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Like mostly everyone, I have fallen in love with instagram. The first few weeks I wasn't really that into it. I thought it was overrated and not really entertaining to me. Maybe because 1 I didn't have too many pictures to take of and 2 because the effects the app came with weren't really as good as I expected them to be.

I started watching "what's on my iPhone" videos on YouTube and so I learned about the various apps you can download to enhance your pictures. This is when I started to fall for the oh so popular app.

I started using a few photo apps and it changed my perspective of the whole thing. I now use it more often and I love the different effects I make on it. I still don't use it continually but I am starting to now. I have tried to post a picture a day but its not a lot and i know people post more. I sometimes go crazy and just post pretty pictures all day. It usually depends on the day and what I am doing but it is fun.

I'm glad I got to experience this app finally after all of the people I knew in the real world and on the Internet were talking about it.

I also posted my first sunday summaries post with instagram pictures I took from last week! I really enjoyed it but I will post some weekly pictures too and not only instagram pictures.

If you would like to follow me on instagram my user name is @fashionxfairytale

I am always looking for new people to follow since I am new to this. Just leave them below!

What is your instagram user name?


Nails | Vampire Blood Drip

| China Glaze - Velvet Bow |
| BNC - Red Delight | 
| China Glaze - Non Yellowing Top Coat |

I really wanted to get into the Halloween spirt and I decided to start of with my nails! I dont think I have anything planned for Halloween this week but I do want to do something since it is my favorite holiday! I like that it is something different for me to try and it looked like a fun and cute design. I was on pinterest even more lately because the app of the app on my iphone so I seen this and thought it was easy enough for me to do and plus I finally have the right colors.

It was pretty simple to do. All I did was paint a tip onto my nails and then I didn't actually let it drip down but I painted stripes and messed them up a little to get the drip effect. I really like how they turned put and they are definitely very dark and vampy which I have never tried.

From afar it actually looks like there is blood dripping from my nails and that I hurt myself. It was so funny when my aunt and my cousin saw my nails and were so worried about me. They thought i had hurt myself and was very panicked. I actually scared my little cousin into thinking it was real blood and that i had been injured. I got a few giggles at their reaction.

So I hope you like my semi vampire nails and that you will try them too!

What are on you nails this Halloween?


Sunday Summaries | October 14, 2012

| ROW 1 | outside the theater entrance | waiting for the "Wizard of Oz to start | my OOTD from the play |
| ROW 2 | view from outside the theater | McDonald's before heading home | hitting 4444 on my car |
| ROW 3 | looking at nail polish at the drug store | hair looking good before a shower | 3rd cup of coffee |

001 | Very busy week for me! I had to go to several theater plays this week and all of them were very long and far away from me. I enjoyed it but it took time away from my other classes and plus the professor wasn't allowing us to be excused from classes so we all had to waste our only day off which was Sunday to watch 3 different genre plays.

002| It is finals week so I am surprised I have some time to myself. Ive been very stressed and this week hasn't been the best for me. I got some issues with a few people and it didn't turn out good. I've expressed some anger on twitter but I don't want to be reminded of what happened so I have been limiting myself form bursting out. Sorry if i sound so depressed but I have been having some very terrible things happen so it makes me sad. I might address the issue later on but right now it is too fresh and i just end up in tears. I thank a lot of you on twitter who have been so kind to me and left nice messages. It really cheers me up when I am in such a vulnerable stage.

003 | I am so sad that I didn't do blogtober this year like I did last year. I planned so many posts to do but i didn't have time to take blog pictures or sit down and write them so I will try and do as many as I can. I have had such a hectic week so there was no way I can do blogtober. I can try a different month but it won't be the same to me.

004 | The good thing about this week was it was my last week of classes. I have 3 weeks off and I plan on doing nothing. Actually it is not nothing but i plan on doing stuff that is not important and makes me happy. I have some DIY projects I want to start and finish and I pretty much will blog and watch TV shows the rest of the time. I have planned it out so I wont be sad or depressed or anything during my time off. I usually say I will do stuff but I pretty much know I might sit around and sleep all day. I do hope i can accomplish some stuff to show for my 3 weeks off.

I hope you have had a better week than me. I still am happy to be off and just do nothing and have time to be myself for the next 3 weeks. Everything will just have to pull together and I don't know what will happen but i need to face it.

What was the highlight of your week?


Fashion Finds | Peplum Tops

I really have loved seeing th peplum trend going on lately and I wanted to try different styles out before i buy one. Just like my satchel post I feature different types of peplum blouses. I havent decided how to style one of these blouses yet so I just icked ones that were pretty and could be worn. I might do a how to style post on this as soon as I buy one and what I would wear with it.

First I started off with tank top peplum blouses. I know summer is pretty much over but it would be a nice shirt to layer for fall. The second is short sleeve peplums which I found to be my favorite ones. Its not very cold or will be cold where i live for awhile so I would definitely get this style first. The third are long sleeve peplums which I would love when it will be closer to December. I think they are very pretty and the style is perfect for cold months. Lastly, I wanted to have 4 styles but couldn't think of one until i saw the printed design one. I think printed peplum blouses look so cute and have a vibrant and cherry vibe to them.

01 | Tank Top Peplum
The ones I picked were light colors because tank tops are usually for warmer months and that's is what I imagine I would be wearing in those months. I really like the style of these tops and they are so girly and frilly to wear which is why I have loved this trend. My favorite is the second one because it reminds me of something Blair Waldorf would wear and I love the color of the blouse.

02 | Short Sleeve Peplum
These are very cute and are nice piece to add to my collection. As Ive said I wanted one for awhile now and I think this would be my favorite type of blouse to get. The colors are nice and have very cute flared skirts attached to them and are just lovely to look at. My favorite is the first one because of the subtle bottom to it and the light color too.

03 | Long Sleeve Peplum
The colors I choose for these tops are what i would love to wear soon. Since fall is almost here I love the fall colors and long sleeve shirts to pair with scarfs and cardigans to keep me extra warm. I would pair this with black tights and some boots since the bottom of the top looks like a pretty skirt. My favorite out of all of them is the second one because of the style and the color is so pretty for fall.

04 | Printed Peplum
I love printed tops and these prints are very pretty. I tried and picked different styles and patterns for various occasions and what can be worn with them. I would love to try the different styles they come in and experiment with bold prints. My favorite is the first one because I have a thing for polka dots at the moment and think there adorable.

As I look at the post I realize it looks like I picked colors right from every season and the last one is made for all seasons. I love colors and I'm very fascinated with colors so I usually play with colors and that is how i get my fashion matched up. 

I hope you liked my post about peplum blouses! I really enjoyed finding and pairing them together.

What fashion piece do you love at the moment?


Wish list | Iphone Cases

01 | Mint Pearl and Lace Iphone Case
Out of all the cases I have seen on the Internet on various sites, this has been my favorite and most wanted case. If I don't find it at any store where I live or around me I have no choice but to order it. I don't really like ordering but I just love the case. Im pretty sure I can find it since there are a lot of stores that sell cases from china and it is bound to be sold I just have to search for it. I even took a picture with my phone to show the sales lady next time I head to the town with all those stores.

02 | Colorful Chevron Iphone Case
This is so cute and I love the print of the case. I have seen a lot of these in stores but I love this color scheme. I really want a peachy pink color and something different from my usual for once. I've always been fascinated with the chevron print trend and it is a pretty design. U really want to own some things with this print so a case is a nice start.

03 | Polka Dot Juicy Couture Iphone Case
Since I love hot pink and polka dots I was browsing the juicy couture website and I loved the design of it. I want a simple case but not to simple that it looks very plain. This is the perfect in between design for me plus the color looks so cute and shiny. I kind of like the smaller dots than larger ones that I see in cases. It seems like a sleeker design and not so bold. Also the subtle logo of juicy is nice because another I wanted had a huge logo which didn't really match the case all that much.

That has been my wish list for today. I might do a haul of I buy any new cases for my phone. Also if you know any website that sells cute and girly iPhone cases please let me know. I love looking at them and and getting inspiration to see if I could make my own.

What is currently on your phone at the moment?


Currently Loving | My New Iphone 4s

As you may know on twitter I have announced that I was getting a new phone! For a while I didn't know which phone I was going to get. I debated between I think 4 phones and those were; The Samsung SIII, the Samsung Pocket, and the Iphone's 3GS, 4, & 4s. My phone plan expired the beginning of August and I have been trying to decide since maybe April around my birthday.

I really wanted to try an Iphone and have heard so many great things. Also I have researched the Samsung with my dad and he likes it better. I was going back and forth between each phone, I researched so many reviews online and i went to the stores at the mall asking their opinions. It was a tad bit difficult since I heard so many good and not good things about the different phones and it was starting to be difficult to make up my mind. I also knew that the iphone 5 would be out a month after but I wasn't really impressed by it. I had my heart set on an iphone 4 series and i would stick with it. 

As soon as I found out that there was a discount and promo to get the Iphone for cheaper I jumped at the chance. I knew secretly I wanted the 4s so bad but I knew my dad wouldn't be up for the cost or the phone bill. Finally he agreed and I rushed in and reserved it. I got it the same day and the process wasn't as long then when I first got my plan 2 years ago. The lady was so helpful and I love her so much. She was previously a friend so she actually helped me to get the exact phone I wanted. It is a little sad that I didnt get the unlimited data plan, it was the same amount of money but a lot more down payment so I decided wifi was okay as long as I got the phone.

I have had my phone for a month now and I am starting to get used to it. I was a little put off because it was a touch screen and I do not really like touch screens because they are so difficult for me to use and my nails dont agree with them either. When I got it though it has the auto correct thing so it is so easy for me and now I can type on it without much hassle like the other touch screens i had. I like that is such an easy touch screen to use and it swipes so easily compared to my cousin and dad's phone. I tried theirs after having mine for 2 weeks and it seemed so much better.

Also another reason I wanted/bought this phone was the cases. In my country you can get the cases on ebay and amazon in the local markets for so cheap. And pretty much a lot of stores here sell iphone cases. I mean a lot I even see them at grocery stores which I think is a little weird.  I want so many and I am saving my money to get them. I even want to go to this mall close to my college campus that sells just cases for all phones. A huge section of the mall dedicated just for phone cases. That is crazy and plus mostly half is for the iphones 4/4s which is a big bonus for me!

I kind of got app obsessed which I always do when I get a new phone. I don't have as many as you think though. I have only 2 page of apps on it. And I think I am happy with the ones I got. I might do a post of my top 5 apps and my top 5 games!

As you can see I got it pimped out with Hello Kitty! I love my lock screen and my home screen. They are so fun to look at. I'm not the kind of person to put a picture I took on my phone and put it on my phone screen. I usually get them off the internet and put them on.  And you can't tell, but my case is actually Hello Kitty. I forgot to get a picture but I might post it in the future!

I am glad I picked the Iphone and I am in love with it. I hardly use my laptop anymore only to do edit my course work and occasionally I will do some work for my blog. Other than that my laptop isn't getting as much love as it used to but that's okay since I can give it a rest since I had used it everyday before I got the iphone. 

My next purchase would definitely by the Ipad! I was originally going to get that and just get a cheap phone. I still want one though and will have to save up or get my dad to get it for me for Christmas.

This wasn't much a review or anything since I was just expressing my love for it. If you want to know whether to get one you could defiently try if you had the money. I'm unsure if I want another iphone after this contract ends but I liked that I got to experience an iphone model and maybe I could get the latest when another comes out.

I hope you enjoyed me talking about how in love and obsessed I am about my new phone!

What is your dream phone?


Nails | Blue Night

| BNC Nail Polish in Blue Night |
| China Glaze - Non-Yellow Top Coat |

I thought it was time for me to paint my nails again. Since I had a short day of classes I jumped at the chance of having some "me time." I put on some music and started painting my nails while sitting on my bed. It felt so good like I was a preteen again in the beginning of high school. I missed doing that and it defiantly helped the stress of finals that are coming up this next week.

I chose this color because I thought it would be a nice transition to a more fall color and it isn't so bright for the fall months. When you first glance at it in the bottle it looks like a magnetic polish and holographic polish but it doesn't transfer on the nails just like it looks like. I am a little sad because it looks so pretty in the bottle.

It is a dark navy blue with silver glitter and grey streaks to it. And it has a black base and tint to it. It looks more darker on camera than in person but it is a pretty navy blue color I had been searching for. I would of like it to be a bit more bluer but it is a unique color.

The camera should have picked up the blue more but i think it is a gorgeous dark color. I like the darker colors when i am not so pale. It is still very hot where i live sometimes so Iget a tan pretty easily and then it goes away once the rain starts. I hope i get more use out of it cause it was so easy to put on and I only used 1 coat and then a top coat.

I think this will be a color I will wear for the fall months. I have so many bright colorful polishes for spring and summer but I don't have many for fall.

What is your signature fall color?


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