Fashion Finds | Christmas Sweaters 2016

Christmas Sweaters or Jumpers

Happy Blogmas day 6! Today's blog post was inspired by a recent purchase of my own Christmas sweater or jumper whatever you prefer (I honestly use both) and I thought I would be a great fashion finds as I haven't done one in a while and give you inspiration if you are looking for one still. The last one of these I did was back in 2012 and that was 4 years ago so that needed to be rectified and I had to do a recent version for my picks from 2016. I inked that version from before if you are willing to read it and was curious what I liked back then because it is quite a throwback. Even though I did that post I didn't get obsessed with them until I bought one last year and now this year I went all out and got so into it so you'll have to wait for that but for now here are a few to choose from if you are still looking, haven't gotten one or just going to put it off last minute than here are a few I picked.

The first row I went and choose ones with sequins. I have been in love with the sequin ones since mine last year had them. I find them so festive and the sparkles make it perfect for the season. The first is red and it is such a classic of course. It even has a Christmas tree making it even more of a classic Christmas sweater as well. The second has a couple designs on it and I love one with reindeers on it. It's also a cream color so not too out there of a color so the design is the main focus. It's good to have either one or the other a bright color or all out tacky design. The last two are ones I actually bought and love them but you will see why they are so cool in a blog post soon enough. They have sequins and are not that loud and in your face so I prefer that and I'm looking forward to style them.

The second row I mixed it up and did some simple ones are just ones with Christmas designs. The first in this row is another classic but not with sequins like the first. It's red and it has a gingerbread man and reminds me of one I had when I was little. There's something about gingerbread man that is such a holiday treat for m so why not have one on a sweater too. The next is a cutesy one and I love the cartoon print on a Christmas jumper because aren't those the ones we had when we were little and are like the Disney cute ones. I loved Rudolf the most out of all the characters from the classic Christmas songs and movies so I love when they are on the jumpers. The third is a simple one that doesn't seem like a Christmas one and can be great for everyday if you're not a crazy festive person but want to show some spirit a bit. The colors is navy blue that isn't too normal for a festive holiday color too. The last Christmas jumper for this post is another simple but a tad more festive with word. There are a lot with words but this one just says snow and has a snowflake which is very wintery and not as out there as well.

That is it for my Christmas jumpers I've picked for this year. I hope you have gotten some inspiration and if you haven't gotten your yet you now have 8 choices. If it wasn't for me needing it for something I'm sure I would be getting mine last minute for sure. The funny thing is that while writing this blog post I was watching Zoe's (Zoella) Christmas jumper haul so it was very fitting and the timing was perfect as I am trying to catch up on all the vlogmas videos up at the moment. Speaking of vlogmas my vlog went up last night on my channel and it is quite a good one and you can see my version of it if you aren't tired of everyone else's and need a new one to watch. I guess that is it and again I'll see you again tomorrow for another blogmas post!

Only 19 days until Christmas!

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What kind of Christmas jumper will you wear this year?
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Christmas Manicure Inspiration 2016 | Holiday Bows

Holiday Bows

Happy Blogmas day 5! Today's Blogmas is an inspiration post of nails I want to get done for the month. For a few months now I've been getting gel nails done as they last so long and I don't have to worry about them. I find it so much easier than doing them myself and they last so long and are really worth it for me instead of buying expensive nail polish that chip within days on me. So after my last appointment I asked if the nail technician I've been going to could do Christmas nail art for me the next time I came in and she said sure and just show her the picture and she will recreate it on me. That got my mind going and I then turned to Pinterest for inspiration. There were so many and I debated with myself for quite some time for what I was looking for until I stumbled upon the holiday bow nail art section and fell in love. I knew exactly what I could do and since you might know I have a thing for bows it would be perfect. I started off with the classic Christmas tree, gifts, lights and candy canes which I was almost going to settle on that one but I saw all the holiday bow designs and couldn't resist. So I ended up pinning quite a lot to my board and thus this blog post was born. Now I thought maybe you could do with some inspiration too so I compiled my favorite designs to show you. That's enough with that very long intro and now to the pretty nail art.

I'm thinking a red base like some of these because I knew in the beginning I wanted a classic red as it screams the festive season the most for me. However I'm still trying to decide though if I should go with a sparkly silver or a glittery gold as an accent color because I am so torn and they both look so pretty together. I know I'm going with a bow but there were so many cute designs to choose from. I think the sixth one or maybe the eighth is what I'm going to show my nail technician to recreate on me. Of course I'll have another post o my actual nails I get done afterwards as I can't do this post and not follow it up with the results. I usually never get designs on them and just go with a plain color instead but since it is December I lie to be as festive as possible with everything.

That's it for my Christmas nail inspiration for his year. I'll have my last Christmas manicure post I did below to look back on because I maybe accidentally did a design over but I don't think I have. I hope this gave you some inspiration if you are booking into an appointment in soon too. I guess today's post is going to be short as I have a Vlogmas up now here if you want to watch my first week of December on my channel. So that is it and of course I will see you again tomorrow for another Blogmas!

Only 20 days until Christmas!

What do you plan to do for your Christmas nails?
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Reindeer Sleigh | What I Wore

Slay Reindeer Sleigh!

Happy Blogmas day 4! Today's Blogmas is my first holiday outfit post. It's been a while since I've done them but this time of year I find it so fun to dress up and be extra with all the colors and the sequins. This outfit will be a part of a series but I won't spoil it for you just yet. You just have to keep reading my Blogmas to find out. I went all out and this would be so fun for a Christmas party and your super girly and have the holiday spirit like I do. It was fun to put together but I should just let you know all the details to the outfit now.

My Christmas sweater is from last year so I don't think you can get it anymore. I love it though and glad I get to wear it again this year as I only wore it a couple of times last year. It's from H&M and they do the best designs for me since they are the only store that have them in stores for my size. Something about the sequins and the sparkle makes it feel so festive to wear. Next for my skirt this has to be my most loved skirt for the year. You've probably seen me in this red tulle skirt a few times but how can you resist not to wear it especially during the holiday season. I thought the jumper and the skirt went well together mixing the dressed up fancy style with a semi casual top. For the shoes I went with my heeled wedges to add to the dressy vibe I was going for. The accessories I wore these gorgeous bow earrings that actually looks like a wreath so I thought it went perfectly, then I matched the red skirt with this small red bag perfect for just going out to a Christmas party. It fits all the essentials in it and isn't heavy so I love that about it. Lastly I wore a reindeer headband with it again this year to match the sweater but these are different ones to last year. I have quite a collection now and just love the festive headbands. My lipstick is colourpop Ultra Matte Lippie in Creeper and was the perfect red to match and that was it for my outfit. 

| xmas sweater: H&M {similar}, tulle skirt: Curve Couture, bag: Forever 21, earrings: H&M, shoes: Lower East Side, headband: The Christmas Shoppe |

That was my first holiday outfit! I had such a fun day shooting this. You may recognize it from a vlog I just did and I needed to go back as i thought it would be the perfect place to shoot this outfit. Tou will be able to see the behind the scenes of when I took these tomorrow in my first weekly Vlogmas video on my YouTube channel. I'm vlogging everyday but just putting the days together for a blog once a week of all the things I'm doing this month. I enjoyed this so much and can't wait to show you. I was supposed to shoot two outfits that day but I'm a dumb dumb and forget the sun goes down earlier than before so I didn't make it but I am going back there for another outfit as they had such pretty decorations and the perfect backdrop for these pictures. So I guess that was today's Blogmas for you. Don't forget I have Vlogmas up tomorrow and I'll see you again back here for Blogmas day 5!
Only 21 days until Christmas!

What would your Christmas party style be?
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Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide | For the Beauty Lover

Beauty Lover Stocking Stuffer

Happy Blogmas day 3! Today's Blogmas is going to be a gift guide. I don't do too many of these but I do love putting them together and creating it for you. So I am going to do not just a gift guide but a stocking filler one because I feel like they are harder to think of to put in instead of gifts so I hope this helps and you gt inspiration for that beauty girl in your life who would love to find these in her stocking.

I picked a lot of cute little makeup sets that can be wrapped and just placed inside. It depends on the size of the stocking to add in. They are of different values and I tried to make it for all price ranges.

Th first thing is this Too Faced Let it Glow Cheek Set and I find this so cute and a great starter kit. It is apart of this years Holiday collection and I would love to get my hands on it. Also the packaging is so cute so it can be wrapped of left on it's own inside the stocking. Next up we have the Colourpop eyeshadow quad that comes with 4 colors. I hear that they have amazing shadows and getting a four pack makes great sense to add in. After that this highlighting palette from Sleek Makeup which is the Solstice and is one of their best sellers I hear. It would be such a nice stocking stuffer as highlighting palettes are such in trend who wouldn't want one to glow all year round. Another value set is from Benefit and I find great so you can try the They're Real range before committing and getting the full size. It's just a nice little set to again try out and make your eyes pop. The last makeup item on here is something I really want to get an it is the HappySkinxDisney Lippie collection. It combines the Disney Princess lover and the makeup lover in one and would be a great gift to find in a stocking. I picked Belle and Snow White but they have other princesses so you can pick the one you are giving to. I find it such a pretty gift and who can resit the packaging. Now moving to a bit bigger stocking stuffers which are beauty sets. I see some stockings that are huge so it can fit inside. The first is this set from The Body Shop and I love the gift sets and got a couple the previous yeas. I find them just perfect to add in and finding a scent to match and getting to try them would be nice. The second scent can be a perfume and you can choose her favorite scent to add in. I love the Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy one myself so I added it in but any perfume gift set could be a nice stocking stuffer. Last on my gift guide is this Philosophy set which again is another sampler and great to try out. This one is a holiday one and smells like the holiday season so even more fun to receive.

That is it for my stocking stuffer gift guide for her. I hope you got an idea of what to get a beauty lover in her stocking this year. I might do a few more gift guides as I find them so fun to put together so look out for those and of course my own Christmas wish list will be out soon. I guess that is it for Blogmas day 3 and I will see you with a new post tomorrow!

Only 22 days until Christmas!

What are you wanting to find in your stocking this year?
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November Favorites 2016 | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

Lovely Favorites from the month!

Happy Blogmas day 2! It is monthly favorites time once again! Yes time is moving fast and yes I can't believe it's a new month again. It seems so weird but yet again it feels normal if you know what I know what I mean. Today's Blogmas post I have quite a few things I will be sharing as I was loving all of these through the month and was really enjoying the products I choose and had to gush and share with you. So without me going on and on in this intro I'l just get to it now!

Careline Oil Control Face Powder in Honey
The first makeup item I was loving was the Careline Powder. It has great texture and really matters my skin which is what I need to get rid of any extra oil. The color is amazing and I love the refill as it is really compact and easy to pop in and out of my makeup bag. It is also really good to use as baking underneath my eyes and then I just blend it in to make my concealer last and not crease. It's a great powder and has so many uses which can be use as a mattifying powder, finishing powder and even sets everything in place but the best thing is it can also be use alone as a light powder foundation if I'm not into wearing foundation that day.

EB Pink Eyeshadow Palette
Next I have the EB Pink eyeshadow palette which is such a handy palette. I adore all the colors and love the sparkle of it since this time of year I love all the glitter and sparkle I can get. It has some pretty amazing pigmentation and for such an affordable price it is a great palette to pick. I've been using all the six shades it comes with and create so many different combinations and looks for multiple occasions. I can't say enough for this palette so it made it into my favorites for sure.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lippie in Beeper
The last makeup favorite is the lip color that I've been loving and can't get enough of is the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lippie in Beeper. This color is amazing and made me change my mind on the whole brown nude trend Kylie started. I now believe in this since I found my perfect shade for this and so agree why it's so popular. After wearing it I felt like my lips were bigger and fuller and it really was just this lipstick. There was just something about the color that made it like that and I can see why people do it. It has great pigmentation, lasts for so long and the color is so fantastic I don't have any other words. I've been wearing it non stop especially with warm brown eyeshadows. Something about the whole warm brown trend is finally speaking to me and I find it so pretty together.

Tresemme Extra Hold Hair Spray
The hair product I loved was this hair spray by Tresemme. I got mini size but it sure to try out but I ended up loving it. I've mastered the art to not get crispy hair with it and does amazing at keeping my hair in place which is my goal since my curls like to go every which way because I think they have a mind of their own. I find it did the job well and I get it what I want it to do so it had to be added for this month's favorites.

Pink Clutch // Bag
This clutch pouch was one of my best friends this entire month. I needed to be places and I was always losing small important stuff in my bag so I remembered I was given this hot pink clutch and it made all the difference. I pop in makeup, spare change and anything too small that would get buried or lost in a sea at the bottom of my bag. I also love that I can just use it as a quick running out to do errands really quick and just have some cash or card, my iPhone and keys and I'm out the house. I use to have one similar I was gifted by a classmate for my birthday but I wore it out from using it so much but now I have another and I forgot how nice they can be. So it needed to be mentioned even of its a small thing and if you don't have one you should it will make your life a whole lot easier for finding small stuff. 

Blush Pink Sweater // Clothing
For the clothing favorite I have a sweater. It's the perfect time to be wearing one I feel all so warm and fuzzy in it. It is this sheer light material but it gives just the right warmth for the weather here in Manila. It isn't too thick but can just be perfect. I wore it a lot when I was with my dad at the hospital no something about that place always seems colder and this just made me so nice and warm. It was my best friend and so comforting for me while I was there. It is quite a autumn colored but I do love this blush pink. I still call it my ballet sweater as I bought to be used during warm ups in ballet class to go over my leotard but I can use it now as regular wear too and add it over clothes. It has so many functions so just the perfect sweater for me. Since it was my most worn piece of the month here it is in my favorites.

FU - Little Mix // Music
Another Little Mix song but can you blame me? Since the album just came out I will save the whole album being a favorite until next month so get ready for that but I can say it is amazing. When this came out I listened to it over and over while I edited pictures and wrote blog posts and by then I memorized it. The vocals in the song are amazing and the meaning is so right but not for me but a lot of family members I know can really relate to the lyrics which makes it really funny to me.

Playlist of the Month
I do have a Spotify playlist here of the four songs I was playing all of November. I was loving these four songs and made sure at the first of the month to keep record of what I was listening to over and over. It ended up being quite small as instead of listening to music I binge watched Netflix which in my next favorite you'll understand why but when I was in the car or something these were some of my go to songs. I might start a playlist every month now to keep track of so if you want to give a follow go ahead I guess but I'll be sharing them on here as always. I love having a mixture of music and TV shows so I love sharing them in these monthly favorites.

House MD // TV Show
The TV show I was obsessed with the whole month was House MD. I started watching it because I needed a medical show to give me confidence for my dad being in the hospital and my logic is if I see medical procedures it will be reverse psychology and prepare me. So while I was in the hospital with him I was watching this and it worked. I ended up asking the doctors and nurses questions and made me less nervous and okay being there. It is good advice if you have a slight phobia with medical stuff so maybe try it yourself since it helped me. That was how that started and I also saw it being recommended on my Netflix since I got it back last month too. It was just the right timing for everything. I started it on November 8 and finished it on November 25 so about 3 weeks of me binge watching it and watching episode after episode. I loved it and got so attached to the characters. It definitely reached my list of top rated TV shows. I think I get so involved with the show I end up thinking it is really and I develop feelings for them. My favorites besides House are obviously Chase because who wouldn't want a hot Australian doctor and I wouldn't mind going to see him if he was my doctor. My fave couples had to be Chase and Cameron and then Cuddy and House. I love that I know their last names more than their first names but by the end of season 8 I learned each of their full names don't worry. I tweeted it took me about 10 or so episodes to realize that Cameron was played by Jennifer Morrison who is also Emma Swan in Once Upon a Time. I knew I saw her before but I was racking my head and finally it dawned on me but maybe since she was brunette it confused me. Overall loved the whole story line and I learned a lot from it. I kind of want to binge watch the whole thing again. Now I don't know what to do with myself and feel so lost without it. I usually feel like that when I finish a series. 

Those were my November favorite things.  and the second to last of the year 2016! Do you remember when I promised to do all 12 months? Well I'm almost there and once I get done with this I have 1 more and I have achieved it so I cross your fingers I complete it. I'm sure Blogmas will go by quick as well but I'm just going to sit and savor it like I've been doing with these monthly favorites. For me they are still so fun to make and I just love sharing and talking to you about what I liked and share it to a friend. Don't forget to watch the video above or here too if you want to hear about an announcement and also a sneaky giveaway. I guess that is it for this blogmas post. See you again tomorrow!
Only 23 days until Christmas!

What has been your most loved thing from November?
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My December To Do List

Let the holiday spirit begin!

Happy Blogmas day 1! I'm so excited to begin Blogmas 2016! I've been waiting all year long until I can do this again and the time has come. My first post for Blogmas is my to do list for December and all I plan to do for the month. It also includes what I plan to do for Blogmas and I explain my version of Vlogmas so look forward to what I have in store for this month. So enough about that I'll just show you this month's to do list and then a little recap from last month as well for my first Blogmas post.

Things To Do This Month:
Finish Blogmas
Do my version of Vlogmas
Decorate the Christmas tree
Find the perfect gift for everyone
 Enjoy every minute of the holiday season

I'm hoping to finish all 25 days of blogmas and this is my fifth year doing it so I'm determined to do it again this year. If I can do it four times before I'm sure I can handle it the fifth time. It looks like my first year of blogging I didn't do it and instead I did Blogtober but I was a student at the time and it was so difficult. I'm looking forward to it and I do all year round so when it does come around I get so happy. I am planning my own vlogmas. I am hopefully upload 3 times a week which is Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the following will be Monday will hopefully be weekly vlogmas videos of which you will see maybe everyday in a weekly vlog that day. On Wednesday and Friday will be holiday related videos Wednesday's being beauty and Friday is fashion. I'm hoping to stick to that schedule and accomplish that. I set myself up for this challenge so I'm not making any other big goal but these and have a few minor ones just to fill it in. Let's see if I will achieve those main two.

Things From Last Month:
Finish Nanowrimo
Buy new blog props
Swatch & categorize all my liquid lipsticks
Clean out my room
Watch Gilmore Girls - New & Old Episodes
Start figuring out family Christmas presents
Plan Blogmas

The big thing I planned to finish I didn't was my Nano. I did it twice in a row but it just didn't go as planned like I wanted to and sometimes that happens. I felt disappointed at first but there is always next year or I can do it on my own in the next couple of months. I did start and ot to about 5,000 words but I just wasn't prepared and being away for a while last month made it hard to continue. Let's hope next year I can try again. On the bright side is I crossed off the rest of the items on my to do list. I bought some new blog props which will be featured in a haul video soon. I did lip and arm swatches just need to edit and do a post on that if you wanted to know. I did clean out my room and then I messed it up yesterday from trying to plan outfits for outfits for my Christmas lookbook and outfits in general for blogmas. I started old Gilmore Girls episodes the first of last month and watched a season but I did end up watching the new one in one sitting which was amazing. I'll save my thoughts for another post but let's just saw the nostalgia was real and I knew I would love it. I added a to do list in my phone for presents I plan buying my family. I do have an idea for them and a few things for me too. The last was plan blogmas and I did that all month long and it was a struggle at first and I felt discourage but it all fell into place and now I am so excited not only for Blogmas but Vlogmas!

That was it for my first blogmas post. I'm so excited for all the content coming up this month. I hope you are too and let me know if you are doing Blogmas yourself because I'd love to share the journey with you. I'm going to keep the outro short because I will be here until the 25th. So I'll see you again tomorrow my lovelies!

Only 24 days until Christmas!

What is your December looking like ad the first thing on your to do list?
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