Nails | Strawberry Delight

Hello Lovelies,
I have been obsessed with strawberries all week! I just noticed it after I did my nails and after a tall glass of strawberry juice. I had never been a true fan of the scent strawberry but as a kid I loved it!  I’ve been using a strawberry body butter to add to all the strawberry smells. So today I made it Strawberry Day!

with flash

 I regret taking a picture with cleaning up the remaining polish but when I do I usually mess up my nails in the process. After I waited for them to dry I washed it off and its a better trick for me.

with natural light

up close and blurry.

up close of the strawberry of the ring finger
I get picture-happy especially when I love my nails! Hope you enjoyed the pictures though! 

 What is your favorite scent? Leave it on the comments!

chit-chat | A Thing for Pink!

Hi Lovelies,

Today I have exciting news! So, my blackberry has been extremely used this past year. I love the thing too much and because of sweat, heat and rubber. The buttons on my Blackberry Curve 8520 rotted away. I couldn’t even push down my keys! I was so irritated and I think I had it that way for three months. On my recent shopping trip I was looking for cases for it and this one shop had housing cases for my phone. I was so happy and plus they had my favorite color! Hot Pink!!

My phone went from this:

To this!

It is so pretty and I get looks from a lot of people! I want to find a cute case for it but there aren’t very many! Still I love it and the color just pops.

I do have a few complaints about it though. At first the keypad was very hard to press and it was difficult to text. The lady said I need to use it more and now it’s kind of okay but I need to text more! Now it seems like my phone isn’t a real Blackberry! Because there aren’t really any pink ones out there. I know it’s real though but others might not but I still love it!

If you have the same problem or just want a new case and don’t have any in your country, I would be happy to get you one.  It was 1,200 php (Philippine Peso) I would convert the price for your country and figure out the shipping. Just email me the details!

On Fridays I have 4 hours off from classes so I usually head to the nearby malls by my campus. One is walking distance and the other is one ride away. If you follow me on twitter you probably know how bored I get.

I walked in and went straight to the bookstore this time. I usually head for the beauty department. As I walked through the store and went to the style and fashion book I saw the Seventeen Fashion Book. I really wanted it the second I browsed through it. It was 795 php but I didn’t want to splurge that day and plus I needed to buy other things.

After forcing myself away from the book, I went to the journal section to skim through some of the patterns. They were all so pretty but I couldn’t find one with blank pages so I gave up and went to the fiction section. I only found a few I wanted to read so they will go on my book wish list too as soon as I get some money. I took a picture with my Blackberry and posted it on my twitter. Here it is again:

I decided when I do get paid I will splurge on new clothes, shoes, accessories and books this moth than beauty products. I really want to improve my collection but I think I can wait and do it the next month. I might buy a few things but not go all out.  I hope I can do it because I have been eying new shoes for months now and never took the plunge. I also need to update my wardrobe and I need to try to incorporate fall trends into summer type clothes since it is too hot to wear fall type clothes. I might try to find the colors and the shoes but cardigans and boots wise I really can’t get until I go back to the US.

My mom and I made brownies today and it was so much fun. It reminded me of the days when I was a kid liking the frosting until I was sticky. I did it today and I laughed too much. I got it everywhere as always but this time I was the one to clean it up.

I took a picture right after we put frosting and cut it but I didn’t take a picture of myself since I felt too messy.

I recently changed my layout on my blog. I worked so hard on it and it took a whole day too figure all of it out.  I am happy with it but I am never contented with a certain design.

I created a new tumblr! I might just post about stuff beauty and fashion from weheartit and customize it! Follow it here!

I think i will have a fun time on tumblr! I quit once before but still update my other tumblr ever so often. Starting new feels good and I hope i can keep it up and design my own theme again!

I have a few other posts I am working on! First is a haul, a couple reviews and a new segment for my blog

If anyone is interested in being featured in my blog just email me here: crownedroyals@gmail.com or comment here on this entry! I am always on my blackberry so nowadays I never miss a thing.

I might ask a few questions and you can add to it and make your own blog post on any topic beauty or fashion related. It's both a plus for both of us really and it will give me a chance to get to know more people that have similar interest as me and that I can learn more about different products or trends!

I hope this goes well. I do have a few questions but I want to leave the rest to the guest blogger.

This was such a random entry and I just wanted to write. I’ve been having good weeks I guess and I hope I get more into blogging!

What was your week like? Leave it in the comments!


NYFW | Spring Collections 2012

Hi lovelies,  

I have always been amazed with fashion shows as a kid and now I learned to appreciate them. My criteria is still a little similar as when I was a kid, what was pretty, what caught my eye and the way the models carried the dress?   

So, i choose through some designers that I know and from who I discovered recently and what I liked from the runways.

Alexander McQueen Resort 2012



I love the simpleness of the dresses yet they are so elegant. I love the black and gold a very pretty combination. I didn't find any that I could maybe incorporate in everyday outfits but if I were to find a dress I would pick one of these! I also like the shoes that the models are wearing it puts the look together.

Betsey Johnson Spring 2012


I love the pretty bold pieces from this collection. I have always been a fan but never followed her religiously. I do love the spring time patterns plus the bold colors. I would truly love to wear this next spring. I wasn't a fan of the shoes here because I'm not really a boot kind of girl but the colors are really pretty and makes the outfit pop. I especially love the hair and make up on the models, I really want to try this look.

Honor Spring 2012


What I like about this collection was the simple black and white lace look. I especially love the first outfit and it could totally be worn for spring and fall. The other dress really are so cute and I love all the 50's inspired looks they copy. I didn't really like the shoes here either only the last pair. Those I would go out and buy. 

Moschino Resort 2012

This has been my favorite collection I have seen in this years NYFW. I love the colors and the style. I like that it is also a little bit of Blair Waldorf's from Gossip Girl style in the beginning. It kind of has an older feel to some of the pieces like the ones with the coats but I still do like it. It is even more prettier when the pinks come out. I love the spring pieces so much and I would love to find a few outfits like these to wear. I would pick different shoes with the outfits though because they seem to simple for me. I do like the gladiator sandals though and I adore the bags too.

I am still going through some other shows and I will get that posted soon. I really love to get into this since I want to take fashion design when I go off to a university! 

What was your favorite part of NYFW? Leave it in the comments!


Weekly Wishes of 9/11/11

WW: 9/11/11
Nikon D5100 Digital SLR, Apple iPhone 4 in White, Juicy Couture New Crest Case, Kate Spade new york Case, Sony Bloggie MHS-TS20, Sony VAIO Y Series 

Hi Lovelies,

Today i am back with another Weekly Wishes. Except this time its not about beauty! After shopping for a whole day for beauty products I saw more interesting stuff that I really want to buy for myself. I do need a treat once in a while!

1. Nikon D5100 Digital SLR I have wanted a new SLR camera for a while now and my dad says this is the best one for me. I am taking photography next fall since it is under my course requirements and I think a new camera would be a great benefit for me. I could take better pictures for my blog and I do love taking scenery pictures when I go on a trip. I hope I get it but it is too expensive right now. I think i might wait for a sale.

2. Apple iPhone 4 in White
I've been looking into a new phone for when my plan expires.I always wanted an iphone but my dad still hates them. I did go to my wireless carrier store and tried the iphone 4 and i do like it. I fell in love with the cute cases instead of the phone though.

3. Juicy Couture New Crest Case
So now on to my new addiction. When I go to the mall I see these lovely Iphone cases and that's pretty much why I want one. They don't have any cute cases for the blackberry though. I saw the Juicy Couture one and just needed it too bad they don't make one for a blackberry which disappoints me since I want it to match with my purse.

4. Kate Spade New York Case
This is my favorite color and I couldn't resist. I want to buy a case for everyday, for holidays and for my phone to match my purse and maybe some of my outfits! I just love the cases and I would have to buy a million to stop my want for them!

5. Sony VAIO Y Series 
 I need a new laptop. Mine is still good but it is too heavy and big to carry around with me. I have always dreamed for a pink laptop so I hope I can get this plus it fits my needs and that is a plus for me and my dad. I could do a lot with this and it would help with my editing and I can take it to shoots for film class. 

6. Sony Bloggie MHS-TS20 HD
 I don't know why I want this but I do. I love to take videos and document a lot of stuff especially on trips where I travel to new places and for doing video projects in media class. I just think it would be good for me and maybe I could start making youtube videos more.

7. BlackBerry PlayBook When I looked at the iphone, I saw on the other side of the store was the Blackberry. Then I saw the Playbook and fell in love. I got to play with it and I was quite happy with it. I don't think i want the Apple Ipad maybe in the future but I do want a tablet and these one passed my standards.

As you can see I love the color pink! All of my stuff now are pink. I mean everything is. I love the color and I am getting obsessed with collecting pink things. In my next chit-chat I will talk about my love for pink.

What expensive gadget do you want? Leave it in the comments!

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