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Happy Friday! To end the week I thought I'd share the outfit I wore to the Youtube Fanfest when it was here in Manila. I' quite a fan of this outfit (hehe) and  I like how I combined the girly vibe and then also edgy. I've been enjoying mixing styles and trying things I never thought I would like. Also in my latest haul video I show you these items here and this is how I would style it together.SO let me show you the outfit and the vlog of the day I went too below.

For the outfit, I'll start with my blush pink top. It is so loose and flowy but looks so pretty on. It is sort of a crop top but doesn't like expose anything but it sure is shorter than I am use to. It has quite a big open back and this cutout detail on the shoulder. Finally I got to wear my black skinny jeans. It's too bad I was injured wearing them so they were uncomfortable at the time if not they would have been great. I thought you I would mind the rips in the knees but I somehow forgot about them and they're not too bad. Also they are so easy to style and they will come in handy when the weather gets cooler. The accessories I have my bow necklace, pink bracelet and of course a matching pink bow which I put on the side and pinned back my hair and can I say how much I love m hair in these pictures. The bag jus went so well as well and my shoes were my sandals and they seemed to go good with the pants. 

| top: Forever 21, black jeans: Forever 21, shoes: Montego Bay Club {similar},
bow: Forever 21, earrings & bracelet: Something Borrowed,
necklace: Forever 21 {similar}, bag: Forever 21 {similar} |

That was my outfit I wore to the Youtube Fanfast. I had an amazing time and the show was great. There were so many youtubers and I felt liked I belonged with everyone filming and bloggers taking outfit pictures too. Everyone was there doing something like that and not getting looks for once. I loved this outfit and love how it turned out. I just wish I didn't have a hip injury in these pictures but I was fresh from my swollen hip and wearing skinny jeans really shows it off more. So if you are wondering why I'm slightly leaning or my left side is slightly bigger that's why. I've been gathering outfit posts as well so some might be me with my injured hip and some are recent without the injury since I'm feeling quite better with it now. If it wasn't obvious this was taken a while ago but I've been putting off editing the vlog of that day as I used 3 cameras and recorded almost 2 hours of footage to go through. This blog post however has been done for a while but I wanted to post them together. With that being said please watch it here or down below. I hope you enjoyed this outfit and the video that accompanied it. So have a great weekend and hope you do something fun

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What would you wear to a convention or event like this?
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Shopping & Coffee | What I Wore

Caffeine & Exercise

Happy Wednesday! I hope this post gives you an urge to go out shopping and get some coffee because this is what I did exactly while wearing this outfit. I also show you my go to comfy outfit I like wearing when I'm out. So here is the outfit and what I did over the week.

For the outfit I think pretty much everything is from Forever 21 and I just did quite a big haul there so I'm not really surprised this whole outfit is from there. The top is my favorite go to option for just popping into town and being comfortable but also chic at the same time. It is grey and floral (no surprise there) and has a big open back. Of course the sun was out and it was nice and hot so it was perfect. Usually when I do errands or whatever these jeans I just slip on and go out the door pair. They aren't too thick and really stretchy so I can move around easily in them. As for the styling and accessories you will get tired of seeing this bag so my everyday pink bag and I like it brings out the pink flowers in the top. The necklace and earrings are bows and another thing you will seeing a lot of in my outfit photos. Then we have a blush pink bow which I put my hair in a ponytail since who wants to have their hair in the way while it is so hot and you are walking all over and since the sun was on full blast a pair of blush pink sunglasses to block it. Lastly I went with my comfy grey bow ballet flats I wear everywhere and are easy to walk in plus it matches the grey top. This was pretty much my go out and do stuff outfit I mostly always wear.

| top: Forever 21 {similar}, jeans: Forever 21 +, bag: Forever 21 {similar}, necklace: Forever 21 {similar}, shoes: American Eagle {similar}, sunglasses: Forever 21, bow: Forever 21 |

That was my outfit! If you couldn't tell by the title I just went out to do a bit of shopping (I know I'm a shopaholic lately) with my aunt, her son and her grandson. We went out to get a few things for our trip up to my nephew's other grandparents so I tagged along. We ended in the brand new toy store in the mall and taking an almost 3 year old to a toy store is like destruction but oh so cute at the same time. I ended up bringing my DSLR that day and got a few nice shots of him there and now I realize I should've vlogged it. I kind of went crazy and who doesn't when you are in a toy store when you are childish yourself especially when both my cousin and I were trying the toys ourselves. I even made him try a bike because he is turning 3 in September and I think that will be what I get for him. It shocked me he could ride it in the store with no help and not being taught. He just got on and peddled and it amazed me but of course I got in on video so I'm happy I got that. I ended up buying a few toys because you just can't say no but he wanted such expensive ones and once he had an item we tried to hide the other but he is smart. I love that he took the toys himself to the cashier and waited there until I paid and I'm glad the cashier played along and gave him the bag of toys and he went on his way very happy with his purchase as if he had paid. He is the cutest thing and after buying him the toys I made him give me all the hugs and he made sure it was safe in my bag every ten seconds. Before going home I treated my cousin to Starbucks since he has never been. I actually haven't been since living in the Philippines so it was both our first time and I just got a frap and so did he. Of course that leads to the impromptu outfit photos with the coffee and my shopping bags. I had a fun day out with them and we are going again to get facials and have maybe another shopping day I think so expect another haul at this rate but if you did miss out I have a summer clothing haul here. I hope you like the outfit and let me know your fave going out to town outfit.

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What is the best shopping all day outfit?
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Happy Skin Get Cheeky With Me Blush in The Morning After | Review & Swatches

Blushing the Morning After

Happy Monday! Since I've been loving summer weather and right now it is currently back again here I have been enjoying the sun and getting my tan back. A makeup product I have been loving though is blush and lipstick to wear since it is so humid. The current blush that I keep grabbing for is this one by Happy Skin and it is the Get Cheeky With Me which is the best name for a blush to be honest in the shade The Morning After. I don't know what is up with blushes having such weird names and sometimes being so sexual but I guess it is a theme. I think it is because you blush the morning after and it is embarrassing or something maybe that is just my theory on it. Never mind about that though and let's see why I adore this blush instead.

Description from website (here): Sexily sun-kissed or prettily flushed, these summer-special blushers channel those hot memories that last through the year. Perfect to stash in your beach tote or if you want to fake a vacay in the city. Mimic the flush of first love or that fresh, rosy glow brought on by a stolen glance. Happy Skin Get Cheeky With Me Blush lends a hydrating tinge of natural color to your cheeks, topping them with a light-diffusing sheen that lasts all day. Fake that flush of a Sunset Kiss or The Morning After and bring back that oh-so-loving feeling. This blusher is infused with Cherry Blossom extracts that lock in moisture and keep cheeks fresh and hydrated. Both sweat- and smear-proof, it keeps you blushing until you wash it off. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

This blush is a part of Happy Skin's Turn Up The Heat Summer Collection which came out two years ago in the summer. I'm a tad late but I just got into this and now that I have finally trialed it and been loving it that I thought it was time for the review. I got this at the Pond's x Happy Skin Launch last September which I did a haul/unboxing of getting it here and the event here. They also have a lippie that matches with the same name in two different finishes which one is matte that I think just came out recently and the other one is apart of the summer collection the blush is in. Now that I have the blush and absolute adore the color I might need to grab both the shades that match because if you know me I have to have everything match. There is obviously more to the collection but I will discuss this shade of blush for now.

Can I start by saying how cute the packaging is? It's a rectangular shaped, magnetic-closure and cardboard. It is designed beautifully and has shiny embossed lettering and an illustration inside. I love the particular color scheme used for the blush and it is oh so summery. I don't actually mind that it is cardboard because an added bonus of it means the product inside can survive falls better than with a plastic compact because of the lightweight material. I've always wanted to try something with cardboard packaging like from Benefit or The Balm but now I have this. I've heard it is made with recyclable paper that is very compact and sturdy which is great so it won't fall apart or crumble when it accidentally gets in contact with water or anything harmful. When you open the compact up you reveal the product and it has a clear piece of rectangle plastic covering it up that protects the blush from dirt and oil to keep it new I guess. I try to keep it just to protect it whenever I use it so I am careful opening it up. As I said the packaging is magnetized to be sure that the product will be kept closed and it is pretty strong and I never have noticed it to become open in my makeup bag when I take it with me. I love that the blush comes with a mirror when you open it. The mirror is not that big and is the same size as the product but it is pretty handy and I actually use it out and it's not that bad so not too small or too big. The pan isn't that big, the size is 5g of product and a smaller rectangle than the packaging. If you like swirling your blush it might be a little harder but I use a slanted blush brush and mine came with one (they are sold separately) and I use that and it is the perfect shape. It depends on how you apply blush so if you are used to having a big fluffy brush and swirling it might be harder but I'm quite fine using it with my technique. On the back side it just has the ingredients and the shade and all the other information about it.  

The color is perfect for spring and summer. It is a pink mauve shade that compliments a wide range of skin tones I feel like. It's a very feminine shade and quite girly since it is a pink blush. It has that romantic feel to it and I think this shade would be a perfect one for a gorgeous blushing bride-look if that's what you are aiming for. This is the kind of blush that doesn't necessarily mimic a natural flush but rather enhances it. From the look at the pan, the pink aspect of mauve is what you mainly see, but there is a more reddish color once applied on the cheeks.There also seems to be a hint of shimmer on the pan, but that doesn’t show up at all on the cheeks. It pretty much has a matte finish once on.

The pigmentation is very light but the color is buildable and easy to apply and blend. In one layer you could pass off for a faintly pinkish shade. If one layer isn't enough it is easy enough to add more layers and since it is so lightweight it doesn't cake on but blend seamlessly in to create a more opaque blush shade. It depends what look you want but the pigmentation allows you to have control on what kind of look you want that day. It’s not a hard blush to overdo so this shade will work for beginners and want to start with a blush that doesn't scare them. It is that light to use but you still get color too. If you happen to apply a lot, I notice that it would still look natural.

 Application & Staying Power
The blush has great consistency. It is not at all chalky but rather it glides smoothly from palette to brush to the cheeks just in one stroke. I've noticed no streaking as it blends well on to the skin and applied effortlessly. Another good thing about the blush is that it's so lightweight you'll feel like you're not wearing any makeup at all on your cheeks. I've been using the blush for weeks now and I'm glad that I didn't get any allergic reactions. As for the staying power of it I noticed it does a pretty good job. It depends on what skin type you have or the kind of base you use so take that into consideration as well. If applied properly I can use the blush for a good amount of time usually 4 to 6 hours depending on the weather and environment.

Separately, here is the swatch on my hand. The Morning After you can see that the texture is light and has a sheen finish to it. It is not overly pigmented but is buildable. It is light shimmer so you can be sure that it will make your skin glow and give it radiance. The shade has a very delicate glow of blushing pink that is perfect for just a hint of flush on the cheeks. It's a good nudeish pink for that effortless and natural glow. It's very feminine and dainty and I just love how bright it makes the skin look. It's a shade of pink that is made to be applied on the apples of your cheeks to make them really rosy and bring out the cuteness in you! It has that hydrating feel even while swatching it and applying it on because it has Cherry Blossom extract to help maintain moisture making it weightless. By the way, these are unscented too if you were wondering because sometimes I'm unsure if it is unscented or not.

Overall Experience
The blushes really do look natural on my cheeks and gives just enough flush. It's a good thing that it's not overly pigmented, thus making it very easy to blend. You can check their other shades too, they're really pretty and perfect for everyday use. The only compliant I would have about it is the price is 699php for a mid-range blush but it might be a tad expensive when I converted it over. I mean for the quality it is okay but if you are on a budget it might not be the best choice for you. It lasts all day, has great pigmentation and is a nice color so it isn’t so bad if you are not worried about the price. If you want it so bad like I do sometime you have to save up for it but it’s so much worthwhile when you do get it and enough of a keeper to make it worth your while when you purchase it. Would I recommend? Yes, especially if you prefer to use matte blushes that gives a natural finish and last a good number of hours on your cheeks even under humid weather. I am so happy with it products that I highly recommend this. Have you tried the Happy Skin Get Cheeky With Me Blush yet?

My rating is:
I'll give it a 4 star or maybe add another half because I do love it and it is an amazing blush. I only had a few complaints but overall everything passed my book and it is the prettiest shade I own right now and been so in love with. I might have to do a face of the day to show you how pretty in action it is and maybe I might get the matching lip color to go with it too. So it was pretty good I think.

  • Great color choices for summer
  • Easy to swipe across the cheek
  • Gives a natural look.
  • Buildable.
  • Packaging is so cute.
  • Natural looking.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Comes with a built in mirror for easy touch-ups.
  • It has a lippie counterpart.

  • The pan is a little bit narrow for a blush brush to be swirled in.
  • Doesn't come with a brush.
  • Limited Edition.
  • Quite pricey for 699php.

That was my review of the blush and my current go to. If you want a gorgeous summer blush shade then I recommend this one and I'm surprise it is still in stores at is a limited edition. I kind of don't to see it go as it is so good and really nice. I've been loving a lot of products from them and this one was no exception. I'd love to know what your favorite summer blush is and if there are any colors you love during the season.

What is your go to summer blush shade with a tan?
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Forever 21 Plus Size Summer Fashion Haul

Shopaholic 101

Happy Friday! It is a very happy one because it involves shopping. Well for me anyways but maybe you too. If it isn't obvious today I will be sharing with you the things I picked up from Forever 21 including clothes and accessories like flower crowns. All of this was meant for summer and I did wear them when it was still summer here in Manila but this haul is a little late due to me injuring my hip causing me not to be able to film the try on portion of the video. And yes there is a haul video with this post because lately they are the funnest to film and I feel like I am trying on clothes in front of my best friends. There are all kinds of fun pieces and I have outfit shoots coming up as well with these clothes so be excited for that too. Now I should stop this long intro and just show you everything I bought either the Youtube video I have here or you can watch it below if not then you can read on and find the links of all the items mentioned as well.


Rimmel Stay Matte Primer | Review & Swatches

Matte Prime Time

Happy Wednesday! It has been quite a while since I've written a review well it feels like that anyways since I've been doing other kinds of posts. I have been loving a lot of makeup products and I think it is time to share my thoughts on it but first I'll be talking about the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer. I've been using this for quite a while and it is a pretty good primer for its price. So let me just get into my review and what I think about it.

Description from website (here): Stay Matte Primer, prime your face, day & night. Controls shine up to 8 hours creating a soft, perfectly matte complexion. Won’t feel heavy or greasy.

I was able to get this from my cousin who is abroad right now. I told her to send me anything from Rimmel and she added a few goodies for me after I sent her some of her favorite Philippine products she misses. I say it was a fair trade because I get to try some new makeup bits from other places. I' have seen it online and at some Instagram stores but I haven't tried them yet. Let's hope that Rimmel decides to come to Manila and grace us with its lovely products especially their Kate Moss lipsticks as those are just amazing and I need more shades. There is a Rimmel lipstick review here if you want to see my thoughts on it.

To start off I will talk about the packaging. It's pretty simple and not to out there. The product is dispensed in a squeeze tub with a white body and a pretty purple top. The size is pretty good and can easily be in your makeup drawer or take on the go with your makeup bag. It is 1 fl. oz (30 ml) so it is a good size amount for a primer.

The primer is white, shown on top with a dot of it while on the bottom it is blended in to show it. Once it is blended into the skin it is undetectable and fills in pores leaving my skin with the perfect matte base. I was afraid since it came out so white and pretty thick that it would not blend or be difficult to work with. It actually wasn't and it just takes a little time buffing it in t get it to down and it becomes clear and unnoticeable.

The primer is a bit sticky as you apply it but dries to a powdery/velvety texture. It is kind of like a lotion and a pretty thick consistency. Once it is on it is just a smooth base which I am looking for and I make sure to apply it thinly because I don't want it to be cakey. Luckily it isn't a problem for me and I can get a nice flawless foundation application. As I said it is white and like a lotion in texture and application but it does apply smoothly and evenly just work it into the skin. I wait about a couple minutes after applying the primer so that it would completely dry to a matte finish and I don't get have to worry it being too slick and having the foundation slide off. I tired two different ways so one with light application and then a much heavier application to see if the results were the same and it pretty much you can use it on some of your face or all of it.

I apply it by putting small dots of the primer on my T-Zone and also the sides of the nose and the chin since that's where I get pretty oily and where I think I have a lot of pores at. Then I used a synthetic paddle foundation brush in spreading the product and distributing evenly onto those places in an outwards motion to blend it all in. I sometimes use my hands as well since the warmth of my hands can melt it faster if you re in  hurry but if I have time I feel like a brush gives better control and spreads more. After it is done and dries I apply my foundation of choice using a stippling brush and just do my normal routine then setting it with my setting powder. The lasting power of this definitely did not live up to its 8-hour shine control claim. I think with the humidity and me being oily skinned it did not hold up the whole day. I wasn't planning it to though so it didn't get my hopes up and I don't really wear makeup that long so that's fine. However if I don't use this, I can see I get oily faster so it is doing it's job but doesn't last as long. I did apply powder and it calms the oil down again so if I were to use this a lot here then I think I'll just have to reapply due to the climate and humidity. 

Overall Experience
I really like it and its a pretty good matte primer. It's pretty decent for the price and does it job. My only complaint would be the smell. It isn't the most pleasant and smells chemically and like glue pretty much but I don't know if I would like it if it was a good scent so it is a toss up. Another thing is it isn't that accessible and I can only buy it online so if I was in a mall or something then I can't pick it up with my regular makeup shopping. I know it isn't such a big problem but I have some makeup I buy in stores and some online if that makes sense. I'm not sure if I would repurchase this since I am still on the fence. I like it but this is the second primer I have tried and want to explore more with primers. I do recommend it though if you are looking for a new one you haven't tried and like matte finishes with a pretty long staying power.  Have you tried this Rimmel Stay Matte Primer yet?

My rating is:
This is a solid 4 for me. It lost its last star for the smell for me and the longevity. I didn't think it was a big deal but I'm finicky so there's that. I think there is enough product and mostly good things instead of bad so that's a plus. I was going to take half a heart away from the rating but I reevaluated it and tested it out some more and it isn't as harsh as I was originally thinking. For me it gets a thumbs up being quite a good matte primer.

  • Flawless finish
  • Makeup stays on longer
  • Travel friendly
  • Affordable
  • Blendable
  • Long lasting

  • Smells like glue
  • Not as accessible

That was my review of the Stay Matte Primer. It was a pretty good primer. I need to up my review game since I have been loving a lot of other makeup products.Hope you enjoyed this review and let me know if you tried this already and your thoughts or if you recommend something entirely different. I'd love to know and enjoy the rest of your week!

What do you look for in a primer?
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