Lights |

I pulled out my Autumn polishes and even though they are from the 2011 Christmas collection I love Velvet Bow as a Fall color and it looks so pretty. I have been seeing the golden sparkle accent nail and I really wanted to try it and the closer gold sparkle I had was Twinkle Lights and the red and green glitter speckles didn't really show up so I could get away with it. I really need to go pick up a pretty golden polish for this look because I love the way it looks with everything. Plus it's never to early to paint your nails festive for the holidays.

This has been my all time favorite Autumn color and I always love the time of year when I pull it out of my nail polish storage and paint my nails with it. I would love to buy another one soon but I hope they still sell it. The golden one is so pretty and I didn't have to ad so many coats since I applied the base color first.

What nail polish do you reach for this time of year?
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