| blouse // Robinson's | leggings // Walmart | tank top // Forever 21 | bag // Cath Kidston | shoes // Payless Shoes | bow // Rosie's Boutique |

So, this is my first outfit of the day in a while. I have a few up but really haven't concentrated on these types of posts. I got some inspiration from a twitter chat and I got some confidence to post another outfit of the day.

I went to the City Hall today with my family because my mother was elected an officer of the town's village. I was the photographer since I'm the only one in the family who can take a decent picture. My father was the one who took some videos and I might get stuck to edit it since I have advanced editing software on my laptop. I did enjoy listening to the mayor's speech. It was my first time to be near a political figure or someone in such high power! I was inches away and got to photograph him while he talked to the elected officers.

After the ceremony, we went out to lunch and just had a family day. I went to the mall with my father and bought a few things with his money. Oh, I'm such a daddy's girl. When we got home we started editing pictures and compiling everything including the videos for later on when I'm not too busy. I am so proud that my mother wants to help the community and I hope she enjoys it!

Today was pretty calm and I enjoyed being with my family. Even if it was such a hot summer day everything went according to plan. I love days like these, there just so much fun and relaxing.

What do you think of my OOTD? And should I do more?