Mani Monday | Revlon Nail Polishes

These are my top picks of Revlon nail polishes!

01 | Whimsical
I saw this in the store yesterday and freaked out! I adore this color and words cannot explain how much I love this color! The lines at the department store were miles long that I was discouraged and walked off. Now here I am making a post about this lovely color. Next time I see I am definitely buying this no matter what. I think this is just a perfect spring color right now and I just love the glitter in it. I love the big colorful chunks. 

02 | Sunshine Sparkle
I love yellow clothes and this polish looked so pretty in the bottle when i skimmed through. It didn't catch my eye at first glance but it grew on me as I kept passing it. I saw the swatch and thought it looked opaque enough but it took some coats the lady told me. I might pick this up if i see it again because pale yellow would look great this season.

03 | Peachy Posh
I love a light pink and peachy color and this was the only color they had available that fit my description. I wanted something a little more peach but it did look pretty on the swatch. It would be good for school days where I don't want as much color or brightness on my nails.  

04 | Minted
Again still searching for a nice mint color! I will try every brand if I have to and i might too. I saw many swatches but this is never in stores when I go. The lady there says it has been popular this season but they are getting some in soon.

What Revlon nail polish gets you excited?



Sunday Summaries | April 29, 2012

Been a laid back week and I have just spent my week with my family the most traveling with our new car. Very random this week and not many pictures since I really didn't have anything too interesting.

01 | I tried taking a picture of a cute dog but it turned out to be a stop motion picture so this is what happened. We were in a resort place enjoying some sun. It is definitely summer and the heat is increasing everyday. It isn't that bad indoors but outside is super humid!

02 |  My keychain is so cute! It was a gift from a friend and I think it speaks so much about me. I love the color and the print. It is a pretty high heel with a cute teal and turquoise pattern! And yes that is my parent's dog sleeping while we are parked at a rest stop. I was in charge of taking care of her while they were out stretching their legs. She is so cute and so loving. I'll make sure to add her to one of my sunday summaries soon!

03 | My cousin bought me Nutella since he knows I love it so much! I can go through this stuff like crazy so when he saw a huge bottle like this he picked it up. He is so sweet and I can't wait to see him again. I haven't opened it yet but when I do I'm afraid what will happen! I love the stuff but mostly eat it alone or on bread. If you know any recipes with this stuff definitely share I'd love to try something different.

04 | My family stopped at a Burger King to eat but I don't eat meat so I had fries and apple juice. The best part was my Hershey pie. I miss eating this so I enjoyed every bite. It has been so long since I had Burger King but ever since i decided to give up meat I cannot really eat there. The drinks we got were huge and I couldn't finish mine but took it home and the rest are still in the fridge from Saturday. 

My giveaway ends in 2 days so I hope you enter to get a chance to win. Also I cannot believe I have 175 followers already. I love seeing fashionxfairytales grow!

What did you do this week?



Fashion Finds | One-piece Swimsuits

I really wanted to do a summer theme for my fashion finds today! I am in need of a new bathing suit and since I am going to a water park in a couple of days it would be best to get new swimwear.

I have had a few tankini's these past few years and I am a little tired of it. I really adore them and think they are flattering for me but to be honest I want a change. I haven't had a one-piece swimsuit in over 5 years so I would love to get a cute one like one of the styles above.

The colors! I really want a turquoise or mint green. If I cannot find one i will choose hot pink or a bold print. I have a picture of what i want in my head but still haven't really seen my options but at the store I will definitely make up my mind. I am so excited, it has been so long since I went bathing suit shopping and i cannot wait to pick one and to wear it.

Next week I might feature my new swimsuit in fashion finds!

What swimsuit do you wear regularly?




Friday Favorites | 04.27.12

Favorite Makeup Product | Volumizing Mascara
I use this mascara on lazy days and it does it job. It may not be a favorite but i used it many times this week since i forgot my regular mascara.

Favorite Hair Product | Aussie Moist Shampoo
A new shampoo I bought and i think it is pretty good. i have dry hair but I haven't seen miracle results but it does leave my hair a little softer.

Favorite Skin Product | The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter
Been using this again as I forgot where I put it. It was featured in my monthly favorites before and I love the smell of this stuff!

Favorite Website | Twitter
Again, this has been my favorite website before but i cannot help but use it. It passes boredom and I found so many things to do like beauty chats and meet new people and find out about new blogs too!

Favorite Song | We are Young - Fun
I heard it on Glee since there was a marathon a few days ago and I searched the original and I thought it was a fun upbeat song. I don't know which one I like better though, the cover or original. Both are good and i just like it. 

Favorite TV Show |The Vampire Diaries
I love this show too much. I love the thrills and story line and think it's way better than Twilight. I love the characters and i wait up for it every week. I sometimes go to bed 2 in the morning waiting for this show so you can tell I'm dedicated!

What did you enjoy this week?




Outfit | just a day goes by while taking pictures

| blouse // Robinson's | leggings // Walmart | tank top // Forever 21 | bag // Cath Kidston | shoes // Payless Shoes | bow // Rosie's Boutique |

So, this is my first outfit of the day in a while. I have a few up but really haven't concentrated on these types of posts. I got some inspiration from a twitter chat and I got some confidence to post another outfit of the day.

I went to the City Hall today with my family because my mother was elected an officer of the town's village. I was the photographer since I'm the only one in the family who can take a decent picture. My father was the one who took some videos and I might get stuck to edit it since I have advanced editing software on my laptop. I did enjoy listening to the mayor's speech. It was my first time to be near a political figure or someone in such high power! I was inches away and got to photograph him while he talked to the elected officers.

After the ceremony, we went out to lunch and just had a family day. I went to the mall with my father and bought a few things with his money. Oh, I'm such a daddy's girl. When we got home we started editing pictures and compiling everything including the videos for later on when I'm not too busy. I am so proud that my mother wants to help the community and I hope she enjoys it!

Today was pretty calm and I enjoyed being with my family. Even if it was such a hot summer day everything went according to plan. I love days like these, there just so much fun and relaxing.

What do you think of my OOTD? And should I do more?




Wish list | Makeup Brushes

01 | Real Techniques Stippling Brush
I have been on a look out for a good quality stippling brush and after seeing plenty of reviews on this brush I've added to a wish list to make it official. I'm still debating on which one I want because I have narrowed it down to this and the ELF one but this is pink and it does seem good quality even if it is maybe a few dollars more. Besides I love pink and this would look great on my vanity.i have a few occasions to wear a full face of makeup and I want an airbrush look. Reviews have said this is amazing so I want to try it.

02 | Real Techniques Powder Brush
It may seem like I have quite a few powder brushes now but I haven't found one that I truly love. Powder brushes I would have to say are my favorite. I hardly wear foundation everyday to class because for one I am far too lazy, two it will make me even later to a lecture than I am now and three I find it far too complex for a day of classes which consists of writing and focusing on other things than socialization and looking like you are off to a club. I love to look dolled up myself but class isn't all for show and I just don't think those girls really understand that. Okay rant over, I think pressed powder or a powder foundation is more my look right now so powder brushes are definitely a most for my everyday routine.

03 | Real Techniques Blush Brush
I love saying blush brush out loud, it seems so weird and it just makes me happy I don't know why. I wear minimal blush as well but i have started putting on more and more lately. I'm not a fan of angled blush brushes but I love the shape of this one. I read a lot of reviews on this brush too and I have seen that the whole brush collection is just amazing and I should have just put every brush on my wish list.

What is your favorite brush at the moment?




Review | Nivea Lip Balms

| Fruity Shine Strawberry | Fruity Shine Cherry | Soft Rose |

Product | Nivea Lip Balms

Packaging | It comes in a white lipstick twist tube.

Colors | Fruity Shine Strawberry, Fruity Shine Cherry, Soft Rose

Price | 80.00php // $1.87

Description (from Nivea) |

The new formula of NIVEA Lip Balms makes your lips delicious, kissing them with a fruity-fresh taste. This lip balm covers your lips with glossy shine, over a subtle, red-toned glow. Rich almond oil, jojoba oil and shea butter keep your lips as soft and fresh as they can be!
  • Delights young delicate lips with fruity scent and smoothing, long lasting care
  • Naturally enhances your lips with shimmering pigments and a soft glossy colour 
  • Contains SPF 10, protection against UVA and UVB rays
Rating |  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Thoughts |
These lip balms are extremely moisturizing and give a nice sheen color. It makes my lips feel quite soft too.

The pigmentation's aren't that great but they are more of a lip balm and a lip shine all together. The most pigmented is the Cherry giving off a nice berry red color. As for Strawberry it is a light red and more a pink  tone that isn't as noticeable as the Cherry. And for the Soft Rose, I was hoping it would be like the shade in the tube but on my lips and swatch they were a light pink and not as pigmented as I'd want.

They are very glossy and give a nice shine once on the lips and have a slight shimmer as well. And what's great about it is that it offers a hint of color with lip care and sun protection. It is also pretty affordable and available in most local drugstores. It goes on smooth and is not overly shiny but leaves my lips looking pretty with just the right amount of color and shine which are perfect for those lazy days where you don't want to wear as much makeup.  

The scents are very nice too. The cherry again is the most scented and once you open it you can smell the scent right away. The strawberry too smells delicious and once on the lips both lip balms still lingers on your lips. The Soft Rose wasn't as scented as the other two but has a rosey flower scent when  it is opened.

As for application they apply smoothly and if you want a little more pigmentation add a few more layers. Being a lip balm, it does not last for ages and I had to reapply throughout the day.

Overall, I love this product and it is a good lip balm. I'd definitely collect all the scents and colors once I run into the drugstore again.

Disclaimer: I bought this product with my own money and no way affiliated with this company. All my opinions are my own.

What do you think of these lip balms?




Blog Award | Liebster Award

I can't believe I got nominated for a blog award. I have seen them floating around on other peoples blog but never knew I would get one.

The Rules |
1 | Thank your 'Liebster' blog award presenter on your blog.
2 | Link back to the blogger who awarded you
3 | Copy and paste the blog award to your blog.
4 | Reveal your top 5 blog picks.
5 | Drop by your top 5 picks and let them know that you chose them by commenting on your blog




Sunday Summeries | April 22, 2012

Welcome to Sunday summaries birthday edition. I mostly spent my week planning and just doing nothing. I treated myself to relaxation and just anything and everything that involves me. I really enjoyed my day and took it easy. Since last year I had a huge celebration I rested and just went out once to go and party. On my birthday I just traveled around and saw some sights I never seen with the family then we ate cake. It was pretty simple.

01  | This was a big purchase. my parents bought a car for me! It was kind of overwhelming for me since I have never driven a car before and this was just so great to get.  I am learning and I might just have the family driver take me around but it is so much fun to learn how. I feel even more independent.

02 | My cake was so good. I tweeted about it several times. I loved the chocolate and it tasted so divine. I want to go out and buy another one! I also had vanilla ice cream with it making it even more yummy!

03 | I really adored my hair throughout my birthday celebration. I used my big foam rollers which was featured in a Sunday summaries 2 weeks ago. they turned out to be amazing big curls. I wanted a wavy look but I guess this is what my hair wants. It did turn to waves when the curl fel but it looked good both ways.

Very short post today since I have an appointment very earlier tomorrow plus I meet up with my parents to go to somewhere special but don't know where yet. I'm looking forward to it.

My giveaway is still open and only 60 have entered. It may be you who wins!

And it wouldn't be a Sunday summaries without thanking my 125 followers. The past weeks the numbers have gotten high and higher and I thank you so much. It gives me inspiration to write blog posts everyday!




Fashion Finds | Bow Shorts

Since summer is almost here I love wearing shorts out because they are the most comfortable and coolest thing to wear in the hot weather. I saw a few pairs at the mall and department stores but they were all either too short or just not my type to wear. At a little boutique I came across shorts with a bow around the waist. I thought they were the cutest thing because I am such a big fan of bows. So since then I have been trying to find what I call "bow shorts."

They go with a lot of t-shirts and can even be dressed up which I like and I could use it for a dinner with family with the right amount of time and style to make it a little more formal. I want to bows to show so I suggest tucking in the blouse a little or if not just try to wear a semi-short blouse to keep the bow on the outside.

I wasn't going to do what I did last week on fashion finds but I didn't have time. The styling would have taken me forever and i wouldn't have got it up on time. I am so glad that it was a hit and I do wish I have time to do the different styling but since it was my birthday I am trying to take it easy. It was a lot of work to put together but I enjoyed each and every part of it that is what the joys of blogging is for me. 

What do you think of bows on shorts?




19 on the 19th | Preparation Celebration

| On the way to the venue | My foam rollers still in for the trip | The after effects of the curlers | My birthday face of the day | The venues outside sign | The entrance on the way in | The palm trees before we leave | The mango cake | The after results of the desserts |

Instead of a Friday favorites this week I wanted to show you more pictures of my birthday. Some pictures were mixed but I fixed it now. This was on the Wednesday before where I did some more celebrating! I went out with some friends to a bar type place for some food and entertainment. They had a band and they sang happy birthday to me. How sweet of them to tell the band. When we went to another friend's who couldn't come with us we went over and had some cake and ice cream.

The rest of my birthday from Thursday will be up on my Sunday summaries because I have so many pictures anyways. Hope you enjoyed!

Where is your favorite place to celebrate?


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