| tank top: forever21|
| cardigan: Westfield |
| pants: Michelle Bradley |
| bag: a gift|
| bow: forever21|

I wore this to my first day of classes after winter break. I forgot I had taken these and they were just sitting on my camera which is weird because I usually upload all my pictures and then put them into the specific folders I have set up on my laptop. But enough about that, my outfit is very simple and since it was the first day back of classes I was real lazy to wear anything fancy.

My cardigan was keeping me warm since it was a rainy day that day. I wore my favorite leggings and they are being put to good use and are definitely comfortable to wear. My tank top is from forever21 which i bought a long time ago when I still lived in the US. My bag was a present I got for Christmas and I really like it and it matches a lot of my outfits. My bow was also a gift and i thought it went perfectly with the tank top.

That is my outfit and I hop I can get some more up soon of my outfits!

What outfit do you currently love?