Sunday Summaries | July 29, 2012

001 | Been working on a lot of course work this week. I have been so busy that I haven't had much time for myself and when I do I'm either asleep or on my laptop for a few minutes to take care of some things. I had my first production this week too so it was stressful for me cause it was my first time. I don't know how well I did but I'll find out soon enough. My other stuff I need to get done is 3 research papers for 3 different classes. I am trying to get them done as soon as possible so I can do other things. Also, midterm exams are coming so i need to revise and study and prepare for that. This is what I get now that I'm a junior in college.

002 | The only fun I have had this week is going to a film festival with some friends. It was my first time there and I was so happy I went picture crazy and just ran wild pretty much. I tend to do that when I am at a new place I like. I will do a separate post on this maybe next week and I'll explain in detail. It was just so pretty there and I just loved it. I was so sad to leave and i will definitely plan to go back there when I get another chance.

003 | My silly doggy visited me this week for 2 days. She pretty much just laid on my bed and relaxed the whole time. i love seeing her she makes a lot of my problems going away. I have had her for 8 years now but she stays with my parents. I feel like she misses me whenever I come home and it just melts your heart when dogs do that. I thought this was such a cute picture even if I have so many in the first place.

I know not very long or not very many pictures but I've had a boring week full of class work. I hope I do better next week and get out of all this extra work.

What is getting you through this week?


Currently Loving | Scooby Doo

I know this is a fashion and beauty blog but I really wanted to post about stuff that I am actually currently loving and this is what I have been loving non-stop this past 2 weeks. If you read my sunday summaries, you will know that Scooby doo has been my obsession lately!

I have watched the old series from my childhood and I have notice more stuff and understand the logic vehind it a little more. As a kid I just enjoyed watching it but when you rewatch it when you're older it starts to make sense and has meaning I never understood before. I thought it was pretty cool and I can't believe I could still remember some of the people behind the costumes. It kind of spoils the fun a little but I love watching the shows for that.

A Pup Named Scooby was always the cutest one to watch because they were little and at the time I was little so it fit more rather than when the other series they were older. This didn't scare me as much as the other ones did so I think that is why I preferred to watch it more. I still sing a long with the intros to all the series cause you cannot watch Scooby Doo with out singing with it.

The newest TV Series they brought out isn't as good as the originals but I cannot hate on Scooby.
I finished half of the 1st season but it is a little more confusing since it is an ongoing show not like before you know who the villan was so it kind of bums me out that I have to watch the next episode to see if they catch the villan. And it is kind of a little grown up version too. I mean the generation who watched this is grown up too but I mean they are talking about love. I love Fred and Daphne together but before they were just crushes and now they are actually boyfriend and girlfriend I mean seriously. I am kind of happy but it throws me off a little since they were never so lovey dovey in the original series. The series is trying new things and I understand that but I have to watch the rest to see cause I am definitely wanting to watch it no matter how bad it is. I just have to keep watching and I'll get used to it.

I don't think I have a favorite TV Series I just love all the Scooby Doo's in general I think they are all great. They were so many shows involving separate characters and then the whole gang which I liked and will always love all of them.

The movies were all awesome! I enjoyed the animated ones more than when they were actually people because it wasn't really the same. I It was strange seeing them as people instead of the cartoon version. But I thought the movies were a little scarier than the TV Show. But I cannot watch Scooby Doo and the Zombie Island. Until now it is so scary and I don't know I can never watch it. I tried but I couldn't I just get those bad memories and nightmares come back to me when I was small.

I just love Scooby and would have to say this was my favorite cartoon! I wasn't that much into the decor stuff but I did love just sitting on the couch and watching Scooby with my teddy bears. I think this show has brought some good memories I had as a child and makes me smile thinking about it.

I think I might make this a regular post on my blog even though I think I have over 5 already. I won't post this very often, I'll just do one whenever there is something I am just in absolutely in love with. I might do it about a fashion iten or a beauty product and another TV show or a movie I just love so much. I did one about a website a while back that you can check out here.

I hope you like my idea and don't think it is too bad. I have seen some that do one every week about products they love but I just want to focus on one thing. And maybe it can be a little review too!

What TV show are you currently loving?


Wish list | Lush Soaps

Lush has become a weakness of mine. I love their products and cannot resist myself from going in to their shop and browse. But when i browse I buy at least something, which is bad when I have low money. Neither the less I am always lurking their sites for different products. I also read many reviews about different products on beauty blogs. Somehow I always want something when I'm through doing my research. The store I always go to is super helpful too and they know me by name now. I guess I am a little addicted since I'm always popping by when I'm at that mall.

01 | Buffy Body Butter
Numerous reviews have convinced me that I need this exfoliate. I love exfoliating products and this has a soft touch to it. It also says it makes your body smoother and softer which I am definitely hoping for. The last time I went in to their shop it felt amazing when I got to touch it and try a sample. Next time this is the first thing I am purchasing.

02 | Poridge Soap
I know another exfoliate type soap but I think I need to stock up on some products to exfoliate with since i have so many scented ones.I hear it is very moisturizing and my skin is in dire need of more moisture since the weather is so weird where I live plus it is very humid and dry so I think that might add to why my skin gets dry easier. The smell is not that bad either I like that it smells like oatmeal well I think because it has oats in it and well the name is porridge. Whenever I think that name it reminds me of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.

03 | Honey I Trapped the Kids Soap
This has an amazing smell! I smelt it in the store and was in heaven. I love sweet scents so this was really pretty to smell. I have the body wash equivalent which is "It's Raining Men" but I think I might pick this soap up the next time I am in Lush. I love the little honeycomb top it has and it looks so realistic because I have seen a real one and it does have similarities but not as much as the actual one. And the name is so cute too! I enjoyed this movie when I was a kid and thought it was the funniest thing ever. I really want to go watch the movie now!

What is a soap you want from Lush right now?


Nails | Inspiration for Nail Art

I really want to get back into nail art lately but just couldn't because I had no idea what design i wanted painted on my nails. So, I went to blogs and pinterest to get some inspiration on nails I can recreate on myself.

I love floral nails and think they are so feminine and I want to try them again. I already tried my version of them. I also tried cupcakes and polka dots and even stripes. But I want to get into the harder more prettier designs if I can. When I get some free time I will definitely start practicing and try some of these designs out!

I'm still trying to learn animal print on paper before I do it on my nails. I think it is a fun trend to try and it looks pretty in a lot of color combination's I have seen. I really want to try it with an ombre background since I have seen many on different blogs and pinterest and tumblr.

Bows are another thing I want to learn to do. They are my signature and I would love to sport them on my nails too! If any of you have any tutorials on how to do a bow that is easy please leave a link. I would love to try it! I have tried before but it was a mess and I messed it up so it looked very funky. I hope I get better because this will be the design i try next when I do my nails. 

Credit goes to pinterest and to the rightful owners of these pictures. I just used them for inspiration nothing more.

If you want to follow me on pinterest my link is below or in my sidebar.

What do you think of nail art?


Sunday Summeries | July 22, 2012

001 | I have been sick for the past 2 weeks with the flu so I didn't feel like doing anything at all. The doctor thought i had a very bad sickness or disease but turns out they were wrong. It was pretty bad since I had a high temperature and my body just hurt like crazy. I was in very bad shape too. I thought i had to go to the hospital which scared me since I hate hospitals with a passion. I finally got over it after being in bed for 2 weeks. My body is better but i am trying not to do much until I get back to my regular self.

002 | I'm sad to say I lost my blogging energy a week before I got sick and then I got the flu so it just made it worst. Maybe because I was doing so much work and couldn't concentrate at all. I also was trying to renovate my blog layout and when I couldn't get it the way I wanted I just gave up and left it alone. Now I am back in the mood to blog and I have some special things planned next month which I will say in a few days once I get everything wrote down and finalized.

003 | I have been in bed like I said and I have been watching various TV shows on my laptop and it has made me feel so much better. I have been watching reruns and getting into new shows that I would have never watched. But my favorite is Scooby doo! I have been just watching any and every Scooby doo episode. And plus I discover there is a new series which I forgot the name but I have never watched it before and it is so fun and brings back some happy childhood memories.

004 | I redid my blog design! I think it is so cute and I am in love with it! I was working on it about 3 weeks ago but after getting sick I just had to stay away from everything to recover. I finally finished it early and i think it turned out great. I still need to change a few things but overall I love it and think it suites me. What do you guys think?

005 | Now that I have gone back to school I have missed so much. I have so many projects and so much work to start on. I don't know if I can catch up right away. The professors understand so I might get an extension which is going to be very helpful. My major subjects have so many things I need to do and they are long term projects so this is bumming me out. I hope I can get through this!

Pretty much a very boring week. Sorry there were no pictures I will definitely try this next week! I might get a new phone so that means I might get instagram soon and it will be easier to do these kind of posts.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends.

What do you do when your sick?

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