So I just showed you a glimpse of my 18th birthday last year. I have a million pictures and it took so long just to upload these. My party was just a year ago and I can't believe it. Here, when you turn 18th it is a big occasion and we celebrate it. I themed mine like a sweet 16th which is the equivalent in the States and a Quince for the Mexicans. We call it a Debut but it is actually a Debutante Ball with only yourself as the celebrant. If you wanna know more search it on google.

I had 3 gowns and this is just my main ball gown I wore mostly the whole night. I was the one that designed and sketched most of it but my credits goes to my fashion designer friend who sewed and put the details together.

My makeup artist did an amazing job and I loved everything he used on me. I wasn't a big fan of my hair but it is okay I calmed down and just stuck with it. I was being to much a brat that day because of other problems. my family laughed and wondered what it would be like on my wedding day, they think I will become a Bridezilla.

The venue was lovely and the catering was phenomenal. My photographer was a huge success for me. As you see the pictures were amazing. I had a photo shoot which I didn't include here and a video shoot. It came with so many things for a good price.

My invitation were so hard to get because they messed up and I wasn't almost going to get them but they rushed them and it was fine. They were nice but they didn't communicate well with me and it was a little late to find another publisher. They do amazing invitations but try to contact them beforehand and it might be okay.

If you are in the Philippines and want the link to anything concerning my party I definitely recommend all that made this possible (except my parents!)

What grand occasion have you experienced? i.e wedding, sweet 16th.