Friday Favorites | 11.23.12

Favorite Makeup Product | Revlon Photo ready Pressed Powder
I haven't worn foundation lately and I have been using a pressed powder. I like it and it leaves a nice finish. I just have to apply it throughout the day but I'm fine with it.

Favorite Hair Product | Lush No Drought
I only used this a few times since I bought it. But recently I have been using it even more because I have been very busy. I like it so far and will be doing a review on it soon.

Favorite Skincare Product | Lush Ocean Salt
Another Lush product i know! My skin has been a tad bit dry and I used this to exfoliate. I forgot how much I liked this. I don't know why I stopped using it for a while. I need to stock up though since I'm running out. I so need to repurchase this the next time I'm at Lush.

Favorite Website | Blogger
I have organized all my posts and I have changed my blog layout. I am so happy that I got to post a lot this month so that is why it has been my favorite site. I'm surprised I had so much unwanted draft posts from a while ago I got rid of. Plus I got all done with my layout and plus I designed all by scratch. I am getting more good at HTML and I am enjoying it.

Favorite TV Show | Once Upon a Time
Again, I am in love with this series. Since I've been concentrating more on my classes and doing my studies I have missed a few weeks of this show. And I hate to admit that I've been neglecting this show to watch Revenge. So since I had 3 unwatched episodes to watch I sat down yesterday and caught up. It made me fall in love again and I missed watching.

Favorite Song | Stay Stay Stay - Taylor Swift
Yet again, another Taylor Swift song. I don't know yet which is my favorite album from her but this is close competition with Speak Now. I like this one in particular because its just so fun and plus it's so cute. All the songs on the album are good. I hope next week I can find some new songs!

What did you start loving this week?


What I'm Thankful For in 2012


Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to post about the things I was thankful for this year. I may be going through a rough patch in my life but i am trying to push through and try to remember what I am thankful for this past year.

01 | Being with my family
I am blessed to be with my family on the upcoming holidays

02 | Having the passion to go on
If I didn't strive I wouldn't accomplish so much this year

03 | For being the best we can be
I am glad that I can try my best and become a great person

04 | The life I have
I am thankful that I have a nice life and I shouldn't taken for granted and I should appreciate it more.

05 | My pets 
I love my pets as much as I love my family and they are my family. They always put a smile on my face.

These are the things I am thankful for. I know it is not much and there can be other things to be thankful for but I think these match me just right. it is a short post but I just wanted to do this since today is one of my favorite holidays.

I hope you enjoy this holiday with whom ever no matter if you celebrate or not.

What are you thankful for this year?


Wish List | Fall Nail Polish

I love fall colors and since it is almost ending I have to appreciate the colors a little longer before I break out my Christmas collections and colors to wear all throughout December.

Essie Good as Gold |
I have been loving gold lately and I really want a good gold polish. I saw this one and fell in love with it. I have heard so many great things about this brand and I really want to try a lot of their colors out. I hope i get to pick some up soon! 

Revlon Spanish Moss |
I've seen this in stores and really wanted to try it but I am having some hard time trying to convince myself that i need it. I might just cave in and do it though. I want to go out of my comfort zone and just try new bold colors and i think now is the right time to do that. 

China Glaze Grape Pop |
Purple was my favorite color for almost half my life, I have only liked 3 colors in my whole lifetime so I always love to go back to them. I saw this one and thought it was so pretty. I love bold purple colors and thought this could go great with a lot of my outfits. I'm starting to get back into darker colors so this one would be perfect.

What fall nail polish is on your wish list?


Review | St. Ives Apriocot Scrub

Product | St. Ives Apricot Scrub

Packaging | It comes in a plastic white tub and it dispense product even and with control. It is simple and basic but it does do its job.

Price | 239.99php // $5.77

Description (from St. Ives) |
From America's #1 Scrub brand, this award-winning Apricot Scrub deep cleans, instantly leaving skin smooth and glowing. Exfoliates to reveal smooth, radiant skin.

Rating |  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Thoughts |
I have featured this in my favorites so many times that I had to write a review on it finally.

This does so well for my skin. It leaves it feeling soft and refresh after every use. I use it every other day since my skin is a little on the sensitive side but it still does good for my face. I have oily/combination skin if you were wondering. I sometimes go through dry patches but this still takes cares of it.

I have tried other scrubs for me but this one is by far my favorite and does a lot of wonders for my skin. It always cleans and leaves my skin extra soft. I don't know if there is any negatives I could say about it but the smell isn't as nice as other scrubs I've tried. I do like everything else about it but the smell. It isn't overpowering or anything but it isn't very attractive.

Overall, I think it is a great product for me and it is a nice cheap cleanser that wont break my budget. I have fallen in love with this stuff and I recommend you try it if you want a new scrub to try.

What is your favorite scrub?

Disclaimer: I bought this product with my own money and no way affiliated with this company. All my opinions are my own. 



Blog Award | Versatile Blogger Award

The Rules |
1 | Nominate 15 fellow bloggers
2 | Inform the bloggers of their nominations
3 | Share 7 random facts about yourself
4 |Thank the blogger who nominated you
5 | Add the Versatile Blogger Award to your blog post

Random Facts |

01 | I was a ballet and tap dancer for 15 years.
02 | I speak 3 languages fluently.
03 | I've been in love with the same boy for 6 years now.
04 | I'm a vegetarian and I have been for the past 6 months.
05 | I love chocolate cake but I hate chocolate ice cream. I know very weird.
06 | I'm really good at creating stories and I can finish 1 in a day.
07 | I still buy coloring books and color them in.

What random thing do you love about yourself?


Sunday Summaries | November 18, 2012

| bought a new bow | found my favorite headband | new mini teddy bear book | 
| yummy strawberry ice cream cone | started watching Revenge | aftermath of taking blog photos | 
| dunkin' dounut for breakfast | went to go see Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 | dream wedding cake |

01 | I haven't done anything very interesting this week. I did some cleaning up so I found some things I was missing. I also bought a cute bow at my favorite accessory shop the other day to add to my collection of bows. The notebook was bought to keep track of my cars records. I like keeping organized and saw this cute notebook and i needed a reason to buy it so I just keep it in my car.

02 | Started watching Revenge and I fell in love! It is such a great show and it has been keeping me busy for days now. I finally got caught up and have been following along now that i have watched all the episodes. I have been loving this ice cream. I always buy one when i head to that grocery store which is bad but i don't go food shopping all the time. For some reason there was a burst of inspiration in me to take blog pictures the other day. I usually am to lazy and just not taking so many of them. I am so happy i got it done and I have a lot stocked up so I have more scheduled posts coming! That wasn't even half of the products I took pictures of. This was the second batch and i had to put the others back since my small place can't handle all of them and plus my desk was a mess afterward.

03 | So  I went to the mall with my dad yesterday to pick up his close friend. I do not know why we met him at the mall but it was the closets to both our houses. He treated me to some doughnuts and I was craving some for days. I ended up not eating them all so I took some home with me. I didn't get a coffee but i did get some orange juice which has been a morning drink for me lately. Later on that day I went back and watched Breaking Dawn. I don't want to say anything about it right now so I'll leave that for later. I saw such a pretty cake when i was leaving the theater. I told myself it would be my wedding cake someday!

04 | I haven't had a great week. I've had some personal problems and I do not want to talk about it. I am so stressed out and I don't know what to do anymore. I want to say more but I did mentions some things in the past on my blog. Things aren't looking up and I feel like everything is getting worse. I am debating a big decision at the same time so it is getting me down inside. I have been putting my energy in blogging because it seems like if I occupy my mind i feel better. Well, I should stop before i tear up again. And thanks for the concern in my other personal posts it does make me smile a little more each time.

What have you been looking forward to this week?


Fashion Finds | Ankle Booties

I have taken a real liking to these lately. I have never noticed them before but now I have seem to be falling in love. I am trying new things with my style and these shoes are definitely making it to my list of fashion items. They seem so cute and very dressy which I adore in shoes and plus they seem to have such nice styles to them. I love shoes more than any other clothing item and trying new shoes are always so fun for me.

My favorite is the classic black one because it just seems so simple and could go with everything. I don't know why they are all velvet material but I know velvet is becoming a trending fall piece so I guess it worked out great for this post. They all are such nice neutral colors which all my shoes are at the moment but they do give a nice touch.

What is your most daring shoe?


Friday Favorites | 11.16.12

Favorite Makeup Product | Nivea Cherry Lip Tint
Since the weather is changing my lips have been getting chapped again. I hate that and i usually tend to bite my lips even more when I have dry skin so I needed the breakout a lip balm. I couldnt find mine as always but I did find this again in a hand bag so Ive been using it. I like that it gives a little color so I get nice pretty lips for the day.

Favorite Haircare Product | Tresemme Volume Mousse
I used this mousse as a young preteen and I found it in store recently and I fell in love again. It is definitely my favorite out of many I tried and it doesn't have a strong scent to it which is always good for me. 

Favorite Skincare Product | Dove Burst Soap
I bought this soap a few weeks ago and I love the smell. I wanted to use a bar soap again instead of liquid and body wash so i randomly picked it up. It does its job and it smells amazing so its a good purchase. 

Favorite Website | Youtube
Since I went back to school, I can't catch up on my daily YouTube videos like I did on my 3 week break. I usually get up way early and go home real late so I'm too tired to do anything on the Internet unless it's my assignments. Well getting to the point, I have some free time during the day and I watch on the YouTube app on my iPhone. I think it is better and I can get caught up easily.

Favorite TV Show | Revenge
This show is very hard to watch and that's a good thing! I'm always only seat and it always does twisty tricks and I love that. I fell in love by the middle of the first season. I apart quit but I'm glad I didn't. I like that it's something new and that I am entertained. Its way different from the show I featured last week but I like them both.

Favorite Song | Taylor Swift - Begin Again
I will probably have this album as my friday favorites for a while. I love her while album and that has been what's been playing on my iPhone all last week and this week. All the songs are amazing and she did a great job.

What has your Friday been like?


Fall into Fall Fashion

This is by far my favorite outfit I have designed. I usually never fall in love with an outfit to actually search the internet for the exact same one. The whole thing is very pretty and my style and I would love to wear it.

I am starting to get attracted to rose gold even more now so I based my outfit around that. I first started with the sweater than moved to the bag and then the shoes and lastly the jewelry. I wanted it all to match since I am very perfectionist like that.

The jumper is just the right color and the detailing on the shoulder is so fun. I love embellished tops and this one caught my eye right away. It is so perfect and such a nice piece for the cold and perfect for fall and winter. i just used regular black leggings because it fit more with the jumper and plus I love the combination of the two.

The shoes are so cool. I have been getting into this type of shoe and Ive been pairing it with different styled outfits lately. I love the rose gold detailing on the back and since their spikes it makes it more edgy but not too bold for my taste. I was originally going to use boots but these seemed very fitting and they do look like little boots.

The bag is a satchel which I have been sporting a lot lately myself and I thought this went perfectly with the color of the jumper. It is such a pretty bag and the style of it is just my taste.

As for the jewelry, I wanted a mix of all the metals which is odd for me. I usually only like one type of metal and I want them to all match. Im kind of liking them all mixed together and they compliment each other. I really like what i picked to pair with the outfit.

I honestly cant say which is my favorite piece from this outfit. I usually have just one piece I love in general but it seems so hard with this choice.

What is your dream fall outfit?


Wish list | Scarves

Fringed Cable Knit Scarf |
This one is a traditional scarf I have seen growing up. I actually never owned one so I really wanted one. The color is so pretty and I like that it is traditional for the winter weather. Overall I think it is such a pretty scarf and I have a lot of clothes that will match it. 

Heavy Embellished Scarf |
I love embellishments on my scarf because the add some detail to your outfit. I usually don't wear jewelry in the winter and just wear scarves as my accessory. I like that it isn't too overdone and it isn't too little. I love the color of it too and it is a very nice neutral colored scarf. 

Multi-Colored Fuzzy Scarf |
I remember I had a scarf like this when i was a preteen! I used to wear it with everything and even when it didn't really match my outfit. I used to love it to pieces and I would love when it got cold so i could wear it non stop. When i saw this one it brought back some good memories so I had to put it in my wish list.

What type of scarf do you like to wear?


Empties | My First Empties Post

Nivea Whitening Foam |
I had used this everyday when I had swim in gym class. I still used it every other day since then but now sad that I used it all up and all I have are the little travel pouches to take with me. It was a good cleanser and it left my skin smooth and dirt free. It didn't really gets whiter and I wasn't trying to but I wanted to clear up and give myself and brightening cleanser.

Herbal Essence None of Your Frizzness Conditioner |
I go through conditioners faster than the shampoo for some reason. I have at least less than how of the matching shampoo left in my bathroom right now. I always seem to use a little bit more conditioner so I see why. I love this stuff and I don't know if it is me or what but I do see improvements on my frizziness when I use this. 

VO5 Volumizing Mousse |
I don't really know when I finish up my mousses but I can totally tell I finished up this one. This is the first mousse I ever finished so I'm quite proud of myself for sticking to one mousse and finishing it up so that their wont be any left. It was pretty good and i like how it gave my hair a gloss of a finish when i put it into my hair. 

Dove Frizz Control Cream |
I love this as a smoothing cream for when my curls have been a day old. It smooths them out and leaves it less frizzy throughout the day. I apply a generous amount so maybe that is why I went through it fairly quick but since I have a lot of hair and plus it is very big and poofy it lasted for quite a while. I think I used it for 2 months before I had to retire it. 

What did you finish up lately?



Fall into Fall Nail Polish

I wanted to do a fall nail polish post because the collections are so pretty this year. I really like the colors and they are so different to polishes I own. I just picked 3 I loved the most.

Essie Stylenomics |
This is my favorite of the three and I want to buy all the colors in this collection. They are so nice for the season and I could wear them for Christmas too so that is a plus.
The colors below have such cute names too!
Colors: Miss Fancy Pants, Recessionista, Stylenomics, Head Mistress, Don’t Sweater It, Skirting the Issue

Nicole by OPI |
These are colors that I didn't see in fall before. They are very pretty and I love the purples the most in this set. The names of the polishes are also very matching for the color!
Colors: Mer-Maid for Each Other, For Gold Times Sake, Iris My Case, Just Busta Mauve, If the Blue Fits

Orly Fired Up |
This collection is my second favorite! I love the colors because they remind me fire and darker trees. I love the gold one the most because I like cold nail polishes in the fall time. The names aren't that unique but they do go along well with the color! 

Colors: Flare, Flicker, Glow, Ignite, Rapture, Smolder

What collection do you want the most?


Sunday Summaries | November 11, 2012

| on the way to the mountains | 
| funny coke cans we passed while driving | 
| I took a picture with a cow because how often do you see one this close | 
| the view of the volcano and the lake from a high mountain top |

I decided not to do a instagram post this week but show you some pictures I took when my large family and I went up to my parent's summer house in the mountains. This was kind of part two of their 31st wedding anniversary which was last week. They both wanted to spend it with family instead of just us so it was a fun weekend.

We traveled around the town in 2 large vans and went sight seeing after having a picnic in the mountain tops outside my parents backyard. There were so many vegetables and fruit growing all around us and the breeze was so heavenly that day and since it was very hot like a summer day it was nice to have some wind come through.

While we spent time at the house we saw so much wildlife because it really isn't a city or a subdivision. There were goats and chickens and as you can see in the picture some cows. I got so close to one and I was scared yet so happy. The cows were very nice but we couldn't get to close so that was the closest I could get. It was so neat seeing animal in the open. I love animals so it was fun being and talking with them and not seeing them in zoos or in captivity. 

After being on the road for 2 hours we arrived at a beautiful beach and just walked in the sand for a few minutes. It was such a nice day and the water was so blue. I didn't take any pictures because I forgot my phone in the car and i didn't want to walk so far to get it when we were just going to be there for a few minutes. It was sort of a detour to where we were actually headed which was a volcano in the middle of the lake.

When we arrived at the lake we just admired the sites and took pictures. It was a good day and i enjoyed myself. I was glad I got to go on a short vacation again because it is fun and it was a lot funner that our whole family went and did something together. My family doesn't do things very often and we are far from perfect but for once it was a nice thing we could do. I hope we do this again in the near feature and do more things together.

I took all the pictures with my iphone. I do have some on my slr but they were mostly videos so I used my phone. I'm surprised that they turned out to be nice quality pictures. I hope its okay with you and since I didn't want to instagram any of it they have no filters to them or anything. I hope you enjoyed this weeks sunday summaries.

What do you do with your family on vacation?


Fashion Finds | Little Black Dress

So I have a formal dinner party coming up with someone very special to me and I thought I should wear a little black dress. I don't have one yet and so I thought I should do a fashion finds on it. I haven't been to one in so long and honestly I am so unsure of what I need to think about for that day. I don't know if I should be too formal or play it safe with a semi-formal piece. I have no idea what I want but I have some ideas in mind like the ones above.

01 | Edgy & Glamorous
The dress gave off a very edgy vibe so I had to pair it with red. And since I have been loving red a little too much lately (maybe because of Taylor Swift's album) I love the lace and the peplum of the dress which is so pretty and makes it even more dark and mysterious. The clutch is so cute with this dress and I love the floppy bow it has on it. My favorite would have to be the earrings and the shoes. The shoes make it even more edgy because they are booties. I always wanted a pair like these too so i picked them. The earrings are so pretty and very elegant for the outfit to put it all together.

02 | Casual & Cute
This one is very laid back and cute. I was thinking I shouldn't go all out and just be the most awkward human being there but I do like this outfit very much. I choose everything to be simple and have very little details so it wouldn't attract attention. I love that the dress gives off the effect to so it all blends together. I love the shoes but my favorite is the earrings. I love them so much and really want to find a pair of my own.

03 | Elegant & Formal
This one is very formal and I feel it can be such an elegant outfit for something special. I wouldn't wear this for the occasion I am going to but I do want to wear it  to something else like a wedding. I really wanted to have a gold theme with this outfit just like the red to have some pops of color because I love color and hate wearing all black or extreme amounts of dark color on. The shoes are definitely a pretty touch because i have almost the same exact ones which I wore to my debutant ball a year ago. They were gold and sparkly like this one.

04 | Simple & Girly
I know I am very girly and have a girly style so I wanted to express myself with this outfit. I love the pink I added and the feel of light colors even if the season is different. My favorite part of the whole thing is the shoes. I love the details and the color of it. I love the style of this dress because it is classic and a nice cut. I love dresses like these so I might pick one up for my night but all the rest are so pretty too. I just have to see which I will end up getting.

What kind of little black dress do you have?

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