I love mint pastels for this spring and I think I have found my second favorite color. I would never replace pink and my love for the color pink will never go away but I have been seeing mint everywhere on the internet and I just adore the shade.

I saw a pretty lace blouse at the mall but they didn't have my size. It was a cream almost beige color and it looked so pretty hanging on the rack. When I got home I kept on thinking about how I would style it and I thought it would be such a cute outfit for spring. Since it is very hot nowadays and sometimes will get a little cool, shorts would be perfect. I was inspired by a vintage and floral look with light pastel colors. I adore soft colors for spring and it just seems such a pretty and feminine.

As for the makeup, I wanted light and natural and just a look that screamed spring. I imagined full lashes and a pink smokey eye almost. When I saw the palette from Nars it fit for me and I would actually use it. And the nail combination seemed a perfect fit I didn't just want to stick with a mint nail even though I love when things match, the peachy coral seemed like a pretty accent nail or some nail art design.

I really love the lipstick I choose and I am actually trying to find a shade just like it. I love pink lipsticks and they are my favorite shade to wear. I haven't been quite adventures with other colors like peach and coral and even berry browns but I have tried red and mostly hot pinks. If you know what lipstick it is or something like it I would love to know because I cannot seem to find a perfect shade.

What color inspires you?