Last week I posted about a satchel that I really wanted and turned it in to a fashion finds by adding more choices. Well, I went back to the department store and picked it up! I kept thinking about it and I just decided to get it anyways. I usually never do that but after thinking about it I knew I would regret not picking it up. I was so happy it was still displayed so I snatched it up and paid.

I really love it's style and the color. And it is perfect for my days during university. It is very sturdy and the chain is lovely on it. I don't think it's real leather but I don't really mind or want it to be actually. I bought this bag as I said at a department store for 495php or $11.67. I think that is great price considering a lot of bags I seen like this were far more expensive. I still need to get used to the buckle in the front since I am so used to zipper on bags. I do like it though since I wanted a bag like that for a while now.

I might do a "What's in my school bag?" post later on to show you what I take with me. I wanted to write you something different on my fashion finds series so I hope you enjoyed!

What are you carrying around or a bag?