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Hi Lovelies,

Even though, I have said that I don't really have a make up collection well I did when I was little. I saw this tag over at Adorabeauty's blog and decided to do it myself since I remember my first make up products. I even still have a few. I don't use them anymore but I know they are somewhere in my old hello kitty make up bag. a

So I started wearing make up when I was 3 years old. I was in dance class and for photo shoots and recitals I had to wear make up. My mom applied it and I remember enjoying it so much. But now as I think back to my younger years, I had looked like a clown. My mom didn't really know how to apply make up so it was just caked on and heavy. The dance studio advised to be heavy so it can be noticed on stage but my mom took it on to another level. I had the bluest eyeshadow, the pinkest cheeks and the reddest lips. Back then since we were just kids they didn't laugh at me but if I wore it now I would be laughed at. I think i wore that kind of make up 'till I was twelve because my mom couldn't come into the dressing room with me before the shows. The older girls helped us so we were decent looking. I always got my hair done at the salon before the show but I just realized why I didn't get my make up done too. So enough of my story let's get to the tag.

1. First Foundation:
I remember my first liquid foundation being when I was three. It was cold against my face and it was a really dark color but I was very pale. i don't know how it turned out but it worked. I don't remember the brand but I think it was Clinque or something. I think it started with a 'C' so it might be different. So, my first official foundation would be my Maybelline Pure Make up. I got it last month and its okay. I will do a review about it later.

2. First Powder:
I was so excited when my mom let me get my first make up product. I bought a Covergirl compact powder from Walmart and I was the one who picked the shade and surprisingly it matched my skin tone. She also let me get a clear mascara from Maybelline. I started using it on my 8th grade graduation and didn't stop. So that night I had a white face and long lashes with just a coat of chapped stick. I was the only girl in my 8th grade class not wearing make up for the ceremony. I wasn't even allowed to wear heels. My mom was really strict about this stuff. I was lucky enough to get my hair and nails done and she was a little mad about that. I'm glad now she has reduced her level of strictness and I still don't wear heavy make up but just simple. I mean come on. i am 18!

3. First Eyeshadow:
I had a few but I think it was a Wet N Wild a neutral quad and a pink eyeshadow, a Revlon Eyeshadow quad and a Covergirl quad with outrageous blue colors. My mom just swiped the color on my lids. She put probably four layers so it can be noticed. I still have the quads in my old make up bag. I have no idea why i kept lots of it but its just memories for me.

4. First Mascara:
My mom let me get a clear mascara from Maybelline for my 8th graduation along with my pressed powder. I first got my first real mascara in 10th grade. And I got the Maybelline Great Lash in Brown ( I wasn't allowed to use black yet) cause that was popular. I had such a hard time applying. Now I am so good at it but looking back I had always gotten it everywhere.

5. First Eyeliner:
The first eyeliner I got was when I was a senior in high school. I needed it for a play and so I decided to buy one on my own without my mom's permission. It was a Maybelline Line Express in Black I had picked up at our local Rite-Aid. She had never noticed that wore it off and on when I felt like it. It ward to apply and I know I stabbed my eyes a few times but as soon as I mastered it I loved it. 

6. First Blush:
I thought blush was the coolest thing before. I loved to put it on my eyes and not just my cheeks. My mom had applied it all over my face that I looked like I was a strawberry. It was the classic Wet N Wild Blush in a very bright pink. 

7. First Concealer:
I actually got my first concealer last week. I know its kind of embarrassing. But after long hours of college work my bags have gotten worse so I took the plunge and bought a concealer for my under eye circles. It is a Revlon Anti-Age Concealer and I will do a review maybe in a day or so. I only used this product four times so I want to wait a little longer before I get it up. 

8. First Lip Color
My first lip product was Cover Girl Outlast Double Lip Shine. I sometimes skipped the color and applies the gloss. It was my favorite thing in high school. Now I just put a lip balm with a hint of color but back then I was for the dramatic lips. It even tasted good!

So those were my first make up products! I loved doing this tag and if you have any to suggest leave it in the comments. I might do a part to with more like first bronzer, high-end product stuff like that!.

Hope you do this tag! 

Weekly Wishes of 8/27/11

WW: 8/27/11
Black long sleeve cardigan, Black Tights, Burgundy Leather Ballerina Shoe, Juicy Couture Suede Bow Clutch, Juicy Couture Scottie Embroidery Daydreamer Bag, Juicy Couture Sequin Crown Daydreamer Bag, Juicy Couture Gem Lock Flap Crossbody Bag, Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfume, LUSH Ocean Salt, L'Oréal Studio Secrets Perfecting Base, Hairdryer Roller Brush, NARS Pressed Powder

Hi Lovelies.

Today's is another Weekly Wishes! I am collecting them so I can just print out my list when I go shopping next week.

So I have been obsessed with Juicy Couture products. I have been browsing their site and dreaming of owning everything on there. I am in love and I can finally say this is my favorite high-end product. I like it better than all those other brands of fashion purses. I will have a few of their products in whole wish list on their products. I'm still working on that.

1. Cardigans
I want a new cardigan but its still so hot where I live that I can only wear it inside my classroom. I might get two just because I want a fit one and a lose one for my uniform. I think I might get a burgendy red (to match my uniform) and a black and grey one like the pictures above.

2. Black Tights
This has been on a mental wish list of mine for a while but I would never wear them to school. I would just wear them for special occasions and my business attire days. I think they are really cute and just another trend I want to try.

3. Burgendy Ballet Flats
Flat shoes are always what i wear besides other fancy shoes like wedges and heels. I hate wearing other shoes besides those three. Since the season Fall is coming up I have decided to go with my intuition and swift to Fall colors and a little bit of the fashion. I miss the changing seasons, here I lack the feeling of having to change my routine. While others think its good to not change you'll start to miss the cold and the weather changing. I miss California even though its burning hot there I would still trade places with someone to feel the different seasons again.

4, Juicy Couture Bow Clutch
I have no idea why I want a clutch since I already have three but I do need a pink one for an upcoming occasion at school and it would look perfect with my outfit. I love the bow and the polka dots so that was a plus for me.

5. Juicy Couture Dreambag Tote
More Juicy bags, I know I am obssesed but I dont know what to choose. I just want to put my options out there so I know which to choose. This is just a continuation of last weeks wants.

6. Juicy Couture Small lock bag
These kinds of bags are real popular and i thought I could use them when I only have one class on Saturday instead of taking my huge Juicy bag everywhere with me. I like the color and texture and I hope the store here has the same one.

7. Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy
Perfumes are great except i usually forget to buy more and just go with a simple body spray. I usually never buy name brand perfumes just simple ones from the drug stores. I know they dont last but I still enjoy them and their scents. I have heard great reviews on this perfume and have to try it. I don't know though the difference. I read on the site that there are flavors. Is it true? Because I want vanilla.

8. Lush Ocean Salt
This is another product I heard great reviews about. Since I know there is a Lush Store here I want to try a few products and have been doing some blog research on products that are being used most. I had read a blog that says this is such a good facial cleaner. I hope it is but if it isn't i can still use it as a body wash.

9. Nars Pressed Powder
I have been looking for a finishing powder and a pressed powder so I hope this does the trick. I am still learning make up stuff so I hope I am right. I might get this to replace my Covergirl powder.

10. Hairdryer Brush
Mine had broke so I need a new one. Since I got a new hair dryer it would be good to get one so i can full dry my hair.

Another wish list. I want too much. But if I can get  it makes my stress go down and I can't get  down again. I hope I can get at least 15 out of my 20 wants. But I will document my experience so I am real excited.

I will be posting a lot more this weekend since I have 4 days off! I also changed my blog layout and design. I hope you like it cause I love it. I'm not that good with banners but I try.

Okay, 'till next post.

Oh I forgot, what do you plan to purchase next? Leave it in the comments!


Nails | Black, White and Gray All-over

Hi Lovelies,

Here are some pictures I took today of my nails using my nail polishes I bought the yesterday. This is what happened of me experimenting with my new nail supplies.

My Left Hand

I used a hot pink crackle nail polish on my index and ring finger. This was my first attempt at crackle nail polish and it turned out I needed to apply only one layer. It was fast to crack and to dry so I was happy about that.

I used a gray base coat on all nails the one I'm holding. I painted a flower on my thumb but it didn't show up on camera. On my middle finger I applied a criss-cross technique with the black and white nail pens and put dots on the bottom of it. My pinky which you can see better in my other pictures has leaves and a black paw print.

My Right Hand

This picture is a kind of blurry cause I can't take pictures with my left hand. On my right hand I thought I'd do the opposite which is my thumb, middle finger and pink have the crackle nail polish. On my index finger I have a zebra strip attempt but it turned out to be just lines with dots on the end. And on my ring finger had a paint blob with polka-dots on it.

That was my first attempt at nail art and I hope it's not the last. I will start practicing so I can get better cause this was a lot of fun doing. I hope I can get better over time since I have been painting my nails forever now.

What is your favorite color nail polish? Leave it in the comments!

A Small Beauty Haul

Hi Lovelies,

Yesterday I went to the mall to get some shoes but instead of getting new shoes (since they didn't have anything I liked) I went to the beauty boutiques and looked around. I was planning on not getting anything and to save my money but they just caught my eye.

So, this is a different mall I went to much farther from my campus and a little smaller. I like it just the same but it doesn't really have the luxurious products like the other one. This mall has much more selection on shoes and clothes. As i enter the Robinson Department Store. I go over to the accessories and look around. Surprisingly I didn't pick anything but when I walked over to the hair tools and products I see an adorable hair dryer. I asked the sales lady if they had one with a cool setting and the lady said yes and picked it off the shelf. When she pulled it out of the box I automatically had to get it. It was my favorite color plus I kind of needed one.

Amstar Hair Dryer 1,000 php (Philippine Pesos)

It comes with a diffuser and another attachment ( i don't know what you call it) It has different heat and cold settings so it works perfectly. I use the cold more since I can't find a heat protector for my hair. It just makes it more unlikely for my hair to get more damaged because it is too damaged from straightening. I got it for 1,000 pesos.

After I bought my hair dryer I went around the mall enjoying my day and as I was walking to Dairy Queen I saw a nail shop that was doing manicures and selling nail supplies. The beauty store i had went to previously pointed me there but I ignored them and went on my way. I finally went and saw they had all the stuff i wanted. They even demoed on my nails but I didn't get a picture of it. They taught me some techniques and I had to buy some stuff from them since the lady was so nice.

BK Crackle Nail Polish Set in #08 250 php, BNC Nail Polish in Red and Grey 200 php, Nail Pen in White and Black 150 php, Beauty Tools Nail Stick 50 php, Nail Decals

First I got a nail crackle set. It comes with a gold sparkly base coat, a pink crackle polish and a clear coat. It cost me 250 pesos. They had a lot of different colors and I might go back and get more. Next, I got 2 nail polishes. One in red and another in gray. It doesn't say what name they are or a code so I don't know what to call it. They cost 100 pesos a piece. Then i got 2 nail pens in white and black. They were 150 pesos each. The last thing I got was a nail tool for the nail pen for 50 pesos that can make different designs. I might do a video on some designs but it might be a while. And i got some nail decals for free since the lady was so nice and just gave them to me cause I had bought so many things. Anther lady who was buying stuff got her nails done for only 150 pesos and that was a cheap offer. Plus they are such pretty designs. I will get mine done next month for a party at my college.

That is what I bought yesterday and I bought a concealer but that will be in another post with swatches and a review. Hope you enjoyed!

What did you buy this week? Leave it in the comments!


An Ensamble Fit for a Queen


Weekly Wishes of 8/20/11

WW: 8/20/11 
Juicy Couture 'After Dark' Daydreamer Tote ~ Juicy Couture Small leather satchel ~
Cotton Quilted Large Make-Up Bag ~ Urban Decay Naked Palette ~ Brush Set ~ Nars Lip Gloss ~ Glitter Nail Polish ~ Revlon-Sheer Nude ~ Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub ~ Philips  Lady shaver
Hi Lovelies!

Today's post is a glimpse of my wish list! 

I am so excited to do my first Weekly Wishes! Since I have become so addicted with beauty, blogging and polyvore I can't stop. I might start posting these twice a week if I can or at least four times a month. Which is one every week! I have enjoyed making lists and plus I have a lot of wants, it will be so much fun and I loved picking out my favorites things to buy. 

After my mall adventure which you read last post, I decided to create a list of what things I can pick up when I do go shopping. It was kind of hard to limit myself but I had to or else they wouldn't fit.

1. Juicy Couture 'After Dark' Daydreamer Tote
I bought a Juicy Couture last month and I thought I needed another one right away. So I went to their site and I decided another tote wouldn't hurt. I just fell in love and need another one. This one is probably out of stock or old but if I do find it I will totally get it.

2. Juicy Couture Small leather satchel
I want a satchel bag, I want it in Tan and leather plus this was a bonus since it was Juicy Couture. I think they are so cute and so very veritable for different outfits. I might pick one up soon at the department store! I also want to follow the trend and usually I don't follow I start but I think this is an exception. There not yet popular so I hope I'll be the to get it started.

3. Cotton Quilted Large Make-Up Bag
I need a new make-bag that will fit in an already bigger make-up bag that I use to put shampoo and hygiene products in. Sometimes all my make-up is just scattered on the bottom and it makes it harder to find. I want a floral one and a fairly large one. I want to be able to put other things in it besides make up so I will go looking for one the next shopping trip.  

4. Urban Decay Naked Palette
I have seen so many reviews on this product that I want it myself. I want a neutral eyeshadow palette and this looks promising. The only problem is I can't find it here in the Philippines and i don't buy things online. So if I ever find it I will so get it and I have been entering so many contests on blog and youtube to get it but I have no luck yet. Maybe in the future when I go on vacation in the States.

5. Brush Set
I need to get me a set of brushes and I don't know if I should get a complete set or buy them individually. I don't have to many palettes so I need to start building up my collection. I haven't decided on a brand yet but I did find a cheap complete set but I'm unsure if i should get it. I need to go look for more before i decide.

6. Nars Lip Gloss
I do want a Nars Lipgloss and I saw the stand at them mall and since I don't know what to get yet I decided on lip gloss. I am kind of new to all this but I am learning. I'm not sure what color yet but i want a natural color and a kind of berry color. I will ask advice once I get to the Nars counter.

7. Glitter Nail Polish
I have been obsessed with doing my nails so I wanted a new kind of polish and look to my nails. I decided glitter polish would be a new change. I saw some really pretty glitter polish with big chunks so I might get a few colors in that. Like rainbow and silver for now.

8. Revlon-Sheer Nude
The only color I don't have in my nail polish collection is a nude peachy color. I saw there was a sale on Revlon polish the other day so I hope to get this color. I want this color mainly to give my nails a change from dark and bright colors of Summer and Spring.

9. Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub
After seeing the Lush Store I went on Beautylish to search some things out and what caught my eye was this lip scrub. with the weather changing every second my lips are so dry. Its either from the hotness of the sun or from the coldness from the rain. I think its the humidity but it seems like my lips are dry and flaky. I'm getting this one i go to cure my chapped lips.

10. Philips  Lady shaver
Last but not least. I need a new razor. I have been using Veet on my legs but I am tired of the process. Its to slow and I have to wait a few days to put lotion and to realive the numbness and redness. I like the after effects but I want to try something new. I saw this and totally will buy it next time I go to the beauty section.

I cant believe I actually picked ten without thinking about it. I hope I can do a haul if I do get these things and I hope I can get another post like this up next week.  Since this one was my first I was so excited I had to explain the reason I was getting the item. Some I might not explain in much detail like this one was. I might just have its link and a polyvore picture.

Maybe tomorrow I will post my series and get a new layout done. It takes up so much of my time but I enjoy it so much. 

What's your wish list for the week? Leave it in the comment! 


chit-chat | A Pleasured Treasurable Find

Hi Lovelies,

So, today for my second chit-chat I want to talk to you about just random things that made me happy this last week.

I had a documentary to shoot for my media class and I had to meet my guy friend at the mall so we wouldn’t have to go all the way to the campus and waste our time traveling. So, I meet him at McDonalds, at lunch and he wanted to go to a department store to check on a certain perfume for his mom’s birthday. I of course agreed and we strolled through the mall together. I went to that mall around 5 times since I have gone to college and I got to say it is pretty neat. This mall is located near a foreigner/rich community so the mall is pretty much developed for the kind of needs for this class of people.

I fell in love. No not with my guy friend but with the mall. It was the first time I actually explored it. I had gone with my best friend before but this time it was so totally different. They had the most amazing stuff and back then I wasn’t really into beauty stuff but now that I am I just stared at the perfection in front of me.

They had NARS, Clinique and some other high-end products. But unfortunately no MAC products. I live in the Philippines right now and I cannot find anything I need over here. I either have to ship it over to me or else it is extremely hard to find. So when I did find these products I just couldn’t control myself. My guy friend had to literally drag me out of the store while the sales lady just smiled and waved to us.

After my disappointment I was forced to leave the department store in a rush since I still needed to go to my cousin’s house to borrow some dvds for our documentary. We roamed the mall for a few more minutes and that is when magic struck again.

My guy friend couldn’t find the short cut so we took the long way out of the mall. I was so glad we did though. I had found the greatest part of the mall!! The beauty stores!! I was in heaven and I just needed to stop by but of course my guy friend said we head to go. I just stared at it.

There was a LUSH Store. I was so happy to see it since ever since I saw some great reviews I wanted to try their products. And there is a big beauty store that will satisfy all my needs. I just couldn’t believe what I had found and that made me so extremely and over the top happy.

At the end of the month when my money comes I will definitely go back and just go shopping crazy! I planned on what I want to buy and I am sure I will do a haul if I buy a lot. I am so glad that it is just walking distance from my college campus.

The day ended with me and my guy friend going to my cousins to film some segments. I do thank him though for showing me around (but not intentionally showing me the beauty stuff)  I do thank him since he has grown up here.

Be sure to watch out for my new series that I will post on my blog. I am so excited and have been procrastinating course work just to finalize this segment to post and I can’t wait for everyone to see it. After the editing of our documentary I will have it up.

What have you discovered this week that has made you happy? Leave it in the comments! 


The A to Z of Me Tag

Hello Lovelies,

This Tag will give you some facts about me.

I finally got around on doing another entry since I have three days off because of the typhoon here! I like the free time and I have time to catch up on all my projects plus I get to hang out and blog for the day.

A – Age : 18
B- Bed size: Queen
C – Chore You Hate: Pretty Much all of them!
D – Day: Saturday
F – Favorite Color: Hot Pink
G – Gold of Silver: I want to say Gold but I pick Silver.
H – Height: 5’7
I – Instrument: I would love to learn to play the flute!
J – Job Title: College Student
K – Kids: none so far but I would love some in the future.
L – Live: Philippines
M – Mom’s Name: Linda
N – Nicknames: Jackie
O – Overnight stay at hospital: yes, when I was 4! I had surgery on my nose and ear. It hurt afterwords!
P – Pet Peeve: a person that is late when they promised they would be there at a certain time!
Q – Quote from a Movie/TV show: "There's something sweet and almost kind. But he was mean and he was coarse and unrefined, but now he's dear and so unsure, I wonder why I didn't see it there before."
-Belle. Beauty and the Beast
R – Right or left-handed: right-handed
S – Siblings: none. only me, myself and I.
T – Time you wake up: 4:30 am I had class at 8.
U – Unicorns: Yes, I would want one as a pet.
V – Vegetable you hate: Corn
W – What makes you run late: my hair and make-up and organizing my stuff/purse for class.
X – X-rays you’ve had: lungs and ears.
Y – Yummy food you make: waffles!
Z – Zoo: I'll set the date!

I really love Tags now and will have to find more! So I hope we both get to look forward to that!
I got this tag from a random blog (i forgot the name!) from Beautylish.com

'Till next time...

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