(1st picture | 1 layer of eyeshadow, 2nd picture | 2 layers of eyeshadow)

01.   Maybelline | BB Cream in 01 Fresh – 250.00php
I really didn’t want a traditional liquid foundation for everyday use so when I was browsing other beauty blogs and youtube videos I found out about a BB creams. So when I went in to my local drugstore to buy me some medicine for my cold, I had to browse the beauty/makeup department since of course it is the first thing I see when I walk in. They didn’t have a lot of brands that I knew so I stuck with Maybelline and I usually research what products I want to buy first I just decided to buy it. When I got home I swatched it and It matched so I am happy I know my skin tone. It was a little pricey but a girl needs to splurge on makeup sometimes. 

02.   Maybelline | Baby Lips Lip Balm in Berry – 79.00php
My lips have been chapped lately and I didn’t want chapstick so right beside the BB cream was the lip products and I just picked this one since it  looked the most interesting flavor plus it had cute packaging so that was a plus. I haven’t tried it but I will tomorrow before my afternoon class.

03.   Lingen | Volumizing  Mascara in Black – 61.00php
I ran out of mascara a month ago and was too lazy to buy some more. I went to a little boutique type of store (it’s kind of like a 99cent store in the States) and browsed the beauty aisle once again. After seeing this I decided to buy it because it was cheap and I could buy my regular mascara when I got my monthly salary. Plus I thought it was a good idea to try new products. 

04.   Qiaoer | Eyeliner Pencil in Black – 15.75php
Again, what is mascara without eyeliner!? I just picked it up without looking and threw it in my basket. I am not sure about it yet but it is pencil instead of a soft coal one so I need to get back at using this type of eyeliner. 

05.   Qianyu | Eyeshadow Palette in Glitter Neutral – 69.99php
I really wanted a new palette to try different looks for when I am in the mood to be creative. This was cheap and it had some pretty neutral colors for me to choose so I bought it. I just now realize there are no matte colors so I might not be using all the colors together since it has too much shine unless I feel extra sparkly one day.

06.   Lucky | Eyelash Curler – 30.99php
This eyelash curler was a last minute thing when I was checking out I saw a bundle of these and thought I could try it. I used to curl my lashes everyday but got to lazy. My friends said I didn’t need to curl them because they were so jealous of how my eyelash curled without product on them. I thought they were right and stopped but I just wanted it for my fake eyelashes and for an evening out.
7.   Best | Lipstick in Lemon – 30.99php
This came with the eyelash curler bundle and it was a good deal to get a lip product and a curler in one so I bought it. It is a sheer coral-pink and has a lemony scent, hence, the name of it. I thought it would be an orangey-coral but it is a pretty shade but I don’t think I would wear it often.

And that has been my latest beauty buys for this week. I hope to review some of the products maybe in a few weeks after I have tried them.

I have planned a few other posts for this week and I am redesigning my blog so I hope I can get it done this weekend.

What did you buy this week? Leave it in the comments?