| Fruity Shine Strawberry | Fruity Shine Cherry | Soft Rose |

Product | Nivea Lip Balms

Packaging | It comes in a white lipstick twist tube.

Colors | Fruity Shine Strawberry, Fruity Shine Cherry, Soft Rose

Price | 80.00php // $1.87

Description (from Nivea) |

The new formula of NIVEA Lip Balms makes your lips delicious, kissing them with a fruity-fresh taste. This lip balm covers your lips with glossy shine, over a subtle, red-toned glow. Rich almond oil, jojoba oil and shea butter keep your lips as soft and fresh as they can be!
  • Delights young delicate lips with fruity scent and smoothing, long lasting care
  • Naturally enhances your lips with shimmering pigments and a soft glossy colour 
  • Contains SPF 10, protection against UVA and UVB rays
Rating |  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Thoughts |
These lip balms are extremely moisturizing and give a nice sheen color. It makes my lips feel quite soft too.

The pigmentation's aren't that great but they are more of a lip balm and a lip shine all together. The most pigmented is the Cherry giving off a nice berry red color. As for Strawberry it is a light red and more a pink  tone that isn't as noticeable as the Cherry. And for the Soft Rose, I was hoping it would be like the shade in the tube but on my lips and swatch they were a light pink and not as pigmented as I'd want.

They are very glossy and give a nice shine once on the lips and have a slight shimmer as well. And what's great about it is that it offers a hint of color with lip care and sun protection. It is also pretty affordable and available in most local drugstores. It goes on smooth and is not overly shiny but leaves my lips looking pretty with just the right amount of color and shine which are perfect for those lazy days where you don't want to wear as much makeup.  

The scents are very nice too. The cherry again is the most scented and once you open it you can smell the scent right away. The strawberry too smells delicious and once on the lips both lip balms still lingers on your lips. The Soft Rose wasn't as scented as the other two but has a rosey flower scent when  it is opened.

As for application they apply smoothly and if you want a little more pigmentation add a few more layers. Being a lip balm, it does not last for ages and I had to reapply throughout the day.

Overall, I love this product and it is a good lip balm. I'd definitely collect all the scents and colors once I run into the drugstore again.

Disclaimer: I bought this product with my own money and no way affiliated with this company. All my opinions are my own.

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