Sunday Summaries | August 19, 2012

Sorry I couldn't post pictures today but I really wanted to do a Sunday summaries post to tell you about my week.

01 | This past week has been midterms week so I didn't do too much. I mostly spent my days reviewing and looking over notes and previous exam questions. I hope i do well, seeing that I spent more time revising on my works that I had done for each class. Plus, other exams of mine were practical meaning I wouldn't have to take a test but do an elaborate project.

02 | I'm happy that I have a long weekend this week!. My classes resume on Wednesday so I get Sunday-Tuesday off and I am spending my days finishing some projects, writing some blog posts, watching more TV because I can't get enough and just trying to relax after all the exams and work I did.

03 | I have more exciting things planned for this week. I am doing more projects for classes and then I have something exciting planned. I don't have much to do so I get to focus my time on the internet and going places. I don't know what else I'll be doing but I am already planning my days so I spend my time wisely!

It was such a boring week but some things were eventful. I will have some pictures up in next week's Sunday summaries so it will be more entertaining to read through what i will be up to.

What do you do on a long weekend?


Fashion Finds | High-Low Skirts

This week's fashion finds is high low skirts. I wanted to do my last sort of summer item because fall is coming and I can't wait for some other fun clothes to wear. I always wanted a skirt like this but I do have a dress that I designed myself which I got done I think 3 years ago for my 16th birthday and they weren't really popular back then. I am glad they finally caught on because it is such a fun skirt and can be dressed up in a lot of ways.

01 | Classical and Neutral
I thought this would be a nice outfit to wear when your not sure of these kind of skirts. It is very simple and very neutral which is great for a lot of occasions. I love the top and it matched the skirt perfectly for me. The accessories were light and i wanted to keep the colors a little more matchey to give the outfit a cute effect. I would so love to wear this to classes one day.

02 | Modern and Bright
This is the most bold out of all 4 and I think it is a perfect summer outfit out. I don't think i would ever wear it in any season but summer. I love the color of the skirt and I thought a floral top would compliment the color. It is very light and the color scheme is very bright and bold. I thought the white would be a nice contrasting color and white looks good with the outfit.

03 | Glam and Edgy
This is for the non-girly people but they do want a little frill in their outfit. I would love to wear something like this on an evening out. I didn't want to have all black so I added some gray and some gold to give it a more pop of color like what the skirt is doing to. The top's detail is very fun and lace is making it seem more dramatic which i like in an outfit.

04 | Boho and Chic
I think this is my favorite and would love to wear it. I wanted to try a bohemian theme and country girl with this and it turned out pretty good. The peplum top adds more definition to the flowy skirt and i think it would make a fun combination to pair together. The hat and shoes give it the top and skirt a pop of color. I love the color scheme of this set because it is so neutral but stands out.

What would you pair with high-low skirts?


Wish list | Handbags

I've been looking for a new handbag since mine seems to be getting worn out. I kind of have a bag I want in my head and these are the three that look some what similar to what I want to buy. I didn't really want one that looks exactly like a satchel but a more unstructured bag.

01 | Floral Padlock Bow Bag
This is very girly and I think it is lovely. I love the design and the color but I don't know if this could be an everyday bag for me. It may be big enough but it might be too pretty and classy for an every day basis with what I do.

02 | Metal Tip Satchel
This one might be something I buy. I want a simple black bag that can go with most outfits and is big enough to carry basic things and a large notebook. I love the design of this one and think it is very cute. I would really love a bag like this and it would be nice to try a black bag since i haven't owned one in a while. 

03 | Floral Cut-Out Bowler bag
I find this one quite good for everyday too. I never had a bag this color so this would be a lovely piece to add to my collections of various handbags already.  The details on the front give it a feminine touch which I love in this bag. It is so hard for me to make a decision.

What handbag is on your list?


Currently Loving | My Strawberry Body Butter

I have been loving my Body Butter from The Body Shop. Mine is the strawberry one and it is amazing. The scent is great and the texture is smooth and creamy. It is nice and moisturizing and leaves my skin soft and smelling lovely.

I love using it in the afternoon before i head to class i rub it on my hands and sometimes my legs. I just mostly use it after I take a shower or bath at night. It lasts longer in the evening for me and I'm unsure if it helps me sleep or I just got used to the smell and it makes me more relaxed.

The scent is amazing and I find myself opening up my beauty cabinet to just smell it or when I need something out of it my hands just reach over and open it. I love strawberry scents and since I was little that is the scent i have always choose. I think that is why I feel in love with the scent because it brought back my childhood memories of the lotions and other stuff my mom used on me.

The container it comes in is so cute. I'm torn between finishing it up to use it but then again that means I wouldn't be able to use the product if its gone. It is kind of bulky to take with me but i love how it sits in my beauty cabinet.

I really want to go pick up another one once I head to the mall next time. I kind of like them better than lotions but maybe because I haven't found a lotion I have fallen in love with yet. I think the Body  Shop products are quite good and I find myself going back to get samples.

What Body Butter scent is your favorite?


Nails | Sequin Lover

| BNC Grey |
| China Glaze Non Yellowing Top Coat |
| Craft Sequins |

I thought I should do my nails again because I haven't painted them for 2 weeks and I neglected my chipped almost gone nail polish. Since I haven't done my nails in a while I forgot how easy for me it is to paint them. It took me 5 minutes for my left hand and maybe 7 for my right. The drying didn't take to long this time either so I might be doing my nails a lot more now like I did before.

I just had these sequins lying in my craft box and I thought it would be fun to stick on my nails. I didn't want to concentrate on designing something on my nails and i didn't wanted to waste my little gems and nail stickers so this would be a fun alternative.

The were pretty simple to do! I just painted my nails with my base color and on the finger I wanted the sequin. I just applied my top coat to the back of the sequin and placed it on the wet nail polish and before it dried I pushed it in place where I wanted it. 

I have finally found a great place to take my pictures of my nails and I hope my photography is improving! I am taking a class on photography right now for my major and I have learned a lot of stuff from it. I have been practicing and taking more blog pictures so I hope you like the quality and I hope I can get better too!

What do you use instead of nail stickers?


Sunday Summaries | August 12, 2012

| my family's entrance to their village | fb update declare no class | yummy hot chocolate | watching 18 to Life on my laptop |

001 | This week has been crazy. It has had it's ups and it's downs. So, last Monday I headed to classes to learn it was suspended because of the hard rain and wind. I went home disappointed and laid in my pjs through the whole day. If you don't know the Philippines went through a terrible storm this past week flooding most villages and towns throughout the country. I was safe but i didn't have class this whole week. Plus, it was suppose to be midterms week so it got postponed. I was kind of happy i got a week off to do nothing because i was all caught up with my work and studied most subjects .

002 | I got to have a TV Show marathon pretty much all week long. I caught up on some new ones, got to watch some new series and I even rewatched some old ones i used to love. That was the most rewarding thing I did this week. I had all summer to do something like that but I spent my time on other things but having a mini holiday to myself was very stress reliving and relaxing. I spent my days lounging in my pajamas and drinking hot chocolate while the rain poured. My laptop was my best friend and i didn't do much of anything else.

So since I stayed home all week long and didn't even leave my bed for so long, a lot of my pictures were just about what I did while I was stuck at home. I wish I could do this again because that was a fun week and I wasn't really bored through it. Usually I hate rain and days where I can't go outside but for once I liked it and got to do stuff I didn't imagine I could do.

My 10,000 views giveaway is up if you wan to join! I am giving away a MAC Lipstick so head over there to enter and I might pick you.

I want to say hello to my new followers. I hope you enjoy reading!

What do you do when you have a free day to do anything? 


Fashion Finds | Floral Printed Shoes

It has been a while since I did this type of fashion finds so I thought i would take the time and do one again. I forgot how fun it was to make this kind of post and when I finished I thought it was so rewarding and made me feel good. I love when you love doing something it doesn't feel like work but more like a gift and pleasure.

I have wanted a pair of floral shoes for a while but haven't seem to find a pair that i truly love. So, I got this inspiration to look around some more until I do find the right ones.

Again, I picked four outfits of different styles to go along with the shoes. I tried to explore different styles I like and see in public and magazines and I am definitely happy with the choices and would love to create outfits like this to actually wear.

01 | Elegant and Girly
I thought this outfit was so pretty to put together. the inspiration for this outfit really was the spring color trends and light browns to make it have a neutral vibe. The accessory of this outfit was a simple floppy hat which i thought made it come together. I love the light tones in the shoe so i tried to have the outfit more toned down and not be bright together.

02 | Sweet and Classic
This outfit's inspiration was cute and girly. I wanted something fun and this is so what I love wearing. I love light pinks and lace and thought this would be a perfect outfit for just going out to a mall and I would even wear it to classes. I love the bow because i love wearing bows so I thought the accessory really complemented the colors of the skirt and top. An outfit worth thinking about if you love girly and feminine pieces like me.

03 | Sophisticated and Chic
This outfit was for a night out for me. I thought it was nice to have the floral wedges contrast with a black dress. This was the hardest outfit to make for me but I think it turned out fine. The colors are a little more darker then I wanted so i added the colorful bracelet to show the colors of the shoe. The headband one me over because of the pretty detail it would give to the outfit.

04 | Edgy and Laid-Back
I love this outfit because it is so laid back and has a girly vibe but it doesn't look to harsh. I love wearing things like this so I thought pairing floral shoes to this would be perfect. The scarf reminded me so much like the shoes so I thought it would compliment each other and pull the outfit together. This is more of an autumn outfit which would be good since fall is coming up.

What would you pair with floral shoes?


Friday Favorites | 08.10.12

Favorite Makeup Product | China Glaze For Audrey
I had this on my nails for a week now and they just started chipping. I sometimes have a love and hate relationship with this color but since I haven't had nail polish on for 2 months now my nails are accepting polish again. I have discovered that is all i need for my nail polish not to chip. I just give them a break and I can wear a lot of colors for multiple days. It is a semi Spring and Summer color so i thought i would get one more use out of it before Fall comes and I can wear darker colors!

Favorite Hair Product | Aussie hair Insurance
Great product and it leaves my hair soft and shiny which I like. I don't use it as often as I'd lime but I use it up more often now. I don't really like the smell it leaves in my hair but in the bottle it smells amazing. My hair really doesn't like coconut scents but the product is fairly good.

Favorite Skincare Product | Victoria Secret Plum Perfume
My cousin came to visit me and brought back some perfumes from his trip to the Middle East. I have been wearing this scent off and on for 2 weeks now and I like it. I dont really like fruit scents but it was gift so I am learning to love it. I can't find the actual picture but the bottle looks something like that.

Favorite Website | Youtube
I featured this before and I have to do it again. I dont go to many websites much so I alternate which one I use the most out of the small amount I have. I am just watching my subscription box videos and some random ones. I sometimes watch the latest music videos too because I am visual and would love to see what the artist representation of it is. If you have any video recommendations I would love to know. 

Favorite TV Show | Bunheads
I used to be a ballerina so when I heard about this show I really wanted to watch it. I think it is such an enjoyable show and I think it is funny and sweet at the same time. I wait up for it every week and it never leaves me feeling bad. That day I have 3 long classes so I love getting home and putting on my pjs and just watch the show. It is my comfort show of the week! 

Favorite Song | Karmin - Hello
Again, their songs are amazing. The only thing I have been listening to in the car or when I have spare time in between classes. They have such incredible voices and I love them so much I am now such a big fan. I might feature one more song next time on here.

What website do you love going on the most?


10,000 Blog Views Giveaway |CLOSED|

I can't believe I got over 10,000 views on my blog! When I checked in today I was completely in shock when I saw the number of page views I have! So, I am having a small giveaway to thank my viewers once again because it is you that makes the numbers go up. I couldn't think of what I wanted as a prize since my last one so this time I wanted it to keep it simple. It may not be a big number but for me I think it is quite a nice accomplishment!

Requirements |

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Just leave a comment saying which MAC Lipstick that is in stock on the MAC Cosmetic website and also just fill out the rafflecoopter giveaway widget below!

That is all you need to do. I kept it simple for both of us.

I didn't announce the winners of my last giveaway but I emailed them. I will give them another week before i pick new winners. So, please check your emails Sally and Mae. I didn't think i should waste a blog post announcing the winners but if they don't email back i might.

Again, thank you and enjoy this giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Wish list | MAC Lipsticks

01 | Pink Nouveau
I have seen this color around and really love it. I think this is such a pretty pink and it is definitely my favorite color by far. I don't really wear any dark lip colors but i do love a hot pink. I have a similar one but it is a darker and has a plum tone to it so I really want a nice true hot pink color in my collection.

02 | Viva Glam Nicki
I like that this isn't a very hot pink as my previous choice. I have seen so many swatches of this and I really want this the most.  It is a pretty pink shade and I love that for lipsticks. It is so unique and the pink shade just screams me! i need to get this in my collection soon!

03 | Cream cup
I love pink lipsticks as you can probably tell but i do not have a light creamy pink color. I am so surprised I never picked one up. I have seen this in a lot of beauty blogs and that is what sold me on this color. I love the shade and it is really for an everyday wear.

Check back in tomorrow because I have a surprise planned for this!

What MAC Lipstick are you wanting?


Film Festival

I had such a fun time at the Cinemalaya 2012 Film Festival! It was my first time going to a film festival and I definitely enjoyed myself. The films I watched were well made and they deserved the awards they one. I went for 2 days and enjoyed all the sites and stuff i saw.

The films were in the native language so I was glad they had subtitles and i understood some of it. The storyline were amazing and really was well written. I had to give it a good review. For the short movies I watched i wasn't as impressed but still some of them had its good points. And I wouldn't say it was very bad because it definitely had some other features in the film that were better. After the 2 films I decided not to watch anymore because we were running out of time since the festival had only a few showings and was almost over. My experience going to a film festival was very memorable and it is a thrill seeing more artistic things in movies.

The venue where it was held at was amazing. I had never been there and I just felt like such a tourist taking snaps of everything i thought were interesting. It was technically a giant mall that had so many extensions to it and fancy shops to look at. The views I saw were outrageous, the buildings and the landscaping was fun to look at and it seemed like i was in the actually big city. Since I have lived in a small town for a while it was nice to go back and see the modernization of big cities.

I went with a guy friend and i forced him to take my picture with practically everything i saw. For examples, the signs, the statues and random shops and bits and bobs along the way. I think he wasn't that annoyed with me because it was my first time there unlike him, he knew his way around through most of the shops.

As for the shopping! I bought a few things but not as much as since we weren't there for the shopping but for the film festival. I took pictures of the shops I went to and loved seeing stores I don't have at my local mall. I might not do a haul because i just bought some souvenirs stuff like key chains and that sort of stuff. Maybe next time i will go shopping there but it is a very pricey shop for the upper class people so I cannot go very often as I'd like.

There was so many pictures that i took but I only picked a couple. As I browsed through all of them again for this post brought back such great memories. My favorite thing about going somewhere or somewhere you haven't been before is taking pictures. I am the one who will always have a million pictures of the same thing with different points of view. I was surprised how good some of my pictures turned out because the lighting that day wasn't super great and it was getting dark. I might share a few more snapshots in the future Sunday summaries post.

Overall I had an amazing time! I hung out with some friends and had an amazing lunch at a high class restaurant. I got to know some more people and just have a great time. I would love to do it again next year when the film festival starts up again.

What is the latest event you went to that made you smile non-stop?

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