Brand Focus: Careline - First Impressions

Careline Brand Focus

Happy Friday! I'm back with another brand focus and it is from Careline this time. I did a simple look and tried out a few of their products to create a full face. I give you my first impressions too and what my intial reactions were. I filmed it again so you can watch it below to see how I did this look or read on. You can go and see my last brand focus here where I show you Ever Bliena makeup and a more glam makeup look I did with it. So to keep this short I'm just going to jump on into the post.

To start off with the base I first went with the Careline Oil Control Make-up Foundation in Almond. and first off the color as far too light for me but in pictures and videos it seemed a little okay but in person it wasn't the right shade. So getting the color match out of the way I can give my thoughts on the consistency, pigmentation and how it blends in. I find it quite nice and it went on smooth and blended in and gave a flawless finish. The concealer I ended up using was the Careline Pimple Concealer in Oriental and again not the right shade. It was too yellow and light and that does not do any justice for my under eye circles which speaking of it claims to be a pimple concealer and I don't have any to cover up I didn't use it for the purpose it was intended for. It has a doe sponge applicator and makes it easy to apply. It was quit creamy and it takes a while to blend with fingers but a brush or sponge might help that. Lastly I used a powder to set it and I used the Careline Oil Control Face Powder in Honey and I feel like it is the same as the EB powder in honey as well. It has the same feel and blends in the same way and has the same color I think too. It did it's job and set everything and made the foundation more matte and took away the dewiness of the base. I was fine with the powder and it was great.

Eyes & Eyebrows
The eyeshadow palette I used was the I Love Careline Make-Up Set 1 since it came with 9 eyeshadows in a mini square. It has pretty bright colors and has a somewhat colorful shades so it can give a pop of color and not so much everyday eye looks unless you use the three over and over. If you are looking for more bright and colorful looks it can be a great palette. The dual ended brush was useful as I used the angled end got to add some color under my bottom lash line. Moving on to mascara I went with the Careline Mascara and no it isn't blue it is the packaging. It has a strong chemical mascara kind of scent which I am never a fan of and the wand isn't that great but does the job and gives nice fluttery lashes. It doesn't transfer the smell so just when you open it up and I like that it doesn't clump or create spider lashes so great in my opinion. For the eyeliner I used the Careline Eyeliner and this was actually really good. I liked it and it was quite pigmented and very black and doesn't smudge as much and can go on so easily. The tip has an oval shape and it totally help to get a nice straight line. It has the same scent as the mascara and so a warning with that too but doesn't last long.

I'm going to show you the eyebrows since it cut out in the video. I first used the Careline Color Pencil 12cm in Brown since I wasn't unsure if it was a pencil eyeliner or brow pencil but since it has a brush I used it for the brows. It turned out okay but it has such a thick pencil that it gave big strokes instead of hairline strokes so I did go a little over board and made it a little thicker than my natural shape. I also set it for once and used the Careline Brow Gel in Chocolate. It was my first time using a tinted brow gel and tried to apply it as best as I could but it made my brows a little too dark but other than that it did it's job but at the end of the day it made my brow hair crunchy so I'm not sure if I applied too much or it dries down like that.

Then on to blush I used the makeup set again since it came with two blushes.I used the lighter one and it was okay in pigmentation and gave the rosy cheek effect which I liked. I didn't use the darker one cause I thought it wouldn't go good with the rest of my look but in swatches they both are pigmented and give a nice glow.

Lips & Brushes
Last step is the lipstick and I went with the Careline Magic Lipstick in Avatar which was the only one they had when I was buying so I went with this one. It is like the pay lipsticks when I was little and it turns your lips to a color that matches or something like that. It is supposed to be strawberry scented and it does but it has that artificial chemically one which I am not a fan of but it doesn't go on the lips. It came out to be quite rosy pink on me and quite pigmented when it settled and it has a glossy finish which is quite different since I've been on a matte finish fix at the moment. Last thing is the brush set and it is pretty much the same as th Ever Bilena ones and has the same kind of brushes but in a different print on them. As I said they work but I don't quite need them but it has some good ones.

Now here is the most important part which is what it looks like on my face. Keep in mind the base was not my color so it did make me seem pale and like a vampire which I know what I am using for a Halloween look if I needed it. I wasn't quite a fan of how the look turned out but I tried to go for a simple everyday look instead of the last more glam and made up kind of looks. The brows turned out quick and the lips didn't seem my shade. I did like the eye look and blush though. I'm not saying they were bad but the way I did my makeup it wasn't my cup of tea and I didn't do my best job. Maybe if I get the right shade and try again I would probably do better.

I hope you enjoy this type of post and found it helpful with this brand. I loved doing this and I love trying new stuff and discovering local brands so if you have a brand request from here I'd love to know. So you watch the video of me trying he makeup and creating a full face. I gie my thoughts on it as well but this is just in depth and I feel like I can describe it better when it is written. That was it for my Friday blog post so hope you liked it and enjoyed them both and have a great weekend!

What was your favorite teenage brand makeup?
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Cold Shoulder | What I Wore

Royally Blue

Happy Wednesday! I'm starting off my outfits from my Autumn lookbook and I'm showing you this fun trend-filled outfit I styled. I shot this at a national park and loved styling outfits which could be for autumn but with my weather I made it work for me. So I'm keeping my intro short because I ramble on abut my outfit so here is my what I wore.

For the outfit I'll let you in on a secret and that is this top is actually a dress. I wish it could be a dress but it is too short or I'm just too tall that it will show things I don't think I want to show on a regular day unless I'm using it as a cover up for a swimsuit at a beach. Other than that small detail (literally) I love the top portion and the cut out sleeves on the shoulders which I've seen everywhere and now is my chance to try the trend and I do like it. If it wasn't so big on me at the top I think it would be a little more flattering but it is nice and have to get it tailored to fit me then it would look so much better. I'm obsessed with this cobalt blue and a second favorite fall color to wear but I do have to buy more pieces in this shade as it seems so pretty. The choker is actually supposed to be tied around my waist apart of the dress but I tried another trend which is the tying it in a bow I guess. Anywhere I can add a bow is a plus since I actually don't have one on in this one which is surprising but I didn't have a color to match and it originally was going to be in my hair but went in my neck instead. Since it was short as I said I paired it with a black skater skirt which is another autumn staple. So moving on to accessories I have this pretty black bag and added this pom pom keychain which I bought just because I knew the color would match and wanted to try another trend I've seen. Then I paired it with these black peep toe wedges which have been my favorite shoe and have been featured in my last three outfit posts as they are just so functional. That was it for the outfit and pretty simple and very into trying different trends I've been seeing since it is always fun to trying something new.

| top: Trendsgal*, skirt: Forever 21+, bag: Trendsgal*, shoes: Brash, pom-pom: H&M |

That was it for my outfit! I really liked this one and loved the color since I'm usually on in pink it seems like. I really loved the rich cobalt blue and might need to start wearing it more often. If you like I have a behind the scenes vlog of my lookbook I filmed one which can be seen here or down below. I had so much fun filming the day as this was shot at a national park I'm not sure if it is but I call it that. It was a little stressful getting all four filmed in time but I made it and vlogged quite a lot and this time talked to the camera more instead of all the montages I usually do. I really wanted to talk to the camera that day and the beautiful surroundings really encourages me I guess. There's a lot in there of the day so please watch and maybe subscribe while you're there! So that was the first outfit from the lookbook and all the complete details of what I wore. I hope you liked this and let me know what color you need to wear more or would like to incorporate more in your wardrobe since I'd love to know.

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What is a color you need to add to your wardrobe or wear more?
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Ever Bilena Studio Finish Stick Foundation in Miel | Review & Swatches

Creme Miel Stick Foundation

Happy Monday! It's another beauty Monday and another review for you. I want to get all my favorite Ever Bilena products out of the way and finally writing about them since I've gave them a good testing and tell you my thoughts I have on them. This is one of the first base products and I wanted to give my review on this first and finally tell you how I went on since I added it in my favorites from last month and been using it as my daily foundation and what I've been reaching for whenever I decide to apply makeup that day. So enough babbling on and enough of this introduction and I should just get on and let you read on for my review of the Ever Bilena Studio Finish Stick Foundation.

Description (from Ever Bilena): Widely used by professionals, this lightly scented studio finish foundation creates moderate coverage with a natural matte finish. This foundation contains Vitamin E that helps moisturize the skin. Can also conceal dark circles, redness, and minor skin imperfections. Just swivel up the barrel and viola! The cream foundation will blend easily on the skin without caking or flaking effects.

I bought this for 220php and I bought it at my local grocery store. It has 8 grams of product an I think that's quite a steal and quite an affordable foundation. You can buy this practically everywhere they sell makeup it's available in departments stores and supermarkets. There are 3 shades available: Creme, Miel ,and Beige.

This is a stick foundation that comes in a plastic silver tube. It isn't that big and quite travel friendly. When you open the lid up you swivel up the product and then back down to put it back so it is ind of like a lipstick. It's light weight and not heavy at all so it can travel with me in my makeup bag when I need it. The shade name is written on the bottom together with the manufacturing date and I like that they have indicated the ingredients and company details on it because sometimes it is useful.

This is a cream foundation in a stick form. I got the shade Miel which apparently is the medium shade in the family of the three. This shade is the closest match to my skin.  It is a warm yellow toned base and it has a pinkish orange tone to it as well. I always like this kind of colors and they go really well with my skintone and can blend in well. I actually just guessed with this color but it turned out perfectly. It is kind of light in a way but my skin oxidizes and then it turns it to my color.

The pigmentation of this is quite good. It is really opaque in one swipe or it is buildable. So it is nice to have one layer and just blend it out to have a light coverage and just go for that natural sort of look. Another way is building it up and adding a couple more swipes but it isn't cakey and can blend in to be a medium coverage. It has good coverage and you don't need to conceal with this as you can be use this as a concealer since it has an orangey undertone to combat the dark circles. It does a good job and I can get a flawless finish which is what I look for in a foundation. This foundation has a medium to full coverage and is easy to blend. Even though it is a cream foundation it is light on the skin and you can't feel you have anything on because sometimes I get finicky and not like having something really thick on my face. Also a big plus is it conceals minor imperfections and redness of the face and neutralizes it. The finish it gives this semi-matte finish so the skin doesn't end up looking and having no definition.

Application & Staying Power
I start off with a primer but sometimes I don't but it depends on the day but I have used it with and without one. I apply this straight from the tube. I just swipe it on my t-zone first and then around the face ad give myself whiskers, apply it under my jawline and chin. I blend it in with my fingers as it is easier and since it is a creme based it can be nice to warm up the product to blend it in with my fingers. Then to really get a flawless finish and blend it altogether the final time I use a flat kabuki brush and just buff it in with a circular motion and I really like how it turns out when I do that.

I experienced a bit of oiliness on the T-zone at the end of the day even though I powdered and set it right after I applied it. I mean with the climate and me being out and doing stuff plus me being oily anyways so I don't find it surprising it did that I honestly would be surprised if it didn't get oily  I'm happy that it didn't cake or flake on me at all because I didn't pile on too many layers and I blended it out and set it with a powder for a matte and flawless look as I always do with all my foundations. This lasted up to 6 hours on me on a very hot summer day and lasted a whole evening event while I was indoors in an air conditioned room. So I say it is pretty good and minus a little oiliness but they do say not to use a creme foundation if you have oily skin so either have a good primer or use a mattifying or setting powder with it.

The top one is one swipe so you can see the pigmentation is there right away. If you just have one layer it can still blend in nicely and get a light coverage. The bottom swatch is a few swipes that I built up and even if there is a few layers it isn't cakey or thick.It has pretty good colors and it can acts a concealer too which is the best thing. It's really smooth application no matter in swatching on my wrist or even my face. My wrist is a lot more fair and blue toned but my face is a little darker and a little warmer so sometimes I can't swatch on my arm in store but on my face instead.

Overall Experience
Overall I love this foundation I am so happy with this that I highly recommend this. It has good coverage, has great pigmentation and lasts pretty good throughout the day. The price is pretty affordable and can be easily accessed through any Ever Bilena counter in a drugstore or department store.This is a fairly good product to own in my opinion because you can use it everyday without feeling bad or guilt because it's very affordable and I can find easily to repurchase it. I was quite satisfied with everything in this foundation including the coverage and lasting power and pigmentation and it checks all my boxes in which I have for my perfect foundation. Have you tried the Ever Bilena Studio Finish Stick Foundation yet?

My rating is:
I'll give it a 4 and a half star because I do love it and it is an foundation but it is lacking in shades and the scent is not for everyone. I'm okay with the scent but others might not cause it can be quite strong and lasts a while with it on the face. It's the only complaint I have with this product so overall everything passed my book and it is lovely. It had everything there and creates such flawless application without being cakey. It can work as a concealer alone too which is a two in one thing and be good for just the base. So it was pretty good I think and those were my thoughts on it.


  • Great Pigmentation
  • Decent wear time
  • Gives a natural look.
  • Doesn't cake nor flake.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Natural looking.
  • Affordable.
  • Widely available.

  • Strong scented
  • Limited in color options.

That was my review of this foundation. I hope you enjoyed this local gem and my thoughts on it. It was my first time trying a stick and creme based foundation and I am quite impressed especially with the affordable drugstore option. I might have to try more after liking this formula. Hope you found this helpful and let me know what was your thoughts on a stick foundation and what formula of foundation are you drawn to because at the moment I got tired of liquid and love this style. So until my next beauty review! 

What is your preferred foundation formula right now?
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Curvy Autumn Lookbook & Outfit Ideas

Autumn Colors & Trends

Happy Friday! Here I am with an Autumn lookbook for you and showing you four outfits I styled together and what I wear a lot during Autumn. Since I do live in Manila and it doesn't really get that cold to fully embrace the style I still incorporate the colors and trends and just make it adapt to me but you can adapt it to your weather as well. I shot this at a pretty national park way in the mountains about 2 hours from I live. When I left my house it was storming so I thought the fog in the mountains would look so good and make it look more fall and be cold there. I got there and it had so much sunshine like it was a summer day. No fog or cold breeze. I brought jackets and scarf but if I did wear all of those I would be so hot so my plan back fired but I did continue shooting still for the lookbook. I did film it as well as took pictures so you can watch the video here on my channel or own below. If you don't want to watch you can read on to see the different outfits and some recommendations with how to style and add things to each one. This post doesn't have the links or the details of where I got everything because each look has it's own outfit post so stay tuned for all the individual ones. So I should stop and finally show you the four outfit I styled in my autumn lookbook!

For the first outfit it is my casual laid back look. I think my recent favorite thing to wear is black skinny jeans and it is such a great fall essential for me. Next my top is finally something I can wear since I bought a black tank top since it has a lace deep v neck in the front. To make it more fall appropriate I added a scarf in. I thought the colors went really well with this. Last thing was my black ballet flats which the nude trim went well with the top and black and gold satchel to finish it. So I know it wasn't really cold for me but of course other places this would not be ideal so instead maybe a jacket and some boots on instead.

The second outfit is something I go back to every fall. When I was in Forever 21 I saw these two items together and from then on it because a perfect fall outfit I go back to. I'm not sure why I actually never featured it before but I had to show you it. This cream peplum top is thick enough to keep you somewhat warm. These leggings are my favorite color and burgundy is my ultimate favorite autumn color. They are comfy and quite thick enough too so that's nice.  The accessories I just went down the black route and paired a black bag with a suede ballet flat. Of course a matching bow and the lipstick was a matching color to the leggings because I love the deep berry hues myself this time of year. My recommendations to style it in colder climate is a thick white jacket and fluffy scarf with some heeled ankle boots would look so cute if I had a pair.

The third outfit is one of my favorites. I love cobalt blue and navy for autumn as well as burgundy. I love the cut out shoulder trend right now and the ruffle tops like this. It actually is a dress but too short so I tucked it into a black skater skirt. I feel like a skirt like this is just great for all year round. The accessories is just the belt for this dress I used it as the choker trend and tied it around my neck then for the bag I just used he same bag as the last outfit and added a pom pom key chain since I've seen them all over lately and since this color matched so well I had to add it. The shoes is just some black peep toe pumps to make it really dressed up. The recommendation for this outfit is black tights to keep warm, a warm coat and maybe some knee high boots too would look so chic.   

The last outfit is a transition sort of outfit. I loved this denim skirt all summer and felt bad that it would be put away but then I thought why don't I style it for autumn too. I started with this orange rustic bow blouse which again is another autumn piece I bring back. Since it has a rustic feel I paired it with tan accessories and orange and navy looked so good together so I used this mini bag that again goes well with the sandal wedges which I know is not an autumn appropriate shoe but it was the only tan shoe I have. The recommendations I have is tights that are maybe a gold shade or something with a pattern and some tan knee boots too.

That was my autumn lookbook! Stay tuned for the full outfit post for each look and all the details will be in that. I hope you enjoyed the looks I styled and got some inspiration from it in case you have warmer weather or just adjust them to your climate. It was so fun doing this and let me know what you've been wearing for autumn and a piece you always go back to since I'll love to know.

What is your fall outfit you always go back to?
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Ebloggers Ball | What I Wore & Where I Went

Walk That Red Carpet

Happy Wednesday!This is quite an interesting blog post for me to write. I wanted to show you everything I was up to when I went to the Ebloggers Ball. I show you the event but more importantly what I wore. So I'm just going to keep the intro short so I can babble on all about all of it. This isn't actually an outfit of the day it actually is an outfit of the night which I don't think I've ever done. I wanted to show you what I wore to a ball now!

For my outfit or do I even call it an outfit at this point so instead I'll say what I wore to the ball is this long gown from Fashion Forum. It is the name of the brand of dress and I got it at the SM Department Store. It took me quite a while to find a dress for the event and I went to several places to get one I liked and felt good in because that's what matters to me. I went with a black one but I went through a few like white and gold but it turns out I liked this one the best. This is sort of a Greek inspired style I went with I think. The detailing is silver beading and has a keyhole in the chest area and the neck has the same detailing so I didn't need a necklace. My favorite thing is the ribbon to tie it because I do love my bows and wherever I can have one it makes me happy. Then of course it is really long and I love the flowy material to twirl in and pose with as you can see. If I had more time I would have a dress custom made like I do but it was last minute so going to try on dresses was fun but stressful too. I do need to get it tailored to fit me better as the top portion is far to big and the bottom is too long for me even though it doesn't look like it. Overall I was really happy with the dress and it made me feel like a Greek goddess. As for the accessories I kept it pretty minimal and since I wanted to have the dress as the focus. To match the beading I went with a metallic silver bag I got the day before at H&M. I used it as a clutch but it has a strap inside to use and can be very versatile for everyday or dressed up evening bag. The head band is gold and since I heard the theme was black, white and gold I tried to incorporate it and again with the Grecian vibes it has leafs on it. The earrings are gold and diamonds in a diamond or leaf shape I'm not sure. I rally liked them and wanted to have long dangle earrings and again they are from H&M I bought it the same time as the bag. I kept it simple and only had a few pieces when I'm so used to having a lot more. All that was left is my shoes which you can't see but they were the same ones I wore in my last outfit.

| dress: Fashion Forum [similar}, bag: H&M, earrings: H&M {similar}, headband: H&M, shoes: Brash, lipstick: NYX Matte Lip Cream in Cannes |

That was what I wore to my first red carpet and formal ballroom event! As I said it was my first time going to an event like this and even now I'm still in amazement of the night I had. I have a vlog of the day here or below and while editing that I just wanted to relive it again. Sometimes I have those moments which I just wish could happen again. I guess this is why people do vlogs and take so many pictures to keep that moment forever. I made two new blogger friends and if I wasn't that shy I probably would have made more because the whole event was literally a (ball)room full of bloggers. Maybe next time if I get another chance I will try but with my extreme shyness it is hard meeting some in real life instead of talking with them online. I have overcome a bit of my shyness and try so I'm proud that I'm slowly putting myself out there. Other than that it was a fab night and so many things happened and I'm so glad I got the opportunity to do something like this. I would have never thought this little blog of mine and now Youtube channel would lead me to so many things I never would have imagine. I don't thank you enough so thank you so much! So enough sappiness I'm now moving on to the event portion and give you a little rundown of the evening.

Ebloggers Ball - Where I Went:

I was invited to the first ever Ebloggers Ball by E! Philippines on September 29, 2016 at the City of Dreams Manila in Pasay. The lovely people at Clozette sent me an email and I was quite excited to go to this. It was absolutely beautiful and it was my first time to experience something at this level. It was so amazing to be in a room full of vloggers and bloggers and just go social, have dinner and be awarded for our achievements. There was a red carpet and a couple booths set up as well. The ballroom was gorgeous and decorated so pretty too. so the night pretty much went as followed: red carpet pictorial, socializing with bloggers, dinner with a performer sing while we dined, a program where Nicole who is a blogger as well and I met before hosted, then they introduced new shows on E! Network and the cast was there as well and then awarding for the best dressed and awards like that at the end. Then there was a little party in the end. That was pretty much it for the event with my little summary of the evening.

Moving on to the food. It was a four course meal and of course they all the fancy silverware. The menu was laid out with the napkins and it was really nicely presented. The waiters even put the napkin on my lap and served out each course to me. I've never been to something like this and my prom wasn't this fancy so I really felt like a queen during the night. I did go to a gathering in college to learn etiquette but I still had to figure out which fork and knife to use. At least now I know in case I go to an event like it again. The food was top notch and it was present lie I've seen in movies. I'm not sure what is what but I got to try new foods but I did enjoy the soup and dessert and the basket of bread too. Th City of Dreams did a great job and some lovely prepared food.

I never thought I would go on a red carpet and pose for pictures. If you told me that maybe one day I would I would have said no since I am so shy and would not know what I would go to one for but here I was trying my best and pose. I can cross that off my bucket list which is quite amazing if I say so. They had a few back drops so the first had the sponsors, then this pretty paper rose wall and then this gold one too and you know I had to take pictures at all of them. Here are a couple red carpet pictures. When you are in a room full of bloggers there are a million people with cameras and taking pictures trying to get the perfect OOTN. I was the same and couldn't seem to get enough myself. The other good thing is everyone gets you by taking all those pictures and having other bloggers take your photo and knows what you want.

Lastly since the even was all about bloggers I'll show you everyone I was with. These were off of snapchat and my phone but I thought to include them. First is Shayne who I already met before who went to Benefit and met Heart with me so since she was going I knew I had a friend and didn't feel so lost. If you don't her blog is here and she just posted her blog post about the event. Then we met Czari and sat at her table She was really nice and I loved her makeup from the evening. Her blog is here and her youtube channel here. I also met Mari who was really nice I just didn't get a picture with her because I forgot. I took so many but it is so hard to keep track since I was attempting to vlog, take pictures, do snapchat and update all the social medias. Literally everyone was on their phone just doing their own thing in between everything. Of course having social media influencers everyone had to but no one minded because everyone pretty much understood. Next time I might have to make more an effort but I did recognize some bloggers but it is so intimidating for me. Hopefully I can make more blog friends.

That was it for the what I wore and where I went portion of the Ebloggers Ball. I had an incredible time and I still can't get over how nice of an evening it was. I'd love to do it again and get glammed up since I hardly get to do that. I hope you enjoyed reading this but I have a little vlog and more look into the event. This was such a fun post to write and show you the pictures I took of the night. Let me know if you enjoyed it as well and if you've ever went to an event like this. Thanks again Clozette for inviting me and if you are on that site you can follow me here.

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What kind of gown would you wear to a red carpet/ballroom event?
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