Hi Lovelies,

So, I didn’t know that my haul post would be split in 3 parts! I might need to do a part 4 because I am telling you they won’t fit. I don’t want to do a long introduction so let’s just get into the pictures cause that is what everyone is waiting for.

Okay, guess what this is? But I think you know by the title. Is it a wallet or a clutch?

Nope, it is my brand new makeup brushes! I was so excited to get these and I splurged and got more brushes with this set instead of others that didn’t have too many brushes. 

Since I am a beginner I didn’t want to get so many but for 500 more I decided it wouldn’t hurt. So the brushes were 2,000php and they are by Dashe Cosmetics. I really like them but maybe next time I might buy some MAC or even Sigma Brushes. These are just my beginner brushes so I can learn and try new looks.

They are really soft and they are pretty. I love that the handles are purple but I prefer it to be pink. Overall they are a nice beginner set and I would love to use these next time I do a look or a special occasion. I really want to wait ‘till I buy more eyeshadow palettes and to buy the stuff to clean it with like alcohol and brushes cleanser.

Beautylish, beauty blogs and youtube has helped me learn how to clean the brushes and what each brush is for and how to use it. I really am learning and I can’t wait to use them. I might buy a travel kit next because these are too pretty and too big to be taking around with me.

What was your first brush set? Leave it in the comments!