01 | Jessica Day
or in other words played by Zooey Deschanel.
I love everything she wears on the show New Girl. I watch not only for Zooey and the show but I always look forward to what she wears. Her style represents more of what I wear on a daily basis minus the frilly fun dress. But I do love the dresses she wears and would totally wear them for a special occasion. I don't really feel comfortable wearing dresses to malls or school very often I prefer skirts. 

All the colors and prints to wear are so cute that I wish I could pull of quirky patterns. Maybe if I find a few pieces I'll add to my wardrobe. I tried to give a new outcome of this outfit with a floral skirt and a lousier blouse. I found it adorable together plus the accessories are very simple.

02 | Rachel Barry
or in other words played by Lea Michele.
I have grown to love her outfits each season. At first I wasn't really that into her outfits until I re-watched more of the older episodes. I would love to incorporate a few of her vintage and retro style into my closet and just  play around. I love the skirts she wears and the sweaters. I am a big fan or her sweaters. I adore her patterns and prints of her shirts. Sh always has an adorable printed tee with boys or polka dots which I love wearing myself.

I thought this outfit was so cute and I could style it differently if I actually wore it. But i love the pattern and the cut of this dress. Her style is so feminine and just lovely.

03 | Blair Waldorf
or in other words played by Leighton Meester.
Blair has always been my style icon. I wish I could wear all her clothes but sadly I can only try to copy and mix and match the various designs. The first time I watched Gossip Girl I fell in love with her character. I loved everything about her and wish I could be like that.  Each of her outfits from the series I loved and wish I could have.

The headband inspired me to dig up my old headbands and to wear it. Ever since then I bought more and more adding to my collection. I probably have 50 by now. This was the first episode I had watched and when this scene came up all I could do was stare at her. I think she wore more than this but I was going for a simpler outfit.

All these characters have such a cute fashion style. I admire each and every outfit the wear. Some may be hit and miss but they are all so lovely.

What TV Character do you admire most?