Review | Purr by Katy Perry Perfume

Product | Purr by Katy Perry

Packaging | It comes in a bottle in the form of a cat with eyes like jewels, colored in metallic shades of lavender.

Price | 599.99php // $14.68

Description (from The Perfume Shop) |
The fragrance is a rich eau de parfum which opens with a fresh citrus accord of peach nectar and forbidden apple to awaken the senses. It develops into a delicate floral bouquet supported by notes of jasmine blossom and pink freesia and dries down into a rich, luxurious scent rich with vanilla orchid and sandalwood.

Rating |  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Thoughts |
As you saw, I got this perfume for Christmas last year which you can find under my What I got for Christmas post.This is my first celebrity perfume and I actually like it. It wasn't my first choice but i was really glad to get it. At first I didn't want to get into all the hype with celebrity perfumes and I don't really favor the celebrity who has the perfume I just chose this one for the scent but I do like so celebrities and would like to try their perfumes and first on my list is Taylor Swift.

The scent is not too strong and great for everyday. I don't like having such a overpowering scent so this is perfect for me. The staying power isn't that great and I have to apply it twice or if I'm feeling like I want a burst of freshness I apply more. As soon as I spray it there is a light sweet and citrusy scent and it gets more subtle through the day. I kind of like the base notes more than the top notes because those are mostly what I love to smell. 

I also love that I don't sneeze when I spray it or smell it while I wear it. I am so sensitive when I wear perfumes so that's why I dot wear strong or no perfume at all. I hate girls in my class who spray such strong scents so I like to stay with the warmer and sweeter scents.

Overall, I think it is a very nice a light scent that is not so overpowering but also not that light that you cant smell it.

What is your favorite celebrity perfume?

Disclaimer: I bought this product with my own money and no way affiliated with this company. All my opinions are my own.

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Wish list | Born Pretty Nail Accessories

An actually post from me! After taking a much needed break to just catch up with my personal life I finally found time to do a blog post and it feels great to be back writing and sorting posts out again!

I have been pursuing the born pretty site for a while and I always have something I want to buy but I put myself on a spending ban right now after purchasing a new laptop and since Christmas is getting closer I really want to save but I couldn't help but splurge and look at things right? I'm also saving up for a new dslr camera so I hope I can do that but who says you can't treat yourself once in a while!

Now on to the pretty nail accessories I have been lusting after!

one | Fimo Fruit
I really want to try fimo shapes. I think they are unique and give a twist to nail art. Instead of nail stickers I think I would like these better and plus they come in different shapes for various designs you could create with it.

two | Nail Stripping Polish
I have been creative and been messing with different designs and I think it is time to update my nail stripping polishes and then add more to my collection. I have been practicing my florals and polka dots and since the holidays are coming I get more creative with my nail art!

three | Nail Stripe Tape
I've heard so many good things about this tape and how easy it is to use and it is quick and simple and doesn't take much effort so I thought I would try it and it would be nice to have the pretty colors to mix and match because it looks like it will be fun to mess with.

four | 3D Bow Nail Stickers
If you know me then you know I love anything with bows and I thought what better ways to add to addiction then putting the on my nails! I would love to see these on my nails and think they're the perfect accent nail to me.

five | Hexagon Nail Sheet Tips
I think these are pretty cute and would look like a creative design to work with. I love that you could mix and match colors and I think they would make a lovely polka dot design and do some sort of twist with it to make it pop.

six | Candy Color Glitter Nail Polish
This by far is my most wanted polish right now. I know Autumn is technically here but I didn't get to enjoy Spring so I want to use these nail polishes and they look so pretty and sparkly and no one could resit its prettiness.

What have nail accessories have you been lusting after?
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