I've been looking for a new handbag since mine seems to be getting worn out. I kind of have a bag I want in my head and these are the three that look some what similar to what I want to buy. I didn't really want one that looks exactly like a satchel but a more unstructured bag.

01 | Floral Padlock Bow Bag
This is very girly and I think it is lovely. I love the design and the color but I don't know if this could be an everyday bag for me. It may be big enough but it might be too pretty and classy for an every day basis with what I do.

02 | Metal Tip Satchel
This one might be something I buy. I want a simple black bag that can go with most outfits and is big enough to carry basic things and a large notebook. I love the design of this one and think it is very cute. I would really love a bag like this and it would be nice to try a black bag since i haven't owned one in a while. 

03 | Floral Cut-Out Bowler bag
I find this one quite good for everyday too. I never had a bag this color so this would be a lovely piece to add to my collections of various handbags already.  The details on the front give it a feminine touch which I love in this bag. It is so hard for me to make a decision.

What handbag is on your list?