1 | NARS Wicked Attraction
Again I saw a few post on this and feel in love. There is a NARS makeup counter here so I could get this. I have been wanting a NARS product but cannot decide since there are so many good ones. I read reviews and they said this a good starter kit for NARS and it has just what I want so I hope I get this for myself.

2 | Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2 Palette
I am guilty of ordering the Naked Palette already since it was a good deal off one of my favorite sites. They were sold out of the Naked 2 which is sad but I might get it later on when they get it in stock. I have seen so much hype about this and seriously want it. I am planning a little something with the palette too. I hope it gets here soon.

3 | Revlon Lip Butters
They just recently launched here so when I saw it in the store I swatched a few and I knew which I am going to buy! They were a little pricey but I think it is worth it. I will make a separate post on which ones I want with a wish list but I might buy some at the end of the month. The Revlon Lady was so nice and explained them to me but I had heard so much about it I knew a little. I think I might pick up three and maybe collect them all some time.