Hello Lovelies,
I don’t know how my obsession started but I do know that it won’t stop until I buy at least one of these. 

So what am I talking about? I am talking about these lovely perfumes!

I’ve never been intrigued by high-end perfume until now. It seems like this started when I was with my dad at the mall a few weeks ago. I went into the exclusive department store; it kind of reminds me of Macy’s. I had to drag my dad in but he was willing because I had to try to resist the stores he went into (e.g computer, electronic stores. I like them but wasn’t in the mood since my feet were in pain) Okay back to the topic, I was in the makeup counters and perfume section and decided to approach a really pretty ad I saw. The bottle was so pretty and when I saw the name I just gasped. I recently got into Juicy Couture so I didn’t know about their products yet just the bags.

Juicy Couture: "Viva La Juicy"

Walking up to it a lady approached me and asked if I would like to try it. I gladly accepted and it was heaven. After she sprayed it, I couldn’t really smell my wrist right away because of my allergies but I couldn’t resist and risked myself to sneezing all day just to smell it. To my surprise I didn’t have any reaction to it. I didn’t sniffle up or even feel my nose tickle inside. This was a miracle for my part. In that minute I knew I needed to buy this perfume. I asked the saleslady and she had told me the price. I was that close in getting it and she crushed my hopes hard. The price was 10,000php for the large bottle and 5,000php for the small bottle. I knew this was going to be expensive but I didn’t know it was going to be that much for it. I said I would think about it trying to pretend I wasn’t satisfied but I couldn’t hide from myself the urge that I needed it. This department store was real expensive and I knew a lot of things were very nice but I just couldn’t handle there price. My dad said he wouldn’t spend that much on a perfume so we left the store.

So, ever since then I have wanted that perfume. I loved the way it lingered on my skin. When I got home I smelled my wrist getting all the scent out right before I took a shower. Another time I went to another mall but I didn’t have hope I would find it. After an hour search I came across a small perfume boutique shop and asked. To my surprise they had it. It was a reasonable price but I still couldn’t afford it but when I get money at the end of this month I will definitely get it. The price of 3,000php for the big bottle is more in my range and I checked on the Juicy Couture site that it was the same amount. I guess the other mall was just 
too overpriced on their items.  

I converted it over for my reference so here it goes:

10,000php for 3.4 oz = $231

On the Juicy Couture site the 3.4 oz is $89.00

5,000php for 1.7 oz = $115.50

On the Juicy Couture site the 1.7 oz is $69.00

And I found the 3.4 oz for 3,000php which is $69.60           

I think that is the best deal I can get. I hope I do get it and not deny myself. It would be a great disappointment since I did set my goals high for it.

The next perfume I have my eye on is Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck!

I discovered this through my facebook page and I saw there was this Ad for this perfume and I automatically wanted it. I do not know why I want it but I was sold when I saw the commercial.

It is such a cute bottle and I am fan of the song "Enchanted" it was the first song I fell in love with off of the "Speak Now" album.

I love her dress in the picture and since my theme for my Debutant Ball was just like this I immediately fell in love. I love that the campaign is like a Fairytale because I am all about that stuff and all her fairytale themes I truly loved. I can't even pick another word to describe how much I like this theme!

The last perfume I have an eye on is Bebe's Sheer.

I went in to my local department store and scanned through the perfume department since I love to stare at the pretty bottles. This one particular caught me eye and I had to give it a wiff. As soon as the guy applied it to a sample paper, I smelt it and it smelled like apples! I was expecting something sweeter since the bottle is a heart but I thought the scent was very fragrant.

It was on promo when I went but he said it would last a while so I might go back and get it next month. I have my eye on another perfume right now. It came with a free bag so I hope I still get it.

It wasn't that expensive either. The 3.4oz was only 3,500php so I guess it is affordable for my taste.

Just look at the bottle!

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What perfume do you got your eye on? Leave it in the comments!