What is a girl without her accessories? After browsing my room for things to blog about I remembered these little treasures lurking in my jewelry armoire. I bought them in December as an early present for myself. I just love my accessories and pairing with different outfits.

01 | Aksesoriz Charm Bracelet
This is such a cute bracelet. It reminds me of Beauty and the Beast so that is why I bought it in the first place. The charms are a teacup with a bow, a heart dangle charm, a spoon with a flower on it, a fork with a bow on it, a piece of cake and a teapot. I love it to pieces and it just a girly trinket you can add to many playful outfits.

02 | Bows
These are my obsession! Ever since I was a little girl I wore ribbons and bows in my hair every single day. I think it carried 'till now and I love that bows are back in trend but even if they're not I still wear them. I wear them with mostly any hairstyle and it usually matches what I am wearing for the day. I have more but I might do a post later on of all my bow collection.

03 | Beaded bracelet
This was a given to me by a friend for my 18th birthday and I wear it when I see it but it isn't really a staple piece as far as I'm concerned! It is just plastic beads but is a loose thing to throw on when i feel like i need some thing to jingle on my wrist.

04 | Broadway Feather Earrings
Of course I had to try the feather trend and I wasn't a big fan of feather earrings. I like feather extensions but the earrings for me were a little too much and not my style. I would still wear them maybe to a costume party or an occasion wear I need them but for now they are being stuck in my drawer.

05 | Earrings
these were just cheap plain earrings I got with the charm bracelet. They looked simple so i decided to buy them for a night of fun or just an alternative to stud earrings. I love the pink pearl so that is what made me get them because of the color combination.

06 | Bow Ring
I had finally found a ring that fit so I automatically bought it. I usually cant find rings that fit so I had to get it and it is fairly cute. I do love bows so this was a perfect match. I don't wear it often cause it is a little to bold for a college student but I wear it when I go out and it attracts a lot of attention with my friends.

What accessory are you in love with?