Hello Lovelies,
I have been obsessed with strawberries all week! I just noticed it after I did my nails and after a tall glass of strawberry juice. I had never been a true fan of the scent strawberry but as a kid I loved it!  I’ve been using a strawberry body butter to add to all the strawberry smells. So today I made it Strawberry Day!

with flash

 I regret taking a picture with cleaning up the remaining polish but when I do I usually mess up my nails in the process. After I waited for them to dry I washed it off and its a better trick for me.

with natural light

up close and blurry.

up close of the strawberry of the ring finger
I get picture-happy especially when I love my nails! Hope you enjoyed the pictures though! 

 What is your favorite scent? Leave it on the comments!