Hi Lovelies,

Today I have exciting news! So, my blackberry has been extremely used this past year. I love the thing too much and because of sweat, heat and rubber. The buttons on my Blackberry Curve 8520 rotted away. I couldn’t even push down my keys! I was so irritated and I think I had it that way for three months. On my recent shopping trip I was looking for cases for it and this one shop had housing cases for my phone. I was so happy and plus they had my favorite color! Hot Pink!!

My phone went from this:

To this!

It is so pretty and I get looks from a lot of people! I want to find a cute case for it but there aren’t very many! Still I love it and the color just pops.

I do have a few complaints about it though. At first the keypad was very hard to press and it was difficult to text. The lady said I need to use it more and now it’s kind of okay but I need to text more! Now it seems like my phone isn’t a real Blackberry! Because there aren’t really any pink ones out there. I know it’s real though but others might not but I still love it!

If you have the same problem or just want a new case and don’t have any in your country, I would be happy to get you one.  It was 1,200 php (Philippine Peso) I would convert the price for your country and figure out the shipping. Just email me the details!

On Fridays I have 4 hours off from classes so I usually head to the nearby malls by my campus. One is walking distance and the other is one ride away. If you follow me on twitter you probably know how bored I get.

I walked in and went straight to the bookstore this time. I usually head for the beauty department. As I walked through the store and went to the style and fashion book I saw the Seventeen Fashion Book. I really wanted it the second I browsed through it. It was 795 php but I didn’t want to splurge that day and plus I needed to buy other things.

After forcing myself away from the book, I went to the journal section to skim through some of the patterns. They were all so pretty but I couldn’t find one with blank pages so I gave up and went to the fiction section. I only found a few I wanted to read so they will go on my book wish list too as soon as I get some money. I took a picture with my Blackberry and posted it on my twitter. Here it is again:

I decided when I do get paid I will splurge on new clothes, shoes, accessories and books this moth than beauty products. I really want to improve my collection but I think I can wait and do it the next month. I might buy a few things but not go all out.  I hope I can do it because I have been eying new shoes for months now and never took the plunge. I also need to update my wardrobe and I need to try to incorporate fall trends into summer type clothes since it is too hot to wear fall type clothes. I might try to find the colors and the shoes but cardigans and boots wise I really can’t get until I go back to the US.

My mom and I made brownies today and it was so much fun. It reminded me of the days when I was a kid liking the frosting until I was sticky. I did it today and I laughed too much. I got it everywhere as always but this time I was the one to clean it up.

I took a picture right after we put frosting and cut it but I didn’t take a picture of myself since I felt too messy.

I recently changed my layout on my blog. I worked so hard on it and it took a whole day too figure all of it out.  I am happy with it but I am never contented with a certain design.

I created a new tumblr! I might just post about stuff beauty and fashion from weheartit and customize it! Follow it here!

I think i will have a fun time on tumblr! I quit once before but still update my other tumblr ever so often. Starting new feels good and I hope i can keep it up and design my own theme again!

I have a few other posts I am working on! First is a haul, a couple reviews and a new segment for my blog

If anyone is interested in being featured in my blog just email me here: crownedroyals@gmail.com or comment here on this entry! I am always on my blackberry so nowadays I never miss a thing.

I might ask a few questions and you can add to it and make your own blog post on any topic beauty or fashion related. It's both a plus for both of us really and it will give me a chance to get to know more people that have similar interest as me and that I can learn more about different products or trends!

I hope this goes well. I do have a few questions but I want to leave the rest to the guest blogger.

This was such a random entry and I just wanted to write. I’ve been having good weeks I guess and I hope I get more into blogging!

What was your week like? Leave it in the comments!