Nails | For Audrey

3 coats of China Glaze, "For Audrey"

When I saw this in stores I had to buy it because I thought I found the perfect mint color. I tried it out when I got home and it was more of a turquoise color. I was a little disappointed but the color is pretty too so I decided to just use it when I wanted pretty pastel nails.

I love how smooth it goes on and the pigmentation is fair. Sometimes I need 2 coats and sometimes I use 3 coats worth. I really wanted to have a Spring vibe for the week because it is getting warmer here and  I love pastel colors for Spring. I've been getting into more colors than pinks and reds now.

What is you favorite pastel nail polish?


Maybelline Pressed Powder Review

Product | Maybelline Clear Smooth Pressed Powder

Shade | 04 Honey

Packaging | The color is a minty greenish blue.It is sturdy and very sleek which gives it an elegant design. The plastic is quite durable and not very cheap.

Price | 249.99php // $5.80

Thoughts |
I adore this product. It is so light and is perfect for my everyday wear.This has been a go to product of mine ever since my Covergirl pressed powder hit pan and there was nothing left of it. it gives good coverage alone and can be put over a BB cream without it being to cakey or have too much build up giving you a more polished natural looking finish.

It goes on smooth and is velvety to the touch. It gives you a matte look and that is what I wanted to achieve with this powder. It doesn't make you have much shine to it too.As the package says it does leave a silky smooth texture and I agree that it has given me more flawless skin when you look at it opposed to having no makeup at all.

I don't use the sponge it comes with though. It gives too much powder and overwhelms my face. So, instead I use either a kabuki brush or a big fluffy brush from my brush set kit I got a while ago. I like the finish better when I use a brush because I can't control how much product I get when I use the sponge applicator.

A little thing that I don't like is that if you sweat a lot it tends to melt and you have to reapply the product. I don't expect it to be perfect but I would like a little lasting wear in the heat. That is why I had bought the product in the first place. But after applying the powder it does absorb the extra oil making your skin look matte again.

Besides that, I like the coverage and the finish it leaves my skin and I would definitely buy it again when I run out of this.

*Disclaimer: I bought this product with my money and I am no way affiliated with this company. All opinions are my own.

What are your thoughts on pressed powders?


Wish list | Skincare

01 | Clarisonic Mia in Pink
This has been on my wish list for a while and I hope I could save enough to get it. I have heard so much about this product and heard it does wonders to the face. I really need this because of all the smoke and smog in the air and being in it everyday is making my skin more oily. I prefer the color pink so I know I am getting that and I have been searching everywhere that would ship to my country. I guess it just takes time and effort to find the right one and to save!

02 | Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser
I saw this in my local beauty store and I liked the smell of it. I researched it and found it is quite popular in the blogging world. I would like something that is really gently and just leaves your face extra clean. Next time I will definitely buy it just to try it out!

03 | The Body shop Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
Since I wear mascara and eyeliner mostly everyday I need a good eye makeup remover because my cleanser doesn't really do its job very well. Not many brands or stores sell an eye makeup remover so I found this one at The Body Shop but were out of stock. I am so unlucky when I need to buy stuff! They are always out and make me wait so long before they get it in

What skincare product are you looking at?


Friday Favorites | 02.24.11

Favorite makeup product | Maybelline Baby Lips in Berry
I just got this a week ago and this has been in my latest haul.My lips have been chapped even more lately and I just out it on my lips throughout the day. It smells great and it isnt that heavy on my lips. I bought the clear one so it is just the lip balm and doesn't have a tint or color to it which makes it perfect for my everyday wear!

Favorite hair product | Dove Curls Whipped Mousse
I've been curling my hair a lot this week and this mousse has been the one I reach for. Even to smooth a pony tail it works great especially for my curls. I like that it keeps the curl until the end of my classes and doesn't leave it frizzy.

Favorite Skin Product | Lush Ocean Salt
I purchased this maybe a month ago but I just started using it last week. I love the texture and it does a good job exfoliating the skin! It leaves my body soft and I smell like lemony salt afterward which is alright but my dogs think I taste delicious!

Favorite Song | Without You - Glee Cast Version
This song has been on repeat every single time I am listening to music. When I am studying or just hanging out this has been my go-to song. I love Lea's voice and all her songs amaze me. I didn't really like the original but this cover blew me away.

Favorite Website | Pinterest
I have been on this site every single day this week and have been spending hours on their. I find it very addicting and it has been so useful and gave me my creative energy back. This really solves my boredom and that is a plus for me!

Favorite TV Show | New Girl
I fell in love with this show ever since it aired. I love Zooey and I find it hilarious! I love watching TV shows and every week  have a different favorite but I still appreciate all the shows I am in love with. Its just sometimes I found a TV show more interesting than others I had watched that week.

What were your favorites this week?



Fashion Finds | Jewelry and Accessories

What is a girl without her accessories? After browsing my room for things to blog about I remembered these little treasures lurking in my jewelry armoire. I bought them in December as an early present for myself. I just love my accessories and pairing with different outfits.

01 | Aksesoriz Charm Bracelet
This is such a cute bracelet. It reminds me of Beauty and the Beast so that is why I bought it in the first place. The charms are a teacup with a bow, a heart dangle charm, a spoon with a flower on it, a fork with a bow on it, a piece of cake and a teapot. I love it to pieces and it just a girly trinket you can add to many playful outfits.

02 | Bows
These are my obsession! Ever since I was a little girl I wore ribbons and bows in my hair every single day. I think it carried 'till now and I love that bows are back in trend but even if they're not I still wear them. I wear them with mostly any hairstyle and it usually matches what I am wearing for the day. I have more but I might do a post later on of all my bow collection.

03 | Beaded bracelet
This was a given to me by a friend for my 18th birthday and I wear it when I see it but it isn't really a staple piece as far as I'm concerned! It is just plastic beads but is a loose thing to throw on when i feel like i need some thing to jingle on my wrist.

04 | Broadway Feather Earrings
Of course I had to try the feather trend and I wasn't a big fan of feather earrings. I like feather extensions but the earrings for me were a little too much and not my style. I would still wear them maybe to a costume party or an occasion wear I need them but for now they are being stuck in my drawer.

05 | Earrings
these were just cheap plain earrings I got with the charm bracelet. They looked simple so i decided to buy them for a night of fun or just an alternative to stud earrings. I love the pink pearl so that is what made me get them because of the color combination.

06 | Bow Ring
I had finally found a ring that fit so I automatically bought it. I usually cant find rings that fit so I had to get it and it is fairly cute. I do love bows so this was a perfect match. I don't wear it often cause it is a little to bold for a college student but I wear it when I go out and it attracts a lot of attention with my friends.

What accessory are you in love with?



Wish list | Perfumes

01 | Vera Wang Princess
I have been seeing and reading so much about this perfume that I had to go to my local department store and see what the hype was about. I sprayed a little on my wrist and was in love. I love the bottle and anything royal or princessy I love. The scent reminds me of a princess and how a princess should smell like so that sold me on buying it but they didn't have a small size like I wanted and the bigger size was far too expensive for a university student and I wanted to wait since I have other perfumes that have caught my eye.

02 | Marc Jacobs Daisy
There was a sale at the mall for high-end perfumes and on the tray was this perfume. I really loved the bottle so I had to spray some on my wrist. I initially fell in love and asked the sales lady for a bottle but unfortunately she had just sold out. There were so many perfumes out on display but this was just the best smelling one out of all of them. And with my luck when I went back the sale was over so I need to save up and find another place to buy this perfume. I love floral scents and this was just the right amount of scent to not make it that strong for me. I will definitely be going back to pick this one up. 

03 | Victoria Secret PINK "Soft & Dreamy"
I really want an everyday light body spray and I usually love Victoria Secret perfumes and body mists. My all time favorite scent is vanilla so when I read it was the top note I had to buy it. Plus the bottle is very cute and versatile to take to PE or to go workout with. I am still trying to find a shop that sells it but most don't anymore because of new shipment. Next time I head to the department store I'll have them order it for me.

What scent are you loving at the moment?


My Recent Beauty Buys Haul

 (1st picture | 1 layer of eyeshadow, 2nd picture | 2 layers of eyeshadow)

01.   Maybelline | BB Cream in 01 Fresh – 250.00php
I really didn’t want a traditional liquid foundation for everyday use so when I was browsing other beauty blogs and youtube videos I found out about a BB creams. So when I went in to my local drugstore to buy me some medicine for my cold, I had to browse the beauty/makeup department since of course it is the first thing I see when I walk in. They didn’t have a lot of brands that I knew so I stuck with Maybelline and I usually research what products I want to buy first I just decided to buy it. When I got home I swatched it and It matched so I am happy I know my skin tone. It was a little pricey but a girl needs to splurge on makeup sometimes. 

02.   Maybelline | Baby Lips Lip Balm in Berry – 79.00php
My lips have been chapped lately and I didn’t want chapstick so right beside the BB cream was the lip products and I just picked this one since it  looked the most interesting flavor plus it had cute packaging so that was a plus. I haven’t tried it but I will tomorrow before my afternoon class.

03.   Lingen | Volumizing  Mascara in Black – 61.00php
I ran out of mascara a month ago and was too lazy to buy some more. I went to a little boutique type of store (it’s kind of like a 99cent store in the States) and browsed the beauty aisle once again. After seeing this I decided to buy it because it was cheap and I could buy my regular mascara when I got my monthly salary. Plus I thought it was a good idea to try new products. 

04.   Qiaoer | Eyeliner Pencil in Black – 15.75php
Again, what is mascara without eyeliner!? I just picked it up without looking and threw it in my basket. I am not sure about it yet but it is pencil instead of a soft coal one so I need to get back at using this type of eyeliner. 

05.   Qianyu | Eyeshadow Palette in Glitter Neutral – 69.99php
I really wanted a new palette to try different looks for when I am in the mood to be creative. This was cheap and it had some pretty neutral colors for me to choose so I bought it. I just now realize there are no matte colors so I might not be using all the colors together since it has too much shine unless I feel extra sparkly one day.

06.   Lucky | Eyelash Curler – 30.99php
This eyelash curler was a last minute thing when I was checking out I saw a bundle of these and thought I could try it. I used to curl my lashes everyday but got to lazy. My friends said I didn’t need to curl them because they were so jealous of how my eyelash curled without product on them. I thought they were right and stopped but I just wanted it for my fake eyelashes and for an evening out.
7.   Best | Lipstick in Lemon – 30.99php
This came with the eyelash curler bundle and it was a good deal to get a lip product and a curler in one so I bought it. It is a sheer coral-pink and has a lemony scent, hence, the name of it. I thought it would be an orangey-coral but it is a pretty shade but I don’t think I would wear it often.

And that has been my latest beauty buys for this week. I hope to review some of the products maybe in a few weeks after I have tried them.

I have planned a few other posts for this week and I am redesigning my blog so I hope I can get it done this weekend.

What did you buy this week? Leave it in the comments? 



Nails | Be Mine, Valentine!

L-R: China Glaze ‘Glam’, China Glaze ‘Sexy Lady’, China Glaze ‘Ring in the Red’, BNC ‘Cremy’, Sally Hanson ‘Insta-Dry’, BNC Nail Pen ‘Hot Pink Tart’
So, it has been a while since I blogged but I got back in the spirit to write more posts. But before I start I want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! Since today is “Hearts Day” that is what I called it as a kid since I couldn’t pronounce Valentines correctly, I decided to do my nails because I am obsessed with hearts and the color pink and red. And now that I bought nail polish last month I got inspired to try them out. I painted my nails as following. On my thumb is a couple of sparkles from ‘Glam’, my index finger is just a random heart design with sparkles and the tips the hot pink, on my middle finger a big heart, on my ring finger is 3 coats of ‘Ring in the Red’ and on my pink is a white base with 1 coat of ‘Ring in the Red’.

My plans for today are just me and the tv having a marathon of my favorite shows. I hope everyone has a great day and a loving holiday with your someone special!
What are you Valentine’s nails? Leave it in the comments?
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