01 | Vera Wang Princess
I have been seeing and reading so much about this perfume that I had to go to my local department store and see what the hype was about. I sprayed a little on my wrist and was in love. I love the bottle and anything royal or princessy I love. The scent reminds me of a princess and how a princess should smell like so that sold me on buying it but they didn't have a small size like I wanted and the bigger size was far too expensive for a university student and I wanted to wait since I have other perfumes that have caught my eye.

02 | Marc Jacobs Daisy
There was a sale at the mall for high-end perfumes and on the tray was this perfume. I really loved the bottle so I had to spray some on my wrist. I initially fell in love and asked the sales lady for a bottle but unfortunately she had just sold out. There were so many perfumes out on display but this was just the best smelling one out of all of them. And with my luck when I went back the sale was over so I need to save up and find another place to buy this perfume. I love floral scents and this was just the right amount of scent to not make it that strong for me. I will definitely be going back to pick this one up. 

03 | Victoria Secret PINK "Soft & Dreamy"
I really want an everyday light body spray and I usually love Victoria Secret perfumes and body mists. My all time favorite scent is vanilla so when I read it was the top note I had to buy it. Plus the bottle is very cute and versatile to take to PE or to go workout with. I am still trying to find a shop that sells it but most don't anymore because of new shipment. Next time I head to the department store I'll have them order it for me.

What scent are you loving at the moment?