Ghost Nail Tutorial

Happy Halloween Lovelies!

I can't believe it is Halloween again and I can't believe this is the last day of Blogtober. I really enjoyed this month and I really wanted to go out with a bang so I am posting my first nail tutorial. I am so excited!

Okay so here is the The finished look:

Let's get started.

The materials I used were:

A white nail polish (I bought it at a kiosk at the mall)
A cosmetic sponge
A black nail stripper or nail art pen
& a dotting tool (which I used an eraser with a map pin on it)

The total time I spent doing these nails were about 30 minutes and 45 minutes including drying time.

Step 1:

I applied a base coat and waited 2 minutes for it to dry.

Step 2:

I Painted my sponge with the white polish. Instead of applying a few drops to paper I decide to add a few brush strokes directly to the sponge. It takes less time and the results were the same.

Step 3:
Gently sponge on the polish. I used dabbing and circular swirling motions but if you have you own technique in sponging go wright ahead.

Step 4:
Once dried grab your dotting tool and make to ovals in the middle for the ghost's eyes.

Step 5:

Make 3 triangles on the bottom and connect them together. Outline the shape of you nail and connect the triangles with the lines.

Step 6:

Apply a top coat and your done!
I really enjoyed making this tutorial and I hope to do more in the future. As I said before I am so sad that I might not be able to post everyday anymore but I will definitely try every week.

Thank you for letting me go on this journey with everyone and I am starting a few more entries for November like my favorites a hair diaries and a couple of reviews. I am doing Nanowrimo so I am fully focused on that for a month.

Okay I should go. Everyone have a fun Halloween!

What are you dressed up as today? Leave it in the comments!


Nails | Spider Webs

Hi Lovelies!

I wanted to do a nail post today. I did these a week ago to try them out and I didn't really like them but I might try again.

My inspiration was from cutepolish spider web tutorial and I thought I could do it myself.

So those were my spooky spider web nails. The pictures were kind of blurry because I don't know how to focus my slr very good with one hand and this was my first nail post with this camera but I am getting used to it and I will have a tripod next time to help me out.

What is your creepy nail art design this week? Leave it in the comments!


Past Halloween Costumes

Hello Lovelies!

Yesterdays post was so fun I really wanted to do something like it again so I thought I would talk about my previous costumes! I really loved everything I wore except the pumpkin but the rest was all so cute.

The back story is my mom hated the color black and I could never wear it when I was a child. She was so superstitious so I didn't get to wear that color. I didn't even get to dress up as anything spooky like a vampire or a witch because she wouldn't let me so all of my costumes were cute and bright and just not very haunted for the holiday.

Whenever I went to the Halloween Costume store it took me hours to find a costume and choose who I wanted to be. Now that I am older it seems easier and now I can make a costume for myself.

Let's go through the years,

At the age of 2 was my first time my mom dressed me up. I don't recall going trick-or-treating but I have so many pictures of me wearing this costume. That year I was a Barbie Fairy Princess and I even had a wand and some wings and I think a crown. Even back then I loved crowns and tiaras. It wasn't quit like the picture but it was kind of like that.

At the age of 3 was when I started Ballet so naturally that year I was a ballerina. My parents even got me to pose for my whole family when they came over. I remember the tutu wasn't that big but it was fairly poofy. My mom even did my hair pretty so it would match the costume.

Now at the age of 4 I entered tap class so that year our costume was a show girl and yes I did wear it and I loved it. I even had feathers on my head which was so awesome and I even had this poofy feather tail thing in the back and it swayed when I walked. This was my favorite thing to wear and I didn't want to take it off.

I was a really sexy 4 year old showing some skin and those legs. I can't believe I wore this but it is still cute to me.

Okay now I skip to when I was in school and what grade I was in.

At the age of 5 was when I entered preschool and that was when I wore the Hello Kitty Princess costume I talked about in my Tag post yesterday. I am not going to talk about it much anymore.

In kindergarten I dressed up as a genie. I went with my mom's friend and her kids that year so it was more fun. I even got to dance in my genie costume at the mall for a dance show with my dance studio so that was pretty fun to do. the picture is like the actually the same one I wore so it was convenient finding it. I think it is standard though.

 On to first grade I was a pumpkin which I hated with a passion. I refused to go trick-or-treating that year because I hated it so much. I still went but in a different costume. I don't know why I hated it but i just didn't like it and it was too plain for me. I loved pumpkins but this was ugly.

On to 2nd grade. We got to have a Halloween Parade on campus since I switched schools and that year I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I just loved the shoes and I had bought the shoes way before the costume and I had to wear them since they were so cute. I enjoyed the costume but I thought it wasn't that entertaining. 

In 3rd grade I was 2 things. I wore my costume I used in a recital for dance which was a sexy genie and a cowgirl. My genie costume was really embarrassing because it exposed my stomach and was really itchy from the sequins. I won best costume though. I remember my mom yanking off my jacket before the parade to show my costume. It was really cold and I felt so exposed. I did the parade and later I changed into my cowgirl costume. I liked it more because of the hat and because of the boots.

My costume was very similar to this except it had pink and gold in it. It also wasn't a bra like this it came down more and was like a sports bra and a short cami but it really was very reveling.

My cowgirl costume was just like this but it was red and white. I really liked it and I just loved the hat of mine. my mom even did my hair in braids to look like a real cowgirl.

This is wear it gets annoying. With me trying to accomplish my dream of being a cheerleader I wore it 3 years in a row. Of course every year I bought a new one but I had worn the same kind of costume so many times. I wore it from 4th to 6th grade. I kind of regret it now because I should of explored my options and been something else but I really enjoyed this costume! I didn't really go trick-or-treating through these grades but i did go to my classroom parties and the school parties. In sixth grade I dint go out much I just stayed and gave away candy while I was in my costume. I did go to the neighbors though.

In 7th grade I finally realized I should be something else and since our dogs name is Angel well I decided to be an angel. My gown was so long and hot to be in that night. I loved the wings and the feathers on them but my halo kept falling, maybe it was telling me I wasn't really an angel. I didn't really enjoy this costume but I did love the wings. I actually found the same one I wore again. I went with my neighbor trick-or-treating and we got so much candy and I got home so late that it was past my bedtime. I had so much fun.

In 8th grade I wore the same dress but made it shorter and made the sleeves shorter so i was a sexy princess angel that year. I took of the wings and halo and added some heels and a tiara I bought. I just recycled the costume and so did my best friend. This was in my chit chat I did of my favorite Halloween memory.

In 9th grade was the last time I dressed up and went trick-or-treating. I was a fifties girl and it was another recital outfit. I thought it was so cute since it was my favorite color. I put my hair up and I put a long ribbon in  my hair to complete the costume. I didn't go with my best friend because her grandmother was in the hospital but I did go through the neighborhood and got candy. The top is different on mine but it is the same skirt and the details on it.

And I stopped after that but this year I was planning on dressing up and as I said before I might be a sexy ballerina. I already posted some ideas but here they are again.

So that is it with my Halloween Costumes of the Past! Hope you enjoyed it.

What are you going to be for Halloween this year? Leave it in the comments!


Halloween Tag

Hello Lovelies,

I really loved reading my chit-chat from the other day and it brought back some good memories so I wanted to do this Tag and recall some of those memories. Halloween is my 2nd favorite holiday so I really love it and want to celebrate it.

I got this tag on youtube and I waited for this week to do  it. Here is where I got the tag from: MissGlamorazzi and Joey Garceffa, Halloween Tag

 The Questions:

1. Favorite Halloween movie?
 My Favorite Halloween Movie is Casper. I love the movie and watched it every time it came on. I am so surprised I wasn't scared because it was about a ghost and I hate ghosts but still Casper was so friendly and it had a good plot too!

2. What age did you stop trick-or-treating?
I stopped trick-or-treating when I was 15 because I came over to the Philippines and they don't celebrate it here! I miss it so much and I don't care if I am too old I would still go even though I am 18 if they had it here.

 3. Favorite Halloween costume you have worn?

I cannot pick but I have too! I was a Hello Kitty Princess when I was in Kindergarten. we had a parade around the block and my teacher thought I was so cute that she put me in the front. I even wore the ears and a bow. I have a picture of the costume but I don't know where they are anymore but it was similar to the one above. Also it was my first costume I picked myself so I was really proud to wear it and Hello Kitty was my favorite.

4. What are you going to be this year?

I am going to be a ballerina because I have a corset from my ballgown and I might make a tutu to go with it. I might be going to a Halloween Party so I will wear that. It is light pink and has sequins on it. It is so cute and I never wore a costume that I made myself so I hope it turns out great!

5. Do you like going to haunted attractions?
It depends because I get frightened easily but if someone goes with me and is willing to be slapped,kicked, yelled out and in pain the whole time I might do it but after wards I kind of like it then my emotions just go flying after everything but if I have to choice by my own will I don't think so.

6. Vampires or werewolves?
 Since I watch too much shows with Vampires I have to say Vampires because I have been for a while and I don't know Werewolves to me are not that exciting.

7.Favorite Halloween candy?
This is also my favorite candy so when I get it in my pumpkin basket I get so excited! I love eating these and I usually eat all of them and save the last one for special keeping.

8.Do you decorate your house!

I don't recall ever decorating my house for Halloween. I remember we put signs out and little decorations like pumpkins and bats but we never went so all out before. I know we put pumpkins from the pumpkin patch out and we hung stuffed pumpkins on our stairs but we never went overboard like my neighbors.

9.Least favorite costume
I literally hated this costume and I really hope I don't wear it ever again. I like cute pumpkins and all but this was just so ugly on me. I think I still have it but I don't think it fits anymore because I think it is in a smaller size. My mom just adored this and forced me to wear it when I was in first grade.

10.Have u ever repeated a costume and what was it?

 It was my dream to be a cheerleader and when I was in 4th and 5th grade so that Halloween I saw this at the costume store and automatically got it because it was just my passion I think. I wore it to my schools Halloween Party in 5th grade and I was the only one who wore a cheer leading costume because everyone was so scary looking and had darker costumes. I didn't care I strut down the hallways swinging my pompoms with me.

11.Do you believe in ghosts?
 I am not sure. I don't think so because I don't remember if I saw one but I would be too frightened and scared to see one. I don't think they exist I think they have their own world.

12.Scariest Halloween

 I already wrote about it in my Halloween chit-chat. I don't have many scary Halloweens so that is the closest to scariest I have.

 That was my Halloween Tag. I hope you liked it!

I tag everyone to do this because it is fun and join in on the spooky holiday!

 What was your favorite Halloween tradition? Leave it in the comments!

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