I have heard that Google Friend Connect is about to end so I jumped on the bandwagon and joined some blog following sites.

hellocotton |
This is a site where you can follow other bloggers. And not just beauty and fashion but they have other categories that would treat your fancy. I found it to be easy and I am amazed by it.

I personally like it better and enjoy the interaction you can have with other bloggers. I have found so many new bloggers on the site and really happy with that. I love reading new material and it makes me happy to learn new information. In other words i used happy a lot to describe this!

bloglovin' |
This site is another place where you can follow blogs. They too have many categories to choose from but it is not interactive not like the other one. I too love it and I have found many blogs to follow too.

I find the design very simple and easy to use and you can easily access the blog entries. I love that I get an email to notify me. Some might find it annoying but I love it.

I do love both of them and recommend you try both!

You can follow me on both the sites!