I'm back again and I hope for good!

Last you heard of me I got sick, started a new job and was enjoying summer. Well, sad to say I got sick once again and almost had to get surgery. I got tonsillitis and it was so bad. I was out for three weeks and couldn't talk or get out of bed. I had to take time off and I had to get better. I was going to get them out but I decided not to since they got better after going to the doctor. I was so sad that  I couldn't do much and I was just plain lazy. Once I did get better it was a few weeks before school would start again.

I am officially in my last year of college! Yay, I am so excited but this is where everything is going to kill me. I have my thesis and some heavy subjects I've been dealing with. To be honest I am supposed to be writing a script for my news production class but I am here blogging instead. How lovely?

I really want to get into blogging on here. I haven't quit blogging though because I have been writing on my personal blog and trying to get out all my emotions. I also started ballet again and so that keeps my Saturday busy so I have been focusing on that to.

I hope to get some posts done this week and stick to it because I miss blogging so much and it feels weird not writing and taking pictures. I pretty much took a break from all my social medias.

I hope you understand that life is crazy but I am making a comeback and this time I promise to stick with it. Let's cross our fingers after I publish this post that I don't get sick again! Oh and my blog anniversary past last month! I didn't forget but I will make up for it in the next coming weeks.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic