Wish list | Black School Shoes

01 | Mary Jane Pumps
I need pumps for my internship coming up and I'm sure the requirement is business formal so that means suit of something like that and black heels.  The shoes look comfy and I love there style. These would be great because of the height and I really don't have a pair like this. I like the strap, it reminds me of the shoes I had as a kid. I would love to pair these with maybe knee-high socks or maybe a pair of frilly socks for non-school days.

02 | Ballet Flats
really want a pair of black shoes with bows. Since bows are my signature style I love bows on everything. I have had cloth/material shoes the the pass 2 times so I want a shiny pair for once. I love shoes like these since they do go with my uniform and go with my outfits too. These are my most worn shoe so I love buying pairs and pairs of this.

03 | Wedges
I fell in love with these they are the perfect wedge and size and plus they are so cute.  I like them better then pumps but I need them for my internship like I said.Sometimes I am too lazy and cheat with wedges cause I feel better and can walk a lot further with these on. I hope they are in when I go shoe shopping. I will be really disappointed if they aren't.

What are your go-to shoes?



Outfit | believe in enchantment and it will arrive

| blouse // Blue Anchors |
| tanktop // Forever21 |
| jeans // Levi's |
| bag // Louis Vuitton |
| shoes // Payless |

Today I went to enroll for my 3rd year of university. It feels so unreal and I cannot wait 'till its over. I hate the enrollment process at my college since it takes so long and the lines take all day. I am so glad to be out of there and just finish on another day. I did get my grades and I did surprisingly really well last semester. I was unsure if I did well and was worried I failed but the odds were in my favor and feel grateful.

I love this coral blouse it is such a pretty color but I a, still unsure of the fit. it is a tad bit short now so I have to wear a tank top underneath it. The jeans are very comfy so I can't complain. I didn't really wanted to dress up I wanted to be comfy but I did wear these wedges that are actually very easy to walk in and are very cute.The bag was a gift from my cousin because she had 2 so I got the other one.

The sun was out today which is good since the past week has been gloomy and rainy which I hate. A lot of blogs I am reading are to experiencing bad weather so it isn't all that bad and I'm not alone I see.

When classes start once again I might not be able to post outfit post often because I wear a uniform but I do wear regular clothes on Monday and Saturday so if I have time I will definitely take them! I am going to miss wearing regular clothes again, that is the best thing about summer I have freedom. I will miss taking OOTD but I'm sure I will post once a week or something like that.

I also changed the name of my outfit post to cute sayings and phrases. I am trying to center it around fairytales and magical quotes.

What did you accomplish this week?



Currently Loving | Pinterest

I have been on Pinterest all week and have been enjoying it so much. I had this account for a while and loved it but I focused on blogging for a month plus I had a lot of things going on. Since I had nothing to do and was so bored I went back onto the site and fell in love once again.

The site is great and is so fun. I have liked so many images and I am still forming my pinboards and definitely need to add but all in all I enjoy pinning. I love my tumblr but have been on Pinterest more. 

Most things I pin are fashion and room design inspiration because I'm thinking what I want to major in after my current degree. I still want fashion design but I'm thinking about room and interior design. So all my boards are of inspiration to guide me there. I have other boards like crafts and DIY's cause I love making things and a really creative person.

My link is down below if you want to follow. And since I just started again I am looking for a few to follow so leave your Pinterest down below.

Follow Me on Pinterest

What do you think of Pinterest?



Fashion Finds | Lace Dresses

I have been loving lace lately and thought it would make a nice fashion finds. Again I want to incorporate the spring and summer trends in the color palette so this is what I came up with.

Surprisingly, I wasn't lazy today and decided to do a full fashion finds with the styling and pairing. I love doing this but some days I am just lazy and just to tired. Each and every outfit I styled myself and took the time to design for different occasions.

01 | Boho & Sweet
This dress was just love when I saw it. I love the lace on top and the frilly skirt on the bottom of the dress. I didn't want to add more jewelry or a necklace cause of the pretty outline of the neckline. It wouldn't look good and it would take away notice to the lace. I wanted to add a little mint because I have been loving this trend so i needed to add the earrings and bracelet. I love the floral shoes with this outfit to scream spring and just be a fun outfit. I would wear this to the mall or just somewhere where I want to dress up and look cute. 

02 | Girly & Classic
I love white lace and this was just such a pretty dress because of the gold collar. I wanted a light feeling and the cream colors of this whole outfit. I love pastel pink and really wanted to pair them up. I designed this in mind of a tea party or a small wedding party. Since i have events that need to be dressed up I am brainstorming ideas of what I could wear for the occasions.

03 | Bold & Bright
This by far is my favorite out of the four. I love the brights for summer and I love teal and coral together like most I have seen. I would wear this out to a special occasion like a day time party or just around town. I really want to try color blocking so the clutch was a small detail I could add. The dress itself was pretty on its own but the blazer gives it a more put together look that I really was going for.

04 | Glam & Chic

This has minimal lace but the silhouette of the dress was what caught my eye. I have always wanted a dress like this cut. The shoes were a fun addition to the whole outfit. Originally I was going for a patent leather red pump but I thought it would be funner to have a polka-dot shoe for added style. I want to go out with friends and i thought black is always a staple color for clubbing. It can also be a nice outfit to go out with your boyfriend or a date.

What would you wear with a lace dress?



Mani Monday | Coral Nail Polish Trend

Since it is so warm and bright out I love wearing super bright nail polish. I have been wearing neons mostly but when I saw coral polishes I fell in love. To me coral is a unique color and not really worn much or seen very often. I like the pinkish corals a little more but I have some orangish coral clothes that I hardly wear. The color is defiantly very bright and looks pretty on. I have to pick up 1 of these colors next time I go nail polish shopping.

01 | OPI "Conga Line Coral"
A very pretty shade and I like the orange tint it has to it. OPI has promising colors so I would love to check this color out in stores. OPI had a couple of coral shades too but i love this orange one more and plus the name was so cute. I love the names of these polishes.

02 | Revlon "Tropical Temptations"
I love this one the most since it is more of a pink hue to it. I would love to wear this all summer with turquoise too! I have a few Revlon polishes so I would love more. I have been seeing so many pretty colors while shopping I need to pick up a few more colors!

03 | Essie "California Coral"
I have heard good things from Essie Polishes and would love to try their colors! There are many colors I want to try. I loved this one the most but Essie has a lot of Coral shades to choose from. But by far this was my favorite.

04 | Deborah Lippmann "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
While venturing around I saw these polishes and thought they have amazing colors. I do not know where to find these in my country but I would love this color. I have seen most of these shades and I think these polishes are cute. The names are also fun also which gives it a unique touch!



Outfit | spring has sprung and colors bloom

| shirt // MerryRobin's | leggings // Moeysy | tank top // Forever 21 | bag // A Gift | bow // Louis' Trinkets |

I feel so colorful today. I really wanted to enjoy spring with spring trends so I wore spring colors. I said spring a lot didn't I? Well, today felt like a good day to just be bubbly and embrace the weather. I went out with a couple of friends to lunch and then I headed off with my parents to go pay some bills and do some shopping. It really wasn't an eventful day. I did buy a few things and a top which I am really excited for.

I am getting a little more comfortable posting outfit of the days and I will post more of them more often. It is fun editing and modeling for the camera. I may start getting used to it and put more up when I love my outfit!

What spring color have you been wearing lately?




The winner of "My Grand Birthday Giveaway"

I am so happy that you entered my giveaway and I have to say it was quite successful! Thank you so much and don't worry I already bought the prizes for my next giveaway which will be in June or if I get a certain amount of followers.

I wish I could give all of you a prize for being so kind but I am not that rich and I'm living on a student budget which some of you relate too.  I got 168 comments and 213 entries total. It took many hours to get it all sorted but finally I have found the winner.

Do you want to know the winner? Well, of course!

The winner is PeachesLove from lovelyandsimplewonders!
 I sent you an email and I hope you respond if not I will choose another winner.

Again, I want to say thank you so much for entering. I didn't think my first giveaway was going to be this successful. I thought I would get 30 entries tops and only a few comments but no and it made me so happy.

Hope you continue to enjoy my blog as I have a lot of things planned coming up.

What would you like to see in my next giveaway?


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