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Hello! I’m Jackie Michelle and I’m the writer behind fashionxfairytale. I'm currently living in Manila but I'm from sunny Los Angeles, California. I spend my days writing, taking pictures and styling outfits for this blog. You'll always see a bow in my hair or twirling in a tulle skirt. I have a signature color which is hot pink. When I'm not typing away, my hobbies include ballet and tap dancing. I have a BA in Communication and Media as well as a degree in Fashion Styling, Photography and a certified Makeup Artist.

I treat life like an adventure and I plan to document it and have a place where I can show you my life and loves. I started this little space so I can remember the little things in my life that are going on so I don't forget and I will always have that piece documented and a part of me saved. That is one of the reasons why I keep blogging because I'm reminded of how special this little space I created.

est. 2011. Fashionxfairytale is a plus size fashion and beauty blog, my own little whimsical land on the Internet, by Jackie Michelle.

If you'd like to learn more than I have a whole page about me and my blog you can visit.

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