Fashion Finds | My Black Bow Wedges

As like last weeks fashion finds post I blogged about my new satchel well today I feature my new black wedges. I have always wanted a pair just like them and I am glad I got them. I thought they were the cutest thing in the store and I had an image in my head that were similar to these. These were the shoes that were in my latest what i wore post and as I promised I featured them in fashion finds.

I have said it probably a few times but I need to wear black dress shoes mostly everyday to classes so I always buy black shoes plus they go with a lot of things.I love mostly any type of shoe that is black in any style and I can say they are definitely a staple piece to my collection. I have so many shoes but most are black but I have them in many styles so i don't feel like they are all the same.

The shoe it self is very sturdy and very comfortable. This is why I love wedges. No matter now high they get they seem more comfortable to me than actually pumps or heels. I love pumps but not for everyday use. The heel is probably 3 inches I maybe wrong though. I don't feel as tall while wearing them like my other heels.

The bow detail on the front is a nice touch to the shoe. I love bows and by the look of my blog I adore bows and ribbons anywhere since it's my trademark. I like how the bow looks like a flower a little. From afar I did think it was a flower but as I saw it up close and in detail it was a bow.

They are a velvet soft material. I don't have a pair with this material so it was a nice change. I wanted something shiny but these are nice for my feet so I can't complain with the quality.

I have only 2 things I don't like about them. one, is that the material can easily attract dirt and dog hair. The second is that the peep toe hurts my toes. They are kind of sharp but they will get worn so the sharpness might wear away.

I absolutely love these shoes. They are so feminine and just pretty to look at on and off my foot. These shoes are going to be worn a lot this year.

What are your favorite shoes at the moment?


Friday Favorites | 06.22.12

I have been getting a lot of people saying that Friday Favorites were a top pick series on my blog and since I haven't done one in a while I thought I would do one again.

Favorite Makeup Product | Lush Whipstick Lip Balm
This is all I have been wearing lately because I am just too lazy in the morning to do anything but my hair and sometimes I don't do that. I recently went back to university after a fun summer vacation and I haven't got back into my routine yet. I carry this in my bag and reapply throughout the day because it taste so good and just smells so yummy. It gets me by when I want a sweet snack just by opening the lid and taking a whiff of it.

Favorite Hair Product | Goody Foam Hair Curlers
This has been a favorite for a while and I love them. I featured them in a lot of my sunday summaries post. They are so simple and make my day a little easier. I will definitely do a post about them soon in detail and explain more why I use and like them. But they have been lifesavers when I am so busy in the morning and have no time to actually curl it with a curly iron.

Favorite Skincare Product | Gentle Care Facial Wipes
I know it is not the one I posted in the picture but it is the closest packaging I could find that looks like mine. These are just great wipes that I use mostly everyday. I haven't had much time so these work great for me. I use it to wipe off the extra oil and dirt of my face and i can go a day without actually doing my whole routine once in a while.

Favorite Website | Pinterest
I wrote a separate post on this so this is how much I love the site. I have been on it my whole summer. It definitely influenced a lot for me and made me want to try new crafts and new food and desserts recipes to try. I was also entertained by the fashion and beauty posts that came on my feed. My link is in the contact me page if you would like to follow.

Favorite Song | Karmin - Coming Up Strong
I love every song on Karmin's new album "Hello". Pretty much all their songs will be on my friday favorites for the next few weeks. This song is just so well written and I have no words for it. it is pure perfection and is flawless each and every song on the album. My ipod says this has been my most played song so far and I played it over 100 times this week alone. I absolutely love it but cannot and simply cannot pick a favorite from their album. They have defiantly made a new fan and lover of the duo!

Favorite TV Show | Gilmore Girls
As you know some of the shows are on break and will be back this Fall so it is time to go back and watch other shows. I have been obsessed with Gilmore Girls since it first started and I loved it. I started to watch a few episodes last week and i just can't watch one. I have gone through maybe 10 in the last week alone. Whenever I'm free and extremely bored I watch my favorite TV series again.

What is your favorite thing you did this week?



Outfit | that classic fairytale

| top // Mossimo |
| cardigan // West Bay |
| tanktop // Forever21 |
| leggings // Margo |
| bag // Robins |
| shoes // Payless |

This was my first day of wearing regular clothes. I need to wear a uniform 4 out of my 6 days of classes so at least this semester I might get more outfit posts in. I am definitely going to be taking more since i have discovered more clothing options and mix and matching ideas.

The cardigan helped cause it was so cold that day and the air condition was doing any good for the gloomy day. It was actually raining all day so I was lucky getting these pictures in but in my last few shots the rain took over again. These are my favorite leggings right now cause they are opaque and are really good pants. I usually wear leggings since it has been gloomy and it is just comfy for a half a day class.

The shoes will be featured in this Saturday's fashion finds so you will seem them up close.I already took pictures before I wore them. I explain more in detail when I finish the other post.

My bag was featured in lats fashion finds. I love this bag and it can go with most of my outfits and looks really classy which has been a style I've been picking up lately. I love the bag gives the outfit a little more color. And is very good in matching the patter in my shirt.

This is by far my favorite outfit because of the way it looks and feels. It is so put together yet it is very comfy to wear.

And my doggy joined in with me. She really wanted to get in a shot cause she wouldn't leave me alone while taking this. You can see my other one in the background to. Whenever I take my camera and tripod out they just think it's okay for them to join in.

What do you feel comfortable in when you head to university?



Wish list | The Body Shop

I've been browsing The Body Shop site lately and found things I really want! I hate browsing and window shopping on various sites because I end up wanting things. But as soon as pay day comes I might treat myself to one of the following.

01 | Brow & Liner Kit
I really wanted a brow kit but all the ones I seen were out of my budget for the moment so I this would be a good alternative. I always wanted to try to fill in my brows and I think a palette like this would teach me. I have read some blogs saying it is perfect for a relax day where you don't want to wear makeup and look a little more put together. That is what I am searching for. And don't you think the compact is so cute!

02 | Vanilla Body Lotion
I love the scent of vanilla and I love smelling it constantly so this would be perfect for me. My arms and legs have been on the dry side lately and I am not in the mood with the lotions I have since some don't have any scent and are mostly ones with SPF in it so it makes my skin a little more oily than I like. I think it is time to invest in a good lotion because of the weather changing a lot lately. And since I have been shaving often since I am taking vitamins I think it will give my skin a little bit more moisture and softness.

03 | Tea Tree Exfoliating Pads
When I saw this I thought it would be great for my late nights after classes. I love using facial wipes and when I read that it is great for oily skin and gets rid of all the dirt on the surface of your face I was sold. I know it is bad but since I don't wear makeup everyday I don't exfoliate my face that often. My skincare routine has been varying lately so I need some good facial wipes to tide me over. It is also great on the days where it is just so hot. They give a great relief from the heat since they are so cold.

What shops have you been window shopping lately?



Fashion Finds | My Satchel Bag

Last week I posted about a satchel that I really wanted and turned it in to a fashion finds by adding more choices. Well, I went back to the department store and picked it up! I kept thinking about it and I just decided to get it anyways. I usually never do that but after thinking about it I knew I would regret not picking it up. I was so happy it was still displayed so I snatched it up and paid.

I really love it's style and the color. And it is perfect for my days during university. It is very sturdy and the chain is lovely on it. I don't think it's real leather but I don't really mind or want it to be actually. I bought this bag as I said at a department store for 495php or $11.67. I think that is great price considering a lot of bags I seen like this were far more expensive. I still need to get used to the buckle in the front since I am so used to zipper on bags. I do like it though since I wanted a bag like that for a while now.

I might do a "What's in my school bag?" post later on to show you what I take with me. I wanted to write you something different on my fashion finds series so I hope you enjoyed!

What are you carrying around or a bag?



School Shopping 2012 Haul

I did this post last year on this day so I thought I would do it again. Can you believe this was my first post on my blog!? I cannot believe my blog will turn one in a few days! I cannot believe how time can go so fast. Okay enough about being sentimental. The best part of resuming classes is the shopping that comes with it. I have loved school supply shopping since I could remember. This gets me a little more excited for the upcoming year but I think the excitement is just coming from the new things I get to use.

I didn't buy as many things like I did last year because i really didn't need much. I started my 3rd year of university and most of my subjects are pretty much all major. Mostly all are going to be making a project so writing isn't big for me this year. Plus a student budge is tough so I couldn't really buy things that i would use and forget like i did in my previous years. I think I did pretty good considering though.

I took these at night and the lighting isn't quite right but since I started school I am mostly gone during the day. Unlike last year where I took my pictures a week before school had started. I was late this year in buying stuff so I needed to rush these. The weather is gloomy too so it wouldn't look as good in the daytime either. 

Like last year my notebooks were not ordinary. I like having pretty designs and prints and I loved these two notebooks! I love the pink one the most because of the color and the details it has plus it sparkles how pretty.The blue one isn't my favorite but I needed two. The designs the same but not as pretty as the pink. Both were 229.99php or $5.38 a piece a rather high price for such a small notebook. It is good quality and has very nice paper so I will definitely get some use out of it.

For pens i just bought these ones that I had bought before but they ran out of ink. They came in super pretty colors so that is what made me get them even more. I love that they are pastel and are very good in writing. They are a fine tip which I love and they are very black and can be read easily when i write with these so they are good quality. At first I thought they were going to be colored ink but I was wrong. I had bought this out of fun. I don't think I would be using this in class but definitely keep it on display at home on my desk. The three pens were 9.95php a piece which is like $15cents for a ball-pen. To me that is crazy. The pretty special pen was 19.99php which comes to be about $25cents

The last items I bought were just essential and thought I could include it to make the haul a bit bigger. The pink paper is for my class assignments. I am glad the professors let us use different colors and of course I choose pink. Pad paper is a requirement for everyday and I always seem to buy pink or plain yellow depending on whether I am using it on. The small envelope is more red on camera but it is actually a hot pink! I needed it to put my index cards in and other small papers throughout the day. And a long envelop to store papers. I will keep this in the car cause I seem to forget this at home quite often.

And that is all I bought! I started school so like I said these pictures were took at night so I wouldn't rush to get this post up. My post will be even more unbearable now that I started classes again but I am scheduling a few post while I am not that busy. I hope you enjoyed my haul.

What school supplies are the funnest to buy for you?



Fashion Finds | Satchel Bags

 The other day when I was at the department store I found a gorgeous bag. And when i turned the corner there was a whole stand of them in different colors. I have seen satchels in various stores but never was convinced that i really wanted one. After seeing a perfect one for myself I was hooked. And if your wondering if I bought this perfect bag, sadly no. It was way out of my price range at the moment but as soon as I told daddy he promised maybe in the next week. So, I went online to different shops and I searched for cute looking ones and maybe the one I had seen in the department store.

I classified the satchels into three groups because I am planning on buying maybe 2. I really want a classic leather one that is brown and a decent size. The next to are just so fun but I don't know which I like more. I love the colored ones and there are also print satchels. Below are just some choices I thought looked pretty and my style.

Classic Satchels |
The classic satchel for me is a brown leather material bag. All 4 are different and very stylish I may add. My favorite out of these is the second one. I love the pattern and the color and how shiny they look. I have seen a few around campus but not very big ones. If I do choose a classic I will love to have it a good size and which a folder and notebook can fit perfectly.

Printed Satchels |
I have seen such pretty satchels with the most adorable print design on them. In a magazine I have there are many with florals which are absolutely what I want but sadly I couldn't find any in the stores I searched for online. But these bags are definitely pretty in there own way. My favorite for this batch would have to be the blue stripes one. The style of it won me over but I do love the nautical theme it gives off. I like the zebra print but I think it would be to bold for my every day use. And plus I don;t want to travel around campus with a drastic bag.

Colored Satchels |
I adore colors and I like colored bags. I have more colored bags than plain ones so by far I think colors can be a great style piece. I adore the first one the most because of its pretty pinkish coral tone. I have been obsessed with this color lately so a bag would be a great addition. I like that it looks like a satchel or a satchel I have pictured in my head this whole time too. I love the handle so it is easier to hold. This is something I am looking for while picking another satchels.

What bag do you fantasize about?



200 Followers & Celebration Giveaway |CLOSED|

I wanted to do a theme for this giveaway so I thought I would feature products that are so popular in the blogging world today! I have seen a lot of post reviewing these products (and soon so will I) & thought some people in the world don't have these in there countries or shipping is very expensive. I finally got a hold of these so I would love to share it with my readers and followers too.

Since I am almost reaching my 200 follower mark I wanted to get this posted and plus in a week my blog will turn one year old so I am so happy about that. I just wanted to do this giveaway.

This time I made the giveaway a lot easier by using Rafflecopter! But  I might choose the winner by random.org again if there aren't that many entries.

I really wanted to say thank you for all the comments and support you give fashionxfairytale. Without you I wouldn't be inspired to write a post for you. I wish I could give each and everyone of you a prize to thank you but I can't. I will have a lot more giveaways and have ordered more products to host them later on in the year.

Prizes |
Urban Decay Naked Palette 2
Real Techniques Core Collection
Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake, Lollipop & Sweet Tart
OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse Nail Polish Collection
Requirements |
Fill out the Rafflecopter Widget.

Rules |
This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY! Any one around the world can enter. 
Giveaway ends July 1, 2012.

Good luck everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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