I started watching The Big Bang Theory over Christmas break. I needed a new show to watch and since my photography teacher loved this show I decided to watch it for fun. I started off with the first season which I finished in that same day. It took me about a week and a while to finish the whole 6 seasons but I tried to space it out so I had something to do each day and I had something to look forward to. I probably could have finished it in 3 days but I also had to do some other things like trying to write my book that I have slowly started to finish.

By this time I did get caught up and I really enjoyed watching it. I love the characters and it reminds me of how geeky I get to be sometimes. I used to love science as a kid and it is one of my favorite basic subjects in school (besides English Literature of course.)

I look forward to it every week now and can't wait to watch an episode cause it brightens my day no matter what mood I'm in. To me, it's just a feel good show that you can just sit in bed and watch and have laugh. I love those types of TV shows because they are just something to cheer you up and relax to.

I don't want to give the plot or anything away since some people might not have watched it so I will just say it is a comedy show that involves scientist who are really nerdy. I love that type of stuff and I think the characters are really awesome and it has a good story line which I definitely recommend for people who love comedy and geeky shows like me.

I can say this has to be my favorite TV show right now. I love watching TV shows but this one was by far my favorite.  I might have to do a top 10 TV shows I love on here pretty soon!

I'm really enjoying writing about TV shows because they are a big part of my life and I can admit that I like them better than movies unless the movie was so great. I know I love fashion and beauty related stuff but I also love gadgets and TV shows and things not related to beauty as much. I like adding lifestyle posts and stuff so I hope it is a nice change sometimes.

What do you think of The Big Bang Theory?
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