How to | Inverted 'V' Nail Art

Hello Lovelies,

I was gone a while but I am back. When you blog everyday for a month it really gets hard so I took a break and now that I am full of ideas again I will post more often.

Today I did my nails and thought maybe I could do a tutorial on them so I did!

Here is the finish product:

Start off applying a base coat and prepping your nails by cutting them or filling them or just giving yourself an at home manicure.

I only painted half of my nails but if you want to paint the whole nail I don't think there will be a problem.
I used 3 coats to make the polish opaque.

I hope you enjoyed the design. I had fun making and designing this tutorial. More in the future to come!

What is on your nails today? Leave it in the comments!

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