01 | China Glaze Re-fresh mint
I think I finally found a good minty nail polish! Brands are limited in my country so when I discovered this one it was love! I have been obsessed with everything mint these days and wish I could find some good mint clothing and of course the right shade of nail polish. I haven't seen this in my local beauty store but I was informed of a shipment coming in soon! Out of many mint nail polish I have access to this is the one I am most looking forward to!

02 | China Glaze Fairy Dust
This is such a pretty glitter polish! I love glitter and sparkle nails and still haven't grew out of it. It's great that it doesn't have a colored base so I pair it up with another color to spice it up. I love micro and flaky glitter together so I hope when I get it that it goes well with bigger chunks of glitter.

03 | China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy
I love wearing hot pink and neon pink nail polishes over the summer! Even if it is my favorite color I still wear different nail polishes by season. I have so many shades of hot pinks and dark pinks even some neon pinks but I don't have one that is a little more neon and orange. I seen quite a few posts about this color and adore it so much. Hope they still have it when I get payed!

All polishes are great for the upcoming Spring and Summer and I am looking forward to the different nail trends that are awaiting for me!

What is your most wanted nail polish at the moment?