Detail Contour and Blush Palette | Review & Swatches

Affordable Contour Palette

Happy Monday! I've been quite liking putting up a review on Monday's so here I am again with my thoughts on my favorite contour palette at the moment. If you remember I bought this in my Beauty MNL haul as it was a steal and the reviews were amazing so into the basket it went. I haven't used it until recently but when I did it really changed my contour routine and made me appreciate the skill much more. There have been so many highlighting and contouring palettes around and I've been watching so many tutorials it made me want to try and I knew I had one but never put it to use so it was a perfect excuse. I've found a new skill and this palette has helped me achieve that. So with that I'll just let you read on about my thoughts on the Detail Contour and Blush Palette with swatches.

Description (from website): A multi-purpose palette that sculpts, defines, and illuminates to skin. It features 2 contour powders, 2 blushes, 1 bronzer, and 1 highlighting powder; silky texture applies smoothly and blends effortlessly; highly-pigmented formula delivers stay-true color, so a little goes a long way; instantly adds depth, dimension, and color to the face.

Where to buy: I found it on BeautyMNL.com but you can follow their social medias to find out where else you can get their products which are @cosmetix.unlimited and @detailmakeover.. It retails for 499php but I managed to get it at a discount price of 299php. Sometimes there are promos and deals as well so look out for those to get it even cheaper. It is a pretty good and fair price to begin with for the quality but a good deal never hurt anyone. Detail Make Over is a newbie in the cosmetics industry here in the Philippines and I first discovered them from their Matte Lippies that I reviewed here if you are interested.

The palette contains 2 contour powders, a bronzer, 2 blushes, and a highlighter. It contains 4.5g in each pan which it is quite a good size to swirl your brushes in and get the product. First off this packaging is quite unique for me as it is the first time I have something like this. It comes with a matte black carton with a magnetic closure. It's a pretty good closure and it locks down. I'm quite impressed with it but it can be a bit flimsy and I'm not sure if it would protect the product. It is quite big but really thin so I haven't traveled with this yet to tell you if it is travel friendly or not but if you take just this for contour, blush and highlight purposes and not take any individual products this can substitute that you'll have one palette for all so I think that is pretty good. On the inside it has instructions on how to use the products which is helpful for beginners on where to put it and a diagram. On the back it has the ingredients and all that information that would be necessary for the product.

Color & Pigmentation
The shades included are a matte warm brown, a matte taupe with little specs of shimmer, a matte mustard brown, a pearl white shimmer, a matte coral pink with specs of shimmer and a matte rosy mauve pink. It has a pretty good range of colors to fit multiple skin tones and cater to a wider audience that way. It's a pretty good buy because you will get everything you need in the palette which is very handy and super affordable! As for the quality of the shades in this it's a little powdery but is really pigmented but nothing a bit of tapping the excess powder to avoid overdoing it I suggest doing that and it is all good. They have amazing blendability and can be finely blended onto the cheeks and the pigmentation can be built up to your desire or just one swipe blended in. It works both ways too and the quality allows that. Pretty much all the shades in the palette are very pigmented and goes a long way so it’s better to start with a small amount of the product and just build up the color. It has that kind of quality and for the price that is so good.

Application & Staying Power
The blending is not an issue with this so you don’t need to worry for making a mistake or a harsh line. It blends seamlessly along the cheekbones and jawline or wherever you need to contour. I use a tapered brush, an angled blush brush or sometimes a big fluffy brush it just depends but a lot of type of brushes can go so well plus the large pans make it easy to pick up the product. Now moving on to the staying power of this and I can say it is pretty good and has great lasting power. So with a primer it can last almost the whole day and not sweat off in the heat but without a primer and in the heat it lasts less so about 4-5 before it starts to smudge and you can see them go away. Not a bad thing and I'm pretty impressed with the longevity of this.

Last thing is I show you the swatches on my arm. I went the extra mile with these and labeled them so you can see each corresponding color in the palette on to the actually swatch on my arm to each clearly. We'll start on the first row of the palette and the first shade is a matte warm contour shade whcih is labeled as 1. It’s a good shade to contour with for my skin tone as it is warmer tone but it can get very orangey if you use too much of it so avoid that and not make my mistake. The second shade on the first row is a matte bronzing shade and it helps warm up the face. I labeled that as 3 and is a lot lighter and more yellow orange toned that the other two. I tend to use this one before I put on my contour or if I don't want to contour that day I'll just use it as an all over warm up my face color. As for the last shade on the first row labeled as 6 is a coral blush shade with bits of specs and glitter in it. I love this and it is so in at the moment! I know this will be a gorgeous summer color and probably be my go to as it is the only coral shade I have in my collection so I will be reaching for that.

The first shade on the second row is also a matte shade labeled as 2 and it is cool-toned with very small bits of shimmer. The specs don't show up however so don't be intimidated by it as the shade is perfect for those who like cool-toned contour shades. The next shade on the second row is the highlighting powder labeled as 4 and this is a bit of the down point for the palette. It’s a tad too chalky for me and it’s not too buildable. It is not as highlighting as I want to give me that glow that is what everyone wants to achieve. I have to use a separate highlighter to get the bam glow that can be seen from space look. It isn't that bad though it just isn't as bright as expected. The final shade in the palette labeled as 5 is a rosy mauvey pink blush with golden specks in it. It looks lovely and bring a nice flush to the cheeks. I love shades like this and they do look quite pretty especially for everyday. I do have a good tip though and when I tried it I fell in love with them even more. It can be mixed with the other blush shade in the palette to create a third color or they both look very pretty on their own.

Overall Experience
Overall I love the palette and it has great value and amazing quality. I enjoyed using each shade but one out of all six is pretty good which is quite rare in a palette. I'm extremely happy with this overall and I do recommend it especially the shades in this because it has a great formula. If you get a chance you should pick it up as it has a superb formula for the price. I wasn't disappointed with the quality and it lived up to the hype I was reading about it. For the price of this and with all the hype with palettes like this than it would be so great for a beginner wanting to try the trend and not break the bank. It would be a great practice palette and to begin with plus you wouldn't be put off using this. It would be great to keep in mind if you are on the lookout for a new blush and contour palette. Have you tried the Detail Contour and Blush 4in1 Palette yet?

My rating is:
I'll give it 4.5/5 because I love everything about the palette but the packaging and the highlight puts it down a bit. The faults are I'm not sure how sturdy the packaging is if the product falls will it be protected as it's card board. The next is I wasn't quite impressed with the highlight shade and it wasn't too glowy which I wanted but 1 out of six shades that are bad is quite good in a palette so a pretty good overall score. Beside those two points, it's affordable and has great value, has great pigmentation and nice colors for this palette. The best thing is the formula and all the different shades are really nice. It can complement many skin tones as well. So it was pretty amazing I think and would love to buy more of their products as I was quite impressed with this.

That's it for this review of the Detail Contour and Blush Palette. I really have been enjoying this palette and how it has upped my contour game. I was really surprised with how much I have been grabbing for it and thought it was time to get my thoughts out. I think I'm going to take this on my summer beach trip with me and see how I get on with it then. I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. I love that I got into beauty reviews again and there will be more soon. Hope you have a lovely start of the week ahead!

What was your first contour palette you tried and your thoughts on it?
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Spring Makeup & Beauty Haul

The Forgotten Makeup Haul

Happy Friday! Also cheers to the weekend. What better way to start the weekend than a bit of makeup shopping if you don't have anything to do. I have a haul I've been meaning to show you that is probably about a year old now. I think this draft has been here for a while and after finally getting the haul filmed I thought it was time to actually publish it. It's a good thing I did shoot a few pictures from before but had to add to it but good thing I made it match and used the same background. That is why I called this the forgotten haul as I literally forgot about all of this and stored it away. I did some spring cleaning and was reminded I knew I bought some stuff like makeup remover since I ran out and so I cleaned out my beauty cabinet I have that holds a lot of the products that I use daily and the other section holds things I need to photograph/ film before I could use it. I guess it somehow got buried and shoved to the back and I forgot I bought all this stuff. Now it seems like I just bought everything over again and I now that I have this haul up and taken pictures I can play with them and try a lot of new makeup and beauty products. So I won't put this off any longer I will show you everything in this forgotten haul.


Summer Holiday Clothes & Accessories Wish List

Summer Fashion Trends 2017

Happy Wednesday! Wish List Wednesday in fact. I'm back with another one of these which is just one of my favorites to do and show off what I've had my eye on at the moment. I haven't really said much about this but from now on you will hear so much more about it and probably there will be many blog posts about it coming up. The big news is I am going on a summer holiday on April 15! I booked it last September and been counting down the days and planning every detail since then. I will be going to Palawan, Philippines for 10 days and I am so excited I cannot contain how happy I am about the whole thing. It will be all sun, sand, beach, exploring the tourist things and so much more. The reason why I am going besides finally having a summer holiday is to take some pretty outfit pictures while I am there so that means a whole new summer wardrobe and trying the trends. So now that idea inspired this blog post and it will serve as a guide for when I am out and buying the clothes for the trip. Okay enough about spoiling my trip and letting you know all the details I am planning I'll just get on with it and what I was intending on showing you and what is on my wish list clothes and accessories wise for the summer!   

I gathered all the inspiration for some summer trends I have been seeing around and what perfect time than wearing and trying them on holiday. I want to be more adventurous and try even brighter colors and colors I don't wear to often. I mean my main colors that I love to wear are still there but I do want to try and explore coral, aqua and of course my fave hot pink. A lot of fun prints, vibrant colors and everything that screams summer to me and is the epitome of something that will be #summergoals that you see everywhere on Instagram right now.

I pretty much went with a lot of dresses, rompers, skirts and shorts for the whole trip because I know it is probably going to be super hot and probably the most comfortable things to be in while I am there. I will probably alternate between these and try and create different outfits and try bringing a lot of basics and also some standout pieces.

First are some sun dresses which are easy to wear and are not fussy plus then can be used a couple of ways like as a coverup at the beach, for a night out or just a simple outfit during the day. I'm thinking a plain one, a fancy one and a print one that is in between casual and dressy. Next is rompers which I don't own any but I thought it would be fun to try and another fun piece. It is an alternative and not as dressy and can be perfect for walking around during the day for tours I am imagining. As for coverups of course I can use both over a swimsuit but I think a kimono to just add would be so cute and never tried it so why not. I really want to try different coverup styles and mix and match to see what works. Speaking of swimsuits I think I should have mentioned them first as they are probably the most vital thing during a beach holiday. I was thinking maybe a bikini and one piece and I do love how cute they are and I have a few picked up but I have one swimsuit I have my eye on that I didn't include to keep it a surprise and show it to you on. A clue is that it is so gorgeous and so on trend which I'm hoping I get and will be able to flaunt in when the time comes.

Next is the off the shoulder trend that is literally everywhere. With ruffles without any kind of detail off the shoulder I find so pretty so I had to add it in. So that is something I look forward to and hoping to bring gallons of sunscreen if I am going to show my shoulders off a lot. I think tank tops and spaghetti strap tops in various colors and prints would be such a nice basic to mix things up when dresses don't do it for me and want something casual. As for denim I think shorts and  skirt to go with the tops I mentioned and they are so versatile and could be so easy to style an outfit together with. I really want to try the embroidery print trend and add some design to a plain pair. Some printed shorts I think will be something I get more use out of especially some fun tropical prints.I think the light ones that are so comfortable and flowy will be something I buy a lot of. I am going to hunt so many down and add to my wardrobe that I will be all good and can wear with each and everything on this list. 

Then I went with some accessories that I have seen a lot of quite recently and the tassel and pom pom trend is just so cute and love all the colors.I do love a good accessory and I don't own a lot of these so this will be exciting. I'm going to go from head to toe so starting with hair accessories. I can see myself rocking some flower crowns and of course my matching bows too. A big thing and probably a very exciting one is a sun hat with the writing. I found a shop that can make me a custom one and that is all I am say because again trying not to spoil everything. I'm going to go hard on the jewelry and get all the pom pom and tassels. I think a lot of statement tassel earrings and pom pom necklaces is something I am going to go all out on. Now on to bags, and I went with a couple straw beach bags with the tassel of course and I actually never owned one so I think this will be a fun one especially it comes in many styles and colors. Another bag is a small compact one to carry around everyday and not bee too heavy as I am not going to do that. I was thinking of a nice tan one and have matching tan sandals. I wanted my bag and shoes go together so I think tan would be perfect summer color. Last for footwear is flip flops. I know they will be so comfy and my go to so I choose a rubber pair and a everyday pair that are similar to what I have now. The last thing is of course sunglasses and an essential for the summer. I love my rose gold mirrored pair so I might get another style that is similar as they are so fashionable.

I think I have covered all the bases and really loved everything I added to my summer clothing wish list. I loved everything and cannot wait to get started and see what I actually pick up. This was just a inspiration guide to what I'm thinking and some are what I really want to buy. I cannot wait to start this get to do some styling. I'll maybe have a beauty and travel accessories edition wish list to go with this for more stuff I need to get for the trip so let me know if that interests you and if you have anything else you can maybe recommend for a beach holiday and stuff like that as it will be helpful. I'll quit my babbling about this for now but look forward to more prep posts and all that. So hope you enjoyed this chatty wish list about summer clothes and my trip!   

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What item of clothing is on your summer to buy/wear list?
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Pink Sugar Sugar Tint Lip & Cheek Tint | Review & Swatches

The Best Liquid Lipstick I Own!

Happy Monday! It sure is a great start of the week especially when your matte lipstick is not drying and actually will stay on your lips all day. I know a lot of people have that problem so today I will be reviewing another product from Pink Sugar since I cannot get enough of them and can't get over how much I love every product I have tried so far. This time I am talking about 3 shades from their Sugar Tint line which are lip and cheek tints. I can't get enough of them and after using them quite frequently recently it reminded me I haven't talked about them here on the blog so it inspired this post. So enough of me going on about them I should just go on into the details of why I love them so much.

Description (from website): A gorgeous wash of color for the lips and face. It's long-lasting, lightweight formula; delivers a lovely matte finish; moisturizes, nourishes, and softens lips during use; formulated with coconut oil, aloe vera, and vitamins A, C, and E; fades to a pretty stain over time for a natural flush of color.

Where to buy: BeautyMNL & pinksugar.com. Also in SM Beauty in SM Department Stores, Watson's and supermarkets. This product cost 349.00php in a plastic tube with many shades to choose from.

Color & Pigmentation
The three shades I own are Pink Passion, Honey Bunny and Queen Bee. Pink Passion is the hot pink one and it was the first one I ended up buying. It is a nice statement pink and I knew I wanted a darker pink and this one is very vibrant. It has an undertone of a blue toned pink but does not show up too blue but it is a great pink tone for a lot of complexions. The pigmentation for Pink Passion is it is greatly pigmented and with just one swipe you get a nice opaque pink but it can be built up to create that really hot pink color or if you want it can be a nice ombre color and be applied in a light layer. If you want to see me wearing it I was wearing it in this blog post. The second one is Honey Bunny. I found out about this on another blog and it was used as a contour shade and I found that intriguing. I use it as a lippie and it is a gorgeous nude and the color is a mid-tone brown with no other color undertone to it. It is the ideal nude and looks great on a lot of skin tones. It does not wash me out like some nude lipsticks I have tried so this is the right color for me and finally I found one I can wear and feel great in. Last is called Queen Bee and it is a mauve pinkish red. It is a more vampy color out of the three and was my favorite autumn color. Again, I was on Facebook and read about this being the perfect mauve shade but the problem was it was always sold out online and in counters but when I got my hands on it I can see why it is a fave. I don't own many colors like this and I am glad I got this one. It is a lovely redish berry color but also has a subtle pink and purple undertone too. It has great pigmentation and covers my whole lip in one swipe which is amazing. I love this and if you want to see me wearing it I last wore it in this blog post.

Application & Staying Power
I'm going to be reviewing these as lipsticks but they do amazing on the cheeks as well. It is another sort of two in one product from Pink Sugar which if you read my review of the eyeliners here than you would know how much I loved a good two in one kind of product. I bet the brown would be a great contour shade and both the pink and mauve would be a great blush shade. They are all matte so no shimmer so I'm sure it would look great on the cheeks as well as it does on the lips. I may have to try them myself one of these days.

With that the application with these are so pigmented. They are opaque in one swipe across the lips but if you want one layer you can or build it up a bit like I do and get that great matte finish that looks amazing. It is super matte and has a great texture. It does not show off any lines and makes a nice smooth surface across the lips. As for the staying power, I can't compliment these enough. They have amazing lasting power and it can last me all day without smudging. It starts to fade at the end of the day or extreme eating and drinking. If not than it can go for so long. An example I have with how good it stays on is my niece who is 6 years old wanted to smudge my lips to make me scary since it was Halloween and she went to my lips and used her fingers to move it but she got frustrated as it would not budge and even if she pressed harder it was just there. It did not come off one bit and there was no transfer on her finger either. It was that good and each one if like that. It does not feather, smear, transfer or leave the lips unless you want it too. The downside is you might need a makeup wipe or makeup remover to fully get it off if you want to take it all off. For me it is a good problem because I know it will stay without me worrying about it transferring anywhere while it is on. So pretty amazing formula that lasts a long while. Last thing I love is the scent. It smells just like candy and it does not transfer to the lips but when you open it up you can smell it and it gets me every time.

Here are the swatches on my arm. These are a few swipes on my arm to really bring out the color. I do love all the colors I have chosen and they all look lovely together. The swatches on my arm lasted me a good while and had to be removed with a makeup wipe since they are so long lasting. Pink Passion is going to be my go to summer color and whenever I want that hot pink to stand out and have a bright lip. Honey Bunny is my go to nude lip and is such a flattering nude. It is a close substitute and I might have a dupe for the color in my collection that I might have to share soon. Queen Bee is such a lovely mauve color and I do love the unique color. It is so pretty and I do love the color especially while on the lips.

Overall Experience
Overall I love these lipsticks and it has great value and amazing quality. I enjoyed using each one and with it's unique packaging it makes it so appeasing to the eyes as well and I loved the ones in the set. I'm extremely happy with these and I do recommend them especially these shades above because it has great formula. There are so many shades to choose from and you get a variety of colors that are either nude or more vampy and they have lovely pigmentation. If you get a chance you should pick them up as they have a superb formula for a matte liquid lipstick and can't get enough of them. I wasn't disappointed with the quality and it lived up to the hype I was reading about it. Everything about them is worth it and I saw they have a few more shades that just came out so there are immediately going on my wish list especially since they are summer themed. I have a big ol' list of shades that I need to pick up written on my phone so this won't be the last time you will see these. Have you tried any of the Pink Sugar Sugar Tint Lip & Cheek Tints yet?

My rating is:
I'll give it 5/5 because I love everything about this lipstick. There are no faults and I found everything about it amazing. It's affordable and has great value, has great color options and the packaging is so nice for this product. The best thing is the formula and all the different shades that I have tried are really nice. It can complement many skin tones as well. So it was pretty amazing I think and would love to buy more of the shades to try them out and the colors they have.

That's it for this review of these Pink Sugar Lip & Cheek Tints. I'm so excited to get reviewing some of my favorite products again. I took a huge batch of blog photos last week and never felt so productive. It's been a while since I did that and got them edited and uploaded in the same day so it is getting my motivation to do this again more often. It did make me realize I need to buy some more backgrounds and some blog props to add and start upping my flatlay game. I have been saving some inspiration and next going to start practicing especially after getting a new camera. So a lot of exciting things and more reviews coming up so get ready to read about more of my fave products and brands I have been loving. That is it for these lovely lippies and if you do get a chance to try them you should!

What is the best liquid lipstick formula you have tried?
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Sassy and Sweet | What I Wore

Rose Gold Sass!

Happy Tuesday! I'm finally back with a new outfit! I recently went up to the mountains with my parents over the weekend and it was so nice up there I had to take pictures and love how they turned out. It is so refreshing being in the trees instead of all the city background that I've been after. It was still a little chilly up there since we were up so high so I brought along a sweater but I didn't end up using it so it was just an accessory to the outfit. Of course I love the blush pink trend and it is my ultimate favorite to wear so love that it is still so popular. I love how this is such a edgy outfit but I added my girly side in there as well into the outfit. I love doing that with my style lately and mixing it up.

As for my outfit. I do love my rip in the knee skinny black jeans. I always seem so badass in them and need to wear them more often. My blush pink cami is always a basic I can wear with short tops to make me feel comfortable. I wore this before and it always is a nice combo. As I said I just had the pink sweater just in case and it did come in handy when the sun went down. The accessories I have a matching statement necklace and blush pink bracelet. You can't really see but I had pink heart studs that matched the print of my top. My bag is just a black satchel which is my everyday bag I take everywhere with me lately. I was planning on wearing shoes but I felt more comfortable in sandals and just went with those. My favorite piece from this outfit has to be the rose gold mirrored sunglasses which I forgot I owned. I had them in my collection and wore them once but now that it is getting warmer and summer is coming I think you will be seeing more of them. I put my hair up with a pink bow ponytail but didn't realize how big it was until I put it on but I do like me a good size bow. Last is I love my lips match my nail polish which you can't see but I liked the little detail. 

| top: Forever 21 {similar}, sweater: Forever 21, black jeans: Forever 21, sunglasses: Zaful {similar}, necklace: Forever 21, sandals: American Eagle, bag: Zaful {similar}, bow: Forever 21 |

That was my outfit! I'm sorry I have not been blogging as much. I kind of wanted a few weeks off because I'm actually planning a blog revamp as it has been 2 years since my last one and I need to start updating things. I have the blog design coming soon as I've been the one taking care of it and the design and branding elements I got done so I have to put those in. There are so many other things I have planned for April so stay tuned. Another big thing is I got a new camera and there will be a separate post on that soon but I'm so excited about it. I will be getting back to my YouTube as well but for now I'm waiting to relaunch and then you will see so much from me. So that is a little update from me. I'll have a post here and there for the rest of the month while I am in the middle of my rebranding so please bare with me. I'll be back with bigger and better content soon! That's it with me, I hope you have a fantastic week whatever you're doing!

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Tulle We Meet Again | What I Wpre

It's Not Tulle Late

Happy Tuesday! Another outfit featuring a tulle skirt. At this point I don't think you will be surprised they are my favorite thing to wear at the moment. Also my cousin sent me this site that has all these tulle puns so I thought I would use them in this post so get ready for all of them. I thought it was so cool and I related so much that it had to be featured. So enough about that tulle we begin!

I'm in love with this outfit I styled and I love that this is edgy but girly at the same time and combines my personal aesthetic with one I don't normally go for. My top is a crop top and it has this rose gold floral pattern on it that as I said makes it grunge but still have a girlyness to it. I could have worn this skirt lower at my waist but I made it high-waisted and it still was long enough to be a decent length. Speaking of the skirt, this tulle skirt is my all time favorite trend and will forever hold a place in my heart. The one I am wearing today is a similar variant to the sparkly black one I wore on New Years Eve here. However this one is blush pink and has silver sparkle all through out it unlike the black one had gold sparkle running through it. The waistband on this is just a line of silver sparkle but the good thing about this skirt is it isn't rough nor does any of the glitter fall off so you won't be covered in glitter all day which could be a good and also bad thing at the same time trust me. The skirt is so fun to twirl in and also has this feminine and dainty effect when you wear it. Tulle skirts are becoming an essential in my wardrobe and I hope they are here to stay as I can't bare not to wear one on the daily now. There are just so many variations and colors that it is such a thrill to style and so easy to go with a lot of pieces I already own. If you don't own a tulle skirt I highly recommend at least one and see how princess like you will feel in it if that doesn't convince you I don't know what will.

For the accessories I made them all be matching. I wanted my black bag to match my black wedges and kind of go with the darkness of the top. My statement necklace has blushed pink tones to match the skirt and lastly a matching blush pink bow to go all together. I love my earrings because they are blush pink heart shaped studs. Those were everything that went with the outfit and all those little details. 

| top: Forever 21 {similar}, skirt: Forever 21, bag: Forever 21, shoes: Lower East Side,
necklace: Forever 21, earrings: Forever 21, bow: Forever 21, lipstick: Colourpop Clueless |

That is another tulle outfit I wore. I've spent the weekend planning something really fun for my blog. I don't know if you could tell but I have been feeling a bit of a blogging slump lately and I think I finally found what could fix it or maybe help me get out of it. I love planning and so when I have something to plan for it gets me really excited. Hopefully March and April will be so fun as I have so much planned for those two months so far and I cannot wait to share with you all that is in store for then. I hope you are enjoying my tulle skirt outfits as I love them and they are so fun to style. Have a lovely week ahead lovelies!

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What would you love to wear with the tulle skirt and make it your style?
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